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    [1]Aug 20, 2006
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    There are different kinds of Sesame Streets around the world. Have you seen any? Since I go to Puerto Rico ever Summer and Winter vacation I am able to See Plaza Sesamo. It's the Mexican version which has new clips staring exclusive characters Abelardo, Lola, and Poncho, clips from American Sesame Street, and new Letter and Number scenes. Big Bird, Oscar, that Spanish Monster don't appear too much. When I was in Italy I saw a bit of Sesame English. I'm also interested in the Russian Sesame Street (Ulitsa Sesam), mainly cause of that 9-foot tall tree spirit who likes to dance is cool.
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    [2]May 9, 2007
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    I've the Indian(Asian) & Bengali versions. The Indian one is called "Gali Gali SemSem". I don't know the name of the Bengali one though.

    The main character of Gali Gali SemSem is a little female puppet named Chalte(that's pronounced: Chahl-tee).

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    i think I may be able to help you guys out. As my baby sister has been getting SS DVDs i have been wondering about these SS from around the world. So i investigated as a side project. I will be abriviateing words SS = Sesame Street SSF Sesame Street Foreign BB = Big Bird CM = cookie monster

    My First Stop will be Sesame Street Egypt. This is called Alam Simsim. I found this to be the most interesting. Right away I figured that SSF kept some characters, like Elmo and CM, and that most SSF had another recuring theme. A large BB characters, atleast 1. As far as character I have discovered 3 new ones. Nimnim (or Tiny) is a large green character ,or our BB, He wears a cap from upper Egypt and a patterned vest. He is Gental and likes gardening. The next one I found is named Khokha (Peach). A hair pinkish orange character with long black hair. She in confident and imaginative character but he main message is to encourage young girls. Our final new character is Filfil (Pepper). In few words or less he is simular to Cookie Monster. He is the beared fury purple character and he gets carried away with himself. He is a bit egotistical and loves to eat honey-sesame sticks. Now these are not the only characters. We also have Elmo(Tohfa), CM, Telly(Mosadd), Grover(Antar), Zoe, Bert and Ernie (Hadi and Shadi). Next SS France

    [img][/img] basic DVD art

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    a long time ago i watched spanish SS. i dont remember it much, but i think i remember seeing bigbird with red stripes.
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