Seriously Weird

YTV (ended 2006)


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  • Season 2
    • When Harris Broke Out
      Hugo makes Harris's favourite meal,but it tastes awful.He tells him it's awful.But,after when he starts to lie,horns start to come out from Harris's forhead.He meets some granny,who mustn't tell lies because she can lose her powers.She wants Harris for her employer.Just one more lie...and Harris is in trouble!
    • Ghost Train
      Ghost Train
      Episode 12
      Harris wants to throw the best Halloween bash ever. When he meets someone who he thinks is a street magician, he invites him to the party at the diner that's in an old carriage train. The street magician starts getting too real when the train holds a re-run of the crash it was in decades ago. Will they stop the train before they drop down the broken bridge and kill everyone in the party? Will the ghost get his revenge?moreless
    • When Harris Got His Groove Back
      In order to entice Claudia to accompany him to the school dance, Harris gets dance lessons that of course turn out to be weird.
    • When Harris Bugged Out
      Attempting to prove his theory that to become famous you merely have to act famous, Harris ends up becoming notorious for having a weird bug attached to his neck.
    • Harris and the Mermaid
      Harris foolishly challenges Wayne to a swimming race, oblivious of the fact that he doesn't know how to swim. Fortunately, a mermaid comes along and offers to give him free lessons.
    • When Charms Cause Harm
      A couple of devious witches show up and offer Harris the opportunity to increase his productivity by a factor of ten.
    • When Harris Met the Hole
      Hugo starts a fan club for comics superheroes, but Harris interferes so much that Hugo quits and starts a rival club with the help of his favorite superhero The Hole.
    • The Cheat
      The Cheat
      Episode 6
      When Harris wins a school trip to Italy because he cheated on a test, his guilt causes an angel and a devil to show up in competition for his soul.
    • When Eggs Go Bad
      When Eggs Go Bad
      Episode 5
      Harris and Claudia's school assignment is to care for an egg, but what are they to do when it comes to life and starts to grow?
    • When Harris Beat the Weird
      When his guardian angel Ange returns, Harris devises a foolproof plan to gain Claudia's favor. But can he really beat the Weird?
    • Tug of Love
      Tug of Love
      Episode 3
      After being hit by lightning, Harris becomes a human magnet, but he attracts everything - including things like stray pieces of paper and clothing. The one good thing is that he also attracts Claudia.
    • When Pyramids Were Square
      In order to get more slaves for building a pyramid, an ancient Egyptian sorcerer travels to the future and offers Harris a secret ingredient that will make his new soft drink irresistible - and highly addictive.
    • Season Finale
      Season Finale
      Episode 1
      A desperate Harris finally contacts the God of the Weird to apologize and ask that the curse be lifted, only to find that it has been transferred to Claudia.
  • Season 1
  • Specials
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