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  • Sesame street is a learning show for younger kids.

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  • Look into the exciting world of Sesame Street. Meet Elmo, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Bert and more. Sesame Street is a great, educational show for kids.

    Meet Elmo, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Bert, Grover, Big Bird, Zoe, Telly, Count von Count, Oscar the Grouch and more. Sesame Street is one of the best shows out there for kids, they are able to interact with the show, it is very educational but fun. The person behind the idea of Sesame Street is a genius. The characters and the plot are great. When I was younger I would always tune into it with my Elmo doll in my hand. Overall Sesame Street is a sensational show, that, hopefully will go on and on. Two thumbs up from me. Enjoy it!
  • Learning English is always fun if you're surrounded with colorful monster :)

    First of all, I came from a non English speaking country.
    So, this show is the few thing that make my English learning really fun. With the sing a long, spelling, et cetera I just can wait for the next letter or number to be introduce.
    My personal favorite will be Bert and Ernie, because despite all their differences, they truly are the best of friend.
    And then there is Kermit and Ms Piggy, the true love of all time. As I grown up, I still love this show, I watched it with my nieces and nephew now. Learning is always fun with Big Bird, Elmo and friends.
  • No summary. Please read the review.

    I loved this show ever since I was a kid! Big Bird, The Cookie Monster, and Oscar. The rest of the gang too, are all very special. They are only puppets and people in costumes but they delight you in so many ways. This show is a trendsetter to those other bad shows. I like this show becuase they make you laugh. I know the show is for kids but I am an adult and I still like it! A better show than SpongeBob, I can't beleive I said that but I know its true. This is just a great show!
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  • Full hour long... whoa.

    I always loved Sesame Street back in the 90's. It was the first show ever to teach me letters and numbers, and there were muppets all around. I remember one time when Elmo wrote a story about a prince and a pig, and he wrote his name like, a million times. Isn't that crazy? There was a funny part when the pigs made mud, and another time when the pig was almost uninvited to the prince camp. Elmo even drew a picture of them singing Spanish songs. Even back then, two letters were used throughout, instead of one. Although I have no idea why they would get rid of the "Children's Television Workshop" title. That's the only bad thing about it.
  • this show is the best it gets better evey season. from the stuffed toys to the real-human chracters. this show even taught me a little to count and read. this shopw need to go on for generations.I LOVE IT!!!-DOWN TO EVERY LAST CHRACTER

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  • Complete Education and Entertaining.

    This show has taught me a lot growing up and now it is teaching my son a lot. As the years go by and more things are happening in the world SS takes things from that so that the kids can understand it better which is really good. My son has learned how to do sign language from watching this show. And he loves Elmo.
  • I would have given a 10 but nowadays there's too much Elmo and not enough Grover.

    When I was in high school I had a class on research writing and was wracking my brain for a topic when out of the quickly flashing images looping through my subconscious I caught sight of Cookie Monster and said "Sesame Street! I'll research Sesame Street!" and had soon come up with the thesis question "What effect, if any, did Sesame Street have on Early Childhood Education?" Was I in for an eyeopener! First, my question was answered even more resoundingly than I had ever expected. I found articles from the early seventies about schools having to completely rewrite their curriculums after their incoming students started watching the show! Schools started teaching more skills at younger ages-- and kindergartens started becoming mandatory-- because the kids were coming in KNOWING more already!

    Second, every time I mentioned my topic to someone, an amazing expression suddenly came over their faces, and suddenly I was hearing story upon story about how so-and-so learned their alphabet from sesame street and somebody else loved this character and then the recitations of favorite segments and songs would start.... When I did my oral presentation, my classmates had to respond to it-- what I did well and what I could improve-- on notecards, and when I got the notecards back almost everyone STARTED talking about my speech but ended up telling me all about their favorite characters or songs or episodes for the rest of it!

    Third, I found a new love. I'd never given Sesame Street much thought when I came up with the topic, but I quickly became impressed and obsessed. I still sometimes watch the show on my own if I happen to stumble on it. Now I have a baby of my own, and I can't wait until he's old enough that we can watch it together. My only gripe is that nowadays "Elmo's World" takes up half the show. Elmo's an okay character in small quantities, but pretty boring in large quantities. We need more Grover-- Grover is well-rounded and unique and, well, loveable. Grover ought to have his own half-hour show instead!
  • This is an amazing kid's show!

    Sesame Street is such an amazing kid's show! I loved it when I was little! This show is so old. It premiered back in 1969. I can't believe it's that old. Every Christmas (becuase most of my family is young) watch the Christmas episodes. It's a tradition!! My favorite character was Elmo and still is! lol! Big Bird and Cookie Monster were great characters as well. I did like Elmo's World when I was little. I didn't like Oscar because he was too grouchy. Ha ha ha!! I though one episde was scary when I was little. I still remember it.
  • Very educational for little ones.

    This show teaches a lot of things for toddlers like counting, the alphabet, and other things. It has cute furry little muppets especially Elmo so toddlers would really want to watch it. This has to be to the most longest educational show that airs today so you know it's good for kids! People that are way older than toddler age bash this show. Guess what? It's not what you think, it's what the toddlers think! When I was little I couldn't stop watching this show. This show teaches kids about everything a toddler needs to know. This show is very useful to prepare kids for school. Toddlers should definatly watch this!
  • This show taught most of us...It is truly an american classic.

    America would not be the same without this show. It is one of the hallmarks of childhood, and i would be suprised if there is a single person under the age of 40 who hasnt been taught something by this show. Sadly, with the passing of Jim Henson the show has lost a small amount of its luster, but, it still retains the same lofty goals and still delivers smiles and sneaks in an education that most of us would be far worse off without. All of us owe something to this classic, heck, most of america can at least count to ten in spanish just because of this show...let alone we have many people whose sole educational experience was catching this show during their formative years.
  • Sesame Street has many characters and many things to learn on it. It teaches kids things like manners to the alphabet. It is the best show for preschoolers on TV!

    Sesame Street is unexplainable to me. As a little kid, I was over obsessed and couldn't get enough. Now seeing my little kids watch it makes me joyous inside. The bright smiles light up on their faces when they learn something new or figure out a solution. It makes me kind of sad that they changed "Cookie Monster" to "Veggie Monster". I know it is for the best, but it is hard to see one of my favorite characters gone. It does help my kids eat their veggies though, on their little "Veggie Monster" plates [which actually are "Cookie Monster" plates]. Sesame Street makes a preschoolers day light up!
  • One of the few children's telivision shows that actually has an educational purpose.I don't watch it anymore,but it's certainly better than what stick corprate executives are giving us on tv......

    I must say,nowadays,parents are in need of an educational show to educate their kids when they don't have enough tme to do it themselves.This,TTTE ,and some others I can't think of,stand out from a lot of other preschool shows

    Dora the Explorer:Just a show about a dumb little retard who runs out into,whatever unsupervised. Barney:Gay!

    Telletubies:What's educational about made up creatures in a made up world who can't speak proper english and can only focus heavilly on bright colors?

    Doodlebops:Just singing and gayness(I'm not sure if that's even a real word)

    Bob the Builder:Just a show about morons who love working

    9.5/10 above all.
  • This show has been on for so long! It must have given a great impact on both children and adults.

    Sesame street has been one of my favourite show since I can remember when i started watching them. Sesame street has so many different characters and they teach more things than other shows because they have so much life, colour into what they want to let the children learn about their basics. The songs and the little dances that they try to engage the children in, would make them more active as well! Sesame street has made adults see that it is some worth letting their children watch. I give Sesame Street 2 thumbs up! It really is a marvellous show!
  • Well it must be doing something right if it has been around for more than 40 years.

    This show is the perfect show for little kids growing up. I remember Sesame Street for as Long as I can remember. Well I'm only 13 and it has been around for more than 40 years. My favorite character was always Snuffalupagus. I watched Sesame street until I was 6 occasionally I watch it when I baby sit my cousin who is 2. What I like is that they sometimes have celebraties on the show. The show teaches kids to accept people no matter who they might be. But I think it was a bad idea to have baby sesame street cause babies aren't ment to watch tv.
    Overall best children's show ever and it will probably continue for more years to come.
    Peace out.
  • To be honest, I never really ever watched this as a kid, but now that i\'m a teenager, it\'s really cool!

    Wow, this is such a cool thing to see that kids are enjoying such good programming. Its revolutionary to see that they can use these puppets to teach kids everyday lessons which they will remember for a lifetime!

    Personally, my favorite Sesame Street puppet is... THE COUNT! He teaches numbers to kids, and gets the wicked Transylvania vibes going. Not to mention the bats! Oh those bats, they and the count really is the best part of the show.

    Now the only thing which drags down this show... \"Elmo\'s World\". This is the worst waste of space ever. Maybe its because I don\'t like Elmo, or whatever, i\'d rather watch anything else then that red nieusance :)

    Anyways, join your kids, brothers, sisters, or cousins and watch Sesame Street, it is really worth it, and a great time!
  • Educational for preschoolers.

    I\'d recomend this show to everyone. I have a two year old Cousin that LOVES Sesame Street. He just loves Elmo and the gang. Just seeing his face light up is all I need to know. And he\'s learning alot. You know your child is learning when he repeats numbers and letters. I hope Seasme Street will be around for many generations to come.
  • This show is very good for children!

    This show is so good it's about a bunch of critters who go on kinda like adventures the critters name's are Elmo, Erney, Bert,Zue,and Big Bird not only that this show is fun for children but it also teaches them how to count,spell,and learn their abc's this show has also been around for a while parents if your trying to find a show for your youngster try this is such a good show!

    and this is from a 10 year old!
  • well elmo oscar zoey coutn bat thing big bird!! everyone of my favorite characters was in it!! adn they did the usal stuff by teching kids there numbers and stuff!

    from elmo to oscar they rock!! i love seasme street! !do they live on a street calle that because i think so! well yeah this was my favorite show ever since i was a little tiny kid!! and it stayed my favorite show till now!!!! Zoey is my favorite she is orange and looks like elmo but i sooo much better!! i have a seasime street pencil and i use it every day at school! isnt that awsome!! elmo is red and big bird is scary!! never stop showing this show!! i learn a letter each day!! and numbers!! ok well the elaphant tgingis my favorite but they say that his name is bad!! if it was bad they wouldnt have it on a kids show!!that is soooo sad dont u think!! welll ok admitt im crazy anad it really isnt my favorite show but i do love *************** whose name i dont know how to spell!!

    i used stars cuz i cant call him by his name ont eh site!! he is the elephant guy!! ok!! got it!!
  • One of the best childrens shows of all-time.

    Seseme Street teaches children what first grade used to teach us. Teachers now expect students to come to school knowing their letters, numbers, etc. Some episodes are even good for the older audiance. Like when Mr. Hooper( or whatever his name was ) died. I am sure everyone has suffered a loss. Or that episode from season 32 when the hurricane ripped through the neighborhood. They have now been showing that in re-runs for people to cope with Hurricane Katrina. They even made episodes for people to cope with 9/11. They really know how to get the right message across to children.
  • Seame street is coming to town!

    \\\"Sesame street presents \\\"The Body,\\\" A hands-on interactive exhibit - all about you! A traveling museum exhibit where interactive play teaches young families all about The Body - Your Insides, Your Outsides, How You Work and Staying Healthy. Opens at the Arizona Science Center, May 2005 - see where it\\\'s going next!

    Yes, here's another show that I wouldn't want to see on my TV. I used to watch it, but that was so many years ago! I hate to say this, but this show is really getting old, because it just teaches children the same things over and over. It never goes over the number 20! It's characters act horribly phony and are quite embarrassing! And what's worse, it has a terrible "sister" show in Spanish! There's nothing wrong with Spanish people, but the people who write THIS show have gone too far!
  • nobody really knows that i watch this really

    yes i do watch this show even though i dont like kid shows this is the only one i like i watched this back when i was 3 and still like it a little this show makes me cry badly i gave this show a 7.0 out of 10.0 though beacause im too lod to be watching this show
  • I really owe you one . . .

    This show was a lifeline to me in my youngest years. I can't imagine not learning my ABC's and 123's without Sesame Street. I only hope this show is around long enough for my children to experience the joy of learning through SS. My all time favorite characters on the show were Grover, Kermit and the Count (again, 123's). Very fond memories indeed from this show.
  • A spectacular show for kids and adults alike!

    I've been watching Sesame Street since I was two, and I'm still watching it with my nephew whose four... and I'm fourteen! This is a must see for kids when they are old enough for TV. It's educational, fun, interesting, and always has something new to learn. When ever I get really bored, I can flip to PBS and watvh Sesame Street. (Or any other great show on PBS!!!) So when you need to plop your kid down, but don't want to put something on that's even more brain- rotting than TV already is, turn on Sesame Street, and relax- your kids are in good hands.
  • Ahhh,the only good show for preschoolers

    All right i know Sesame Street has been called ''gay'' but it is'nt it's a good show for kids to enjoy i don't like the show though but i don't think it sucks but i think it is great for preschoolers and Bert and Ernie are really good entertainment for toddlers people call these guys gay when there just puppets on an educational show and Elmo really gets the little ones going loads of Sesame street fans love it yet this is a great show for preschoolers unlike Bob the Builder and Barney.
  • This show kept me sober during my preschool years.

    Sesame Street has got to be the best kids' show ever. Seriously. I grew up on this show and I still think it's pretty darned good. The muppets are wonderfully entertaining and are so cute and colorful! The skits are pretty educational for kids in that great way that they don't realize they're learning. I remember being absolutely in love with Sesame Street, and now, some mornings if I'm feeling down and don't have anything else to do I watch an episode of Sesame Street and think back to the time that everything was easier. To make a long story short, this is a show parents and kids could both enjoy together.
  • A childhood gem...

    When I was a child, there were two main educational programs shown to children. Play School, being the other one, basically got me shouting at the television that I was not retarded, not stupid, and not a diminished human being, just a child. From what I've seen from observing some of my cousins' children, it hasn't changed a lot except parents have revised their opinion of its suitability for five year olds. Unfortunately, Sesame Street is going much in the same direction.

    In the 1990s, Sesame Street had a rather nasty competitor in the shape of Barney, a purple dinosaur with a support cast that showed no difference in emotional response. Even when that support cast consisted of four year olds and fourteen year olds. As if that wasn't harmful enough, Barney would openly tell children they weren't good if they didn't have good feelings, or alter the rules of a game to make someone else the winner. That such "lessons" were allowed to be broadcast shows how useful the regulators of television really are. By contrast, the Sesame Street I remember even dealt with such issues as the death of a loved one. Goodbye, Mr. Hooper was one of the most amazing episodes of children's television ever broadcast because it made an effort to try and teach children about something so difficult that even live adults are often no help with it.

    Other brilliant aspects of the show included using monsters to portray certain feelings or behaviours that the audience might be conflicted about. They had a cookie monster to show what a negative (but highly funny, the way they presented it) appearance gluttony can bring. They had a grouchy monster to show the effects of an anti-social mentality. More "cute" monsters such as Grover were used to show things like fear or sadness. There was a good reason for all of this. Negative feelings are difficult enough for a child to understand, so having puppets to thoroughly explain them was very educational.

    Kudos are also due the adult cast of the show. During every episode I saw, even Goodbye, Mr. Hooper, the adults were never condescending or smug. They never acted as if they had every answer. Instead, they told the monster, other puppet, or child characters a few useful tidbits and let these characters work things out for themselves. Even today, if you see the sequences with such annoying characters as Elmo, it is the children or the child-like characters who deliver all the answer lines. Those consultations with child psychologists done by the Children's Television Workshop really paid off.

    Unfortunately, and there always seems to be an unfortunately these days when it comes to children's television, a certain adherence to marketing over education crept in over recent years. The greatness of such characters as Oscar or Grover was that they could appeal to children without needing to be cutesy. Oscar was a grump who appeared to have worked too many night shifts, while Grover seemed to be just a fearful but friendly guy trying to make his way in the world. Perfectly normal, ordinary people wrapped up in some very bizarre-looking trimmings, in other words. Nowadays, characters like Elmo seem so awfully sugarcoated that it makes me wonder if his audience is going to encounter problems in later life when they learn they cannot get by simply on acting cute.

    I don't know who pulls the strings on this show these days, but I would like to implore them for the sake of future generations. The old way of educating the children about the fundamentals of life, and letting the cute factor take care of itself, was a much better one. Please go back to it. I might not be part of the audience anymore, but I do have second cousins, and maybe one day a niece or nephew, who are.
  • Long-time kids' show keeps going strong!

    I have loved this show as a kid when it is now passed onto from one generation to another as my nephews and nieces really loved or used to love this show. And no doubt when they are parents they will pass this onto their chldren. Great educational show and also very cute with characters and humans.
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