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i need help figuring out the title of a seame street book

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    [1]Apr 14, 2007
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    When I was a small child, my favorite book was a Sesame Street book where Ernie and Bert get in a fight or something and Ernie runs away and Bert goes all over looking for him. Ernie finds many people who say he can stay with them, but for one reason or another he ends up having to leave, and Bert ends up showing up later asking if they have seen him and they saw something like, "well, he was here.... I have many fond childhood memories of this book, but am having a mind block of the title, I am looking to find a copy of it online once I can figure out the title.

    Thank you

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    Are you talking about the one where Ernie goes with Marie to a store to buy bert a present and gets lost? Try checking on

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    No. He's talking about Ernie's Big Mess, wherein Ernie makes a mess (as usual) and as result, Bert yells, causing Ernie to run away. He goes all over Sesame Street, asking where he could sleep (as it became night whilst Ernie was running away). First, he starts out at Big Bird's, but Bird's nest is too prickely. Then, he goes to Grover's, but Grover's little bed is too small. Next, he calls on Oscar, but the grouch grumpily slams the trash can lid in his face. Finally, tired and dejected, Ernie slumps down in a spot between Oscar's trash can and Big Bird's nest, falling asleep. Thus, everyone on the Street is asleep...except Bert, who now is worried for his best friend. Bert goes out to look for Ernie, only to end getting "Well, he was here, but he's not here anymore" responses from both Big Bird and Grover. Finally, upon nearing Oscar's trash can, Bert spots Ernie. Bert apologies for yelling and both Ernie & Bert head home for a good night's rest. However, Ernie's big bag that he used whilst running away dumps all his toys & junk all over the floor. Ernie, afraid that Bert will get mad again, promises to clean up the mess, only to be stopped by Bert, who tells him to leave it until morning.

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