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  • I Feel That The Show Had Lost Its Magic When Season 38 Started

    Sesame Street is an ultimate classic of kid shows, ever since it first aired back in 1969. The Golden Age of this show in my opinion was between Seasons 1 to 14, those seasons still are treasures in my opinion. The seasons between 15 and 37 I thought were all great. However, watching episodes of 38 and afterwards I feel that the magic began to die out. This year, with Sesame being on HBO on its 46th season, the old magic has officially died, why? Well first of all, Sesame Street was a show that consisted of about 60% human characters & 40% muppet characters. Also, the idea was to show a bunch of educational commercials and tell fun stories with the main characters. Nowadays: Maria, Bob, Gordon, & Luis are gone, I suppose it was because of old age; and the show only lasts 30 minutes on PBS, I don't know if it lasts an hour on HBO. Another problem with modern Sesame Street to me is that it is mainly 80% muppets & 20% human characters, and let me tell you, 99.999% of those muppets consists of Elmo. I feel that Elmo has too much focus & popularity, he is overshadowing Big Bird, Mr. Snuffleupagus, & so many other classic muppet characters of Sesame Street. The writers at Sesame Street right now probably think that every little kid only enjoys Elmo, with Abby Cadabby & Cookie Monster on the side. In my personal opinion, I think Big Bird owns Elmo, because that lovable bird has gone through so much more than Elmo, whether it would be death, or trying to convince the adults that his best friend is not imaginary, and besides, he is just more lovable. I feel it is best to just cancel Sesame Street at this point, what's the point of this show still going if: They consist of mostly muppet characters, shortened the time span, have most of the focus be on Elmo, & just focus more on stories of the main muppets than educational commercials?

    4/4 Stars
  • Best kid show on TV

    Hands down, the best show for kids. Consistently high-quality.
  • Production Order

    Does anybody know the production order of this TV show?
  • Open mindedness

    One of the best things about this long running show is it's message of understanding and inclusiveness. I hope that the grand child of the poster below (who thinks that the nose ring might jump off the screen and land on her granddaughter) grows up to be smarter than her grandmother. Maybe if live2die would have watched more sesame street as a child...
  • Loved this show

    This show is probably the best show for babies, toddlers, and especially kids going into preschool. You actually learn things while being entertained at the same time (unlike Barney). The show is full of color and will easily keep kids' attention.

    When I'm watching the show with my 11 month old niece, I sometimes find myself watching the show and getting a little bit of enjoyment out of it as well.

    Its not hard to see why this show has been running for 40+ seasons.
  • The Greatest Show for Preschool Children!

    My daughter watches this show almost every day. It's wonderful! She loves all of the cute characters and it's educational. It's catchy with the cheerful, bright colored characters and teaches useful knowledge about the world to help prepare them for school by teaching letters and numbers. It shows diversity and promotes harmony without getting political about anything. There's songs when appropriate and the voices in the show are great at retaining a toddler's attention even when they're not singing.

    As someone else pointed out, it does not teach foreign languages, which as a foreign language teacher, I think is a good thing about this show. Toddlers should focus on learning their first language or the languages spoken by their caretakers and family before learning an unfamiliar language. They have enough to learn in those first few years. It is unlikely for kids to remember each of the random foreign words taught each day when they are never used by anyone else in real life and are not said in subsequent shows. It also gives kids a false sense of what learning a foreign language is like possibly making it difficult to accept in middle school when they need to learn how to form sentences and remember words in order to communicate on any level besides saying hello. Sesame Street shows them many everyday aspects of the world they actually live in.
  • I would recommend this show

    This show is a classic, and unlike other educational shows, there's no corny songs, breaking the fourth wall too much, dancing, or teaching foreign languages. Just like leviwellsy said, this show is pretty much safe.

    I'm actually glad this is the longest-running children's television series. It has 44 seasons and 4,352 episodes. It deserves more than that.
  • One of the ONLY good show for younger audiences out there!

    Seriously, this isn't one of THOSE shows, with the annoying songs, repetition, and pretty much breaks the fourth wall. This show is actually SAFE for your kids to watch. I grew up with this show and I still watch it in some occasions.
  • Sesame Street really means "The World"

    A classic show that everyone will remember! I've learned so many things and hopefully I will teach things that I've learned from Sesame Street to them. Really educational and entertaining!
  • Best show on TV

    This is the best show for kids on TV among all channels. Educational, related to real life, teaches good manners and friendship, shows how to be honest, sincere and open without being embarrassed, how to ask adults (why it is good!) if you are a kid. I love this show. It is absolutely the best.
  • A amazing show for both children and adults can enjoy.

    This show is an example of how shows for toddlers should be. I think that this show is so much better than Dora the Explorer, for one thing this show actually teaches kids stuff and the songs are clever and catchy. It's good to see that the Dora virus has not touched this show because many shows for toddlers have been infected. But this show has a lot of memorable moments too. Personal I will never for get Put Down the Duckie. Anyways this show is very good for toddlers. So turn off that Dora and turn on Sesame Street for your toddlers!!!
  • One of the best shows for little kids that's ever been created.

    When I was little, this was one of the very first tv shows I ever saw and I've always loved it. It's enjoyable for pretty much any kid and as a teenager, I still love watching it because it feels like a re-living some of my childhood memories. After seeing it again, it seems more hilarious then I remembered it. As a kid, Elmo was always one of my favorite charactors since he's like the funnest ones for kids and Cookie Monster is also an enjoyable charactor since it's always funny how he's absessed with cookies and eating everything. I think the funniest charactors are Earnie and Bert since it's always hilarious how Earnie ends up annoying Bert whenever he's trying to sleep, read or anything. 'Sesame Street' has alot of fun music videos to watch like 'C is For Cookie', 'Monster in the Mirror' and such. Some of the songs are beautiful, some of them are catchy and some of them are comical. I love how they do different parody songs like for example how they parody Maddona's 'Material Girl' as 'Cereal Girl'. Despite the fact that this is a show meant to be for little kids, I still think it's alot of fun for the whole family to enjoy.
  • I learned sign language from watching Sesame Street.

    Thanks to Linda Bove I have learned lots of sign language from her I have a cousin who is deaf and I have talked sign language to him. I also have a friend that is deaf and her and I talk sign language lots. I have learned how to do The Lord's Prayer and the Amercian Anthem and God Bless America. I now know over 5000 words.I can even do Oh Canada in sign language and Silnet Night too. Everyday after school I would watch Sesame Street. Linda and Bob. I even learned some Spanish too from Maria and Luis.
  • How many fourteen year olds still watch this show?

    I'm gonna be up front about this show:At fourteen years old I still watch it.There's something very charming about a street filled with some of the friendliest people,monsters and animals you'll ever see.The cast is still wonderful,the puppets are endearing(Elmo and Big bird fan) and the guest stars are wonderful.The resent(maybe a month ago) segment with Feist was well writen.Even if you're an adult you can enjoy this.There's something for everyone in this little kids show.I give it a 10/10 because even teenagers(And older)can enjoy this.So now....Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?Kyoto Angel signing out.Bye bye now.
  • This show learns kids of everything (as I can remember)...

    This is show of my childhood!! I don't remember it very much now, because it's not longer show in polish TV, but it's BRILLIANT!! Me and my siblings just couldn't live without it... My favorite character is Big Bird (I don't know is it good, in Polish we call him ŻÓŁTODZIÓB xD). For little kids this show is just really cool, because big toys are talking about brand new things, so how they CAN'T learn it?? I think any one, who came up with idea of this show was really clever. I will adore this person to my death... I think I could watch it now, with no problems!
  • Learning English is always fun if you're surrounded with colorful monster :)

    First of all, I came from a non English speaking country.
    So, this show is the few thing that make my English learning really fun. With the sing a long, spelling, et cetera I just can wait for the next letter or number to be introduce.
    My personal favorite will be Bert and Ernie, because despite all their differences, they truly are the best of friend.
    And then there is Kermit and Ms Piggy, the true love of all time. As I grown up, I still love this show, I watched it with my nieces and nephew now. Learning is always fun with Big Bird, Elmo and friends.
  • No summary. Please read the review.

    I loved this show ever since I was a kid! Big Bird, The Cookie Monster, and Oscar. The rest of the gang too, are all very special. They are only puppets and people in costumes but they delight you in so many ways. This show is a trendsetter to those other bad shows. I like this show becuase they make you laugh. I know the show is for kids but I am an adult and I still like it! A better show than SpongeBob, I can't beleive I said that but I know its true. This is just a great show!
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  • this show is the best it gets better evey season. from the stuffed toys to the real-human chracters. this show even taught me a little to count and read. this shopw need to go on for generations.I LOVE IT!!!-DOWN TO EVERY LAST CHRACTER

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  • Complete Education and Entertaining.

    This show has taught me a lot growing up and now it is teaching my son a lot. As the years go by and more things are happening in the world SS takes things from that so that the kids can understand it better which is really good. My son has learned how to do sign language from watching this show. And he loves Elmo.
  • Sesame Street has many characters and many things to learn on it. It teaches kids things like manners to the alphabet. It is the best show for preschoolers on TV!

    Sesame Street is unexplainable to me. As a little kid, I was over obsessed and couldn't get enough. Now seeing my little kids watch it makes me joyous inside. The bright smiles light up on their faces when they learn something new or figure out a solution. It makes me kind of sad that they changed "Cookie Monster" to "Veggie Monster". I know it is for the best, but it is hard to see one of my favorite characters gone. It does help my kids eat their veggies though, on their little "Veggie Monster" plates [which actually are "Cookie Monster" plates]. Sesame Street makes a preschoolers day light up!
  • Well it must be doing something right if it has been around for more than 40 years.

    This show is the perfect show for little kids growing up. I remember Sesame Street for as Long as I can remember. Well I'm only 13 and it has been around for more than 40 years. My favorite character was always Snuffalupagus. I watched Sesame street until I was 6 occasionally I watch it when I baby sit my cousin who is 2. What I like is that they sometimes have celebraties on the show. The show teaches kids to accept people no matter who they might be. But I think it was a bad idea to have baby sesame street cause babies aren't ment to watch tv.
    Overall best children's show ever and it will probably continue for more years to come.
    Peace out.
  • Educational for preschoolers.

    I\'d recomend this show to everyone. I have a two year old Cousin that LOVES Sesame Street. He just loves Elmo and the gang. Just seeing his face light up is all I need to know. And he\'s learning alot. You know your child is learning when he repeats numbers and letters. I hope Seasme Street will be around for many generations to come.
  • This show is very good for children!

    This show is so good it's about a bunch of critters who go on kinda like adventures the critters name's are Elmo, Erney, Bert,Zue,and Big Bird not only that this show is fun for children but it also teaches them how to count,spell,and learn their abc's this show has also been around for a while parents if your trying to find a show for your youngster try this is such a good show!

    and this is from a 10 year old!
  • well elmo oscar zoey coutn bat thing big bird!! everyone of my favorite characters was in it!! adn they did the usal stuff by teching kids there numbers and stuff!

    from elmo to oscar they rock!! i love seasme street! !do they live on a street calle that because i think so! well yeah this was my favorite show ever since i was a little tiny kid!! and it stayed my favorite show till now!!!! Zoey is my favorite she is orange and looks like elmo but i sooo much better!! i have a seasime street pencil and i use it every day at school! isnt that awsome!! elmo is red and big bird is scary!! never stop showing this show!! i learn a letter each day!! and numbers!! ok well the elaphant tgingis my favorite but they say that his name is bad!! if it was bad they wouldnt have it on a kids show!!that is soooo sad dont u think!! welll ok admitt im crazy anad it really isnt my favorite show but i do love *************** whose name i dont know how to spell!!

    i used stars cuz i cant call him by his name ont eh site!! he is the elephant guy!! ok!! got it!!
  • A spectacular show for kids and adults alike!

    I've been watching Sesame Street since I was two, and I'm still watching it with my nephew whose four... and I'm fourteen! This is a must see for kids when they are old enough for TV. It's educational, fun, interesting, and always has something new to learn. When ever I get really bored, I can flip to PBS and watvh Sesame Street. (Or any other great show on PBS!!!) So when you need to plop your kid down, but don't want to put something on that's even more brain- rotting than TV already is, turn on Sesame Street, and relax- your kids are in good hands.
  • Ahhh,the only good show for preschoolers

    All right i know Sesame Street has been called ''gay'' but it is'nt it's a good show for kids to enjoy i don't like the show though but i don't think it sucks but i think it is great for preschoolers and Bert and Ernie are really good entertainment for toddlers people call these guys gay when there just puppets on an educational show and Elmo really gets the little ones going loads of Sesame street fans love it yet this is a great show for preschoolers unlike Bob the Builder and Barney.
  • Long-time kids' show keeps going strong!

    I have loved this show as a kid when it is now passed onto from one generation to another as my nephews and nieces really loved or used to love this show. And no doubt when they are parents they will pass this onto their chldren. Great educational show and also very cute with characters and humans.
  • One of the best, if not the best, children\'s program. I like many grew up watching Sesame Street and I\'m thrilled to see the newest generations are still watching. I am curious about

    One of the best, if not the best, children\'s program. I like many grew up watching Sesame Street and I\'m thrilled to see the newest generations are still watching. I am curious about one: why isn\'t Caroll Spinney mentioned in the cast and crew? He has been Big Bird for over thirty years (from the very beginning actually). You\'d like a Living Legend would be recognize for his contribution in the cast list.
  • Awesome.

    A personal favorite for me when I was a kid. And I still love it. And I'm about to be in the 7th grade. It's great for children 3+. I highly recommend it to everybody. kgjk kgodgk kok o ko ko ko ko ko k ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok o ko ko ko k ok ok ok o ko koj o o jo jop ko ko ko ko l pl o oj oj o jo o jo jo jo
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