Serial Killers

Season 1 Episode 6

Steering the Waka

Aired Friday 9:45 PM May 21, 2004 on TVNZ
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Steering the Waka
Pauline's blood pressure skyrockets when actress Elizabeth declares her Rights as a Maori under the Treaty of Waitangi are being trampled by the writers, and that she wants veto power for any culturally sensitive storylines for her character.

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      • Sally: This hui we're having, do we need to sing at certain times?
        Simone: Sally, a hui means 'meeting'. Coffee and biscuits will do.
        Sally: Em, because my version of 'A Bridge Over Troubled Waters' at the cast and crew karaoke party was a bit of a hit, and I thought the sentiment in the song might be appropriate.
        Simone: If we need a waiata, I'll give you the nod.

      • Simone: (referring to Elizabeth) Would it be so bad if she did get script approval where it's culturally appropriate? (Andrew stares at her, clueless) Where it's Maori stuff?
        Andrew: Hell, yes! Do I get script approval when it's pakeha stuff?! No, I don't! I have to say whatever **** you guys give me. (realizing the writers hold his future in their keyboards) Not that it's ever bad ****.
        Simone: (glaring) 'Til you know what it's like to be Maori, stick to getting the words in the right order.

      • Elaine: I'm 1/32 Maori. On my dad's side.
        Simone: I could tell, around the eyes.
        Elaine: So, does that mean I qualify for some stuff?
        Simone: Stuff?
        Elaine: Well, land would be good.
        Simone: Tell you what, whatever stuff I get for being Maori, you can have 1/32 of it.
        Elaine: Cool.

      • Alan: You do know that Elizabeth would never look at me in a million years, don't you?
        Pauline: What's that supposed to mean?
        Alan: Well, I thought I detected a touch of jealousy, you know, underneath all the many layers of anger and bitterness.
        Pauline: Look, I know that if you were to make the moves on Elizabeth she would laugh. In fact, she would laugh so hard her brains would explode and then all our problems would be over!

      • Pauline: Sally, she wants the right to pick and choose her own stories!
        Sally: Only the ones that go against her tikanga.
        Pauline: Do you know anything about tikanga?
        Sally: (clearly clueless, but brazening it out) Yes, I do! You don't wear it round your neck.

      • Sally: (when Pauline says Elizabeth wants veto power over culturally sensitve storylines) Is that all?
        Pauline: All?! ALL?!
        Sally: I thought she'd want money.

      • Matt: (changing his name to promote his Celtic heritage) For now on, I'd like for you to call me Oghma.
        Pauline: Og-mah.
        Matt: No, Oghma. Who's the Celtic god of eloquence, inspiration, language, music, magic, physical strength, poetry, and also of writing.
        Pauline: Physical strength...?
        Matt: Yeah, me, Oghma!
        Alan: And I am Bel!
        Pauline: Who is the Celtic god of what?
        Alan: Cattle, crops, fire, healing, prosperity, purification, science, success, and fertility.
        Pauline: Right. Well, you guys must never be let near the internet ever again.

      • Simone: (when Elizabeth plots to demand her Treaty Rights as a Maori from the producer) Just out of interest, what are our rights Treaty-wise when it comes to making soap opera?

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