Sesame Street

Season 38 Episode 6

Dancing Day on Sesame Street

Aired Weekdays 7:00 AM Unknown on PBS

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  • Puppets and some humans interact in an interesting and active way to entertain youngsters preschool age.

    Does anyone notice there are no caucasians in the neighborhood. When one gets old and dies like Mr Hooper he's replaced by an ethnic actor. I can understand this in the 60's when Blacks and Hispanics were an underclass but not now when we have an African American President. To be sure guest stars are usually white but not the regulars. Not even the child extras. When Neil Patrick Harris visited he played a show f---. No offense but what is the hidden meaning in this. Kind of obvious I think. They also have "in" jokes making fun of Fox News. Incidentally the scripts, props, costumes and muppets are first rate and kids have to love it. They don't really make much of a pretense of teaching reading readiness which is a shame because they would be successful at it. The best thing I can say about this show is its miles better than the new "Electric Company" which totally went loco using adult actors parading as h-p teens and ignoring the school aged viewer. I don't care for Elmos voice and not because its voiced by a minority actor. It's just grating and i think most people would agree. Jim Henson was a genius and his creations live on but where is Big Bird and Snuffie. I think the past has much to tell us and for us to learn from. Sesame Streets theme song was first rate and shouldn't have been messed with. I would like to see Kermit and Oscar the Gr--ch and what's wrong with that. The new host an overacting African American is good. I don't blame him for overacting as it is appropriate on a kids show. He shouldn't be the only main actor though along with the laundry lady who's a Hispanic.