Seriously Weird - Season 1

YTV (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Weird Brothers
    Weird Brothers
    Episode 13
    Harris says one too many times that he hates his brother. Two brothers then come from out of space to "dispose" of Justin. Harris has to get Justin to say he loves Harris by the end of the day or he'll be "disposed". But getting Justin to say he loves Harris isn't as easy as it seems.moreless
  • Golem My Dreams
    Golem My Dreams
    Episode 12
    When Harris gets himself into a fight, he is saved by a tough girl. Will she just be his cute bodyguard, or something more?
  • Space Ponies
    Space Ponies
    Episode 11
    On his birthday, Hugo is spotted by a passing alien who decides that the teen is perfect to fill a job opening for Emperor.
  • Demon Dog
    Demon Dog
    Episode 10
    When Harris decides to make Fenella a better person by pointing out her 17 flaws, she stops talking to him. Which may not be such a bad thing, since he is being possessed by the spirit of a dog which is gradually transforming him into one,
  • When Harris Made a Boo Boo
    Harris's latest scheme for the betterment of the student body seems to appeal only to those who are no longer among the living.
  • Puppet Master
    Puppet Master
    Episode 8
    When a freak accident puts him in control of Justin's body movements, Harris takes full advantage of the opportunity to humiliate his big brother.
  • Gnome Sweet Gnome
    Gnome Sweet Gnome
    Episode 7
    Just as Harris decides to run for chair of his high school class's social committee, he encounters a bunch of lawn gnomes who've come to life and want to install him as their ruler.
  • When Harris Stopped Sleeping
    When a motivational speaker induces Harris to stay up all night studying for an upcoming test, all the things he would have dreamed about start to manifest themselves in the waking world.
  • When Fairies Get Mad
    Harris decides to have a friends night with just Hugo and Fenella, but fairies soon interfere.
  • When Clones Go Bad
    When Clones Go Bad
    Episode 4
    Harris wakes up one day to find out that he has been cloned. At first this seems like a good thing, as he can get more done at home while sending his clone to attend school for him. But what happens when his clone becomes more popular than he is?
  • When Yoghurt Attacks
    Harris has a yoghurt which goes weird. The yoghurt then starts attacking people and hamsters. Harris's friends think that the attacks are done by Harris coz hes always in the place where the attacks are. They soon find out that it is the yoghurt doing the attacking and they kill it by blending it and putting it in the microwave.moreless
  • When Harris Stopped Breathing
    Harris's attempt to become more popular by joining the football team backfires when the breath is knocked out of him during practice, and he starts fading away.
  • When Gods Get Angry
    If there's a correct order Harris will find it. While examining the owner of his favourtite diner's Greek artefacts, Harris becomes fascinated by placing a set of gemstones into their appropriate slots in an old stone sculpture. Before he knows it, Harris has unleashed a supernatural power by placing 'The Stones of Stephano' in their correct order. The likelihood of achieving this was 1 billion trillion to one, by the way! Harris is transported into The Weird Dimension and meets Steve, The Ruler of the Weird Universe. Harris is disrespectful to Steve and he is furious. Steve tells Harris that he has just become a magnet for the Weird. Whatever Harris tries to do from now on Steve will send The Weird in all shapes and guises to wreak havoc upon it. From now on, Harris the most logical, ordered kid in North America is forced to tackle the unpredictable and uncontrollable manifestations of the Weird.moreless