Sesame Street

Season 25 Episode 18

Episode 737

Aired Weekdays 7:00 AM Unknown on PBS

Episode Recap

Sponsor: Q, S, 19.


Featured Story Book: I am A Bunny! (Written by Ole Johnson, Illustrated by Richard Scarry, Published by Random House Inc.)


Sketches in the episode:

*Film/Song: What are kids called? (Joe Raposo)

*Cartoon: Fans reveals a Q

*Muppet/Kid Moment: Harry Monster and John-John lectures on the letter Q.

*Cartoon: In reverse candle showing of the letter Q.

*Film: Dance class at school

*Cartoon: Bird demonstrate the Turtle's front and back

*Muppet/Song: Harry Monster sings "Good Morning, Sunshine"

*Cartoon: Abstract 19 (Animated by Sally Cruikshank)

*Film/Song: Let's Go Tubby.

*Cartoon: Harvey Zork goes to camp to play ringtoss. But the kids didn't want to play with him. The camp counselor lectures about what would happen if they went to Zork's summer camp. (ArtistMike)

*Film: Count Von Count counts kids in the park bench

*Muppets/Song: That's Not Homer

*Cartoon: A boy says he has a big surprise in his hand.


*Muppet/Celebrity: Cookie Monster and Annette Benning  demonstrates "Here" and "There".

*Cartoon/Song: Two Cactus sings "Here We Are!" (Animated by Joey Ahlbum)

*Film/Muppets: Alphaquest - S (with a cameo of Grover)

*Cartoon: Sand S/s

*Cast: The Crossing Zone

*Cartoon/Song: A shepherd plays Hide and Seek with the sheeps (Animated by Michael Sporn)

*Muppets: Snuffy, Big Bird, and the kids do exercise with Arnold Schnuffleupanegger.

*Cartoon/Song: Snakercise (Animated by ArtistMike)

*Muppets: Squeal of Fortune

*Cartoon: Number Creatures #19.

*Film: A group of Japaneses kids play Taiko drums in a park.

*Muppets: Camp Wannagohoma - What is Alive?

*Cartoon: A caveman thinks a dinosaur is a rock.

*Cartoon: Rap #19 (Animated by Al Jarrow)

*Film/Song: Sesame Street Creature Feature - The Snai

*Cartoon: Julius and Jasper - I lost my elbows.

*Muppets/Song: Ernie and a group of vegetables sings "Grow High, Grow Low"

*Cartoon: Teeny Little Super Guy - Owning a Pet (Animated by Paul Fierlinger)

*Cartoon: What Comes Next? (Babies and Puppies pattern) (Animated by Keith Herring)