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  • It rocks

    I love Sesame Street. I\'m 17 years old and I have been watching it since I was born. It is very cute and funny, even now. It taught me a lot as a little kid and I hope it stays around for when I have kids. I love Snuffy, although he is never on the show anymore, but the other characters are just as great. Just take sometime and watch this show, I remember my mom watching it with me and my sister. If she could enjoy it, Im sure anyone else can too.
  • Sesame street is one of the coolest shows ever!!!!

    I have been watching sesame street for like a long time it is so cute to see Big Bird and Elmo it is one of the cutest shows i have ever seen but the thing is nobody knows i like to watch it it is one of my "DEEP DARK SECRETS" and one time i was watching it and my best friend Brandon came over (AKA: my boyfriend) and saw me watching it he said that it was so childish and he broke up with me so after that everybody knew i liked to watch that show. And i was even teesed a lot so i dont watch that anymore and now every1 knows i like it!
  • This show has always been one of my favorites.

    Sesame Street has been one of my favorite childhood shows. Even now, as a 18 year old collge freshman, I still tune in every now and then. As a kid, I thought the monsters were real and I wanted to live there. I was even lucky enough to catch some of the very old episodes on Noggin every weekend and would stay up and watch it. The show is a classic and I hope its around for many years to come.
  • In recent years..Sessme St. has been giving alot of airtime on the show..and the adults' involvement on the program is little more than serving as streightmen for these puppets.
    In recent years..Sesme St.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s

    focus has been giving The Muppets

    more airtime on the show.

    The reason for this is The

    CTW belives that the kids just

    will not listen to the adults on

    the show.

    They\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d rather be entertained

    and informed by these puppets.


    Henson\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s creations relate

    better to the kids.

    That\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s The Children\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s TV

    Workshop\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s opinion.

    My opinion is..That is Nonsense!

    The Muppets can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t hog the whole

    show..there are some adults,who

    are difficult for the kids to deal


    But there are some..who know

    how to communicate with them.

    If Sessme St. is to continue

    bringing better kids tv?

    The Adults and The Muppets

    should share the stage.

  • The first 25 years are the best, but Sesame Street will always remain one of my favorite shows.

    I adore Sesame Street. I love it so much I watched the show regualrly until I was about 25. I still tune in now and again. It has helped to form the person I am today by teaching me fundamentals such as respect for others, to be kind, that it's ok to question things, that imagination is a gift and needs to be used regularly and so much more.

    It's not that hard to define the special quality that made Sesame Street so special to me and millions of others. Integrity. The people who made this show honestly wanted to be a force of good for children. Marketing, spreadhsheets and other business concerns simply did not factor into the decisions they made. They made a show from their hearts.

    In recent years the show has seen some major changes. Changes that I don't care for. Changes that I feel don't honor the integrity the show had when it began. Watching teh show now, you can almost hear the poll results coming in and dictating the direction the show should go. Gone are the days when being a force of good was enough, now they need to appear hip so they can sell merchandise.

    But enough of that. It cant and wont change my love of those magical first 25 years. Sesame Street will always be a HUGE part of my life and I thank every single person who gave their heart and soul to the show.
  • Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

    Put 20 people in a room and they would all have either seen or heard of Sesame Street. From cute creatures to a rememberal theme song, Sesame street as been a favorite show since it first came out. Some of my earlyiest memories is watching Sesame street. Children(or children at heart) will be watching Sesame Street for years and years to come.
  • There is something about Sesame Street that really brings the kid out of you no matter what age you are. In the age of reality television, it is great to have such a timeless masterpiece such as Sesame Street still in existence.

    As a show, Sesame Street is known for it's style of bringing celebrities, innovative characters, and social issues into an environment of learning and understanding.

    Educational Value
    Sesame Street is one of the founding fathers of learning on television for children. Unlike most other shows, Sesame Street deals with concepts of learning and does not try to force the viewer understand, instead it speaks to the viewer in a way they could understand. It makes kids -want- to watch the show, rather then feel like they are forced to.

    Sesame street has a wide array of characters- Many shapes, sizes, voices, personalities feel the screen. The presence of Elmo rivals that of Mickey Mouse and other characterss.

    This is a show that will live throughout the ages. Many of us have watched the show ourselfs and will have our kids watch it. This is a must for anyone with children.

  • I have niece's, nephews, and know lots of little kids that watch this show. I myself hadn't seen the show since the 80's but when I watch it when I take care of Niece's and Nephews it mustn't be that bad if it's been running for 35 years.

    PBS has the best show's for little kids. I grew up on this show for a reason. It is able to send a good message to kids and adults. I remember that when I used to watch this show, they had a song called "The People in your neigbhorhood". I remember Big Bird, and all the other characters. Plus the character of Elmo. He was huge when Tickle me Elmo came out. This show is great for little children. Instead of watching Bear in the Big Blue House, or other shows little children should watch this show, because it sends good messages. If it wasn't for this show I probably wouldn't be as smart as I am today. Great show.
  • The Best!

    I grew up watching this show and let me say it is one of the best out there. I learned how to count, sing, act, classify things, and draw. This is a great show for children to watch to find learning fun and interactive. I love the characters like Elmo, Oscar, Miss Piggy, and Kermit the frog! I used to collect those little dolls when I was younger. Although, there has been research that claim that children that watched this show back in the 80s now have a shorter-attention span because they used to just show fast clicks, which in a way makes sense. Recently the skits are longer and trying to correct that by taking those measures.
  • It is educational. What can I say?!

    I am one of billions of children who have watched this show. In my case, it was the 80s version that influenced me. I think I watched it for 4 years but I am not exactly sure how long I really did. It basically tought me the basics of learning and exposed me to Big Bird, Ernie and Bert, Elmo, and Cookie Monster. I can say that Ernie and Bert were like two of my most recent roomates at college. Bert was like Ben, who was smart and cynical, and Ernie was like Matt, who was funny and wild. Elmo is still the most popular character from the show. After a while, the show got boring for me and I moved on. I also watched "Eureka's Castle" which was on during the same period.
  • Sesame Street Rocks!

    Not only is this show family friendly, but it is culturally friendly as well. Beginning with Linda teaching us sign language in the 70’s & learning that aqua was water at the age of 4 (and that was in the 70’s when second languages were not common) Sesame Street now introduces children to topics that otherwise might not be brought to light until the early school years, such as the death of Mr. Hooper, which helped with my own personal experience at that time. Watching the newer shows that also have older clips such as the doodle bugs or Hi Ho Kermit The Frog as the roving reporter brings fond memories along with the bonus that your children are learning without even knowing it. Ernie & Bert being best friends & room mates isn’t really such a big deal, after all, how many of us had same sex room mates in dorms or our first apartments? If people could simply “Sing a Song” or “Come & Play” without putting so much thought into things, maybe the world would be a happier place & places like Sesame Street might actually exist somewhere in the world. By the by, The Muppets are way cool too!
    My Letter of the day is K & my number of the day is 1.
  • I was raised on this show and have had an affinity for furry monsters ever since :)

    I watched this show religiously as a child and I am a big supporter of all that it does for children all over the world. Out of sheer boredom, I turned it on the other day and was glad to see that not TOO MUCH had changed. Elmo was using e-mail and Cookie Monster was eating a fair balance of cookies and veggies, but other than that it still retains its value :)
  • Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? This show is about the Muppets who live on Sesame Street, co-existing with the humans that live there. They teach the viewers about different foods, letters, numbers and more!

    This show has been around forever, and I'm glad it has. I've watched Sesame Street since I was a baby and it still retains it's great taste. The show is well-cast and the show is putting a twist on educational TV. This show is very good and I hope that it keeps airing for a long time to come.
  • My God, a Sesame tidal wave!

    Sesame Street? I grew up on that show! A lot of you guys probably did too, and most of you now would have kids that watch it. Now, you. You reading this review would be at least one of two kinds of people: those who think it's dated (eurgh!) and those who think it's still cool (yay!). I'm on the verge on teenagerhood now and it'a a guilty pleasure to me. My friends think it sucks, I say it'a a classic. And Elmo's cool!
  • All i know is elmo and big bird...

    It would be the best educational show among the world but i just dont like some charactors.Some were green and dirty while some had complicated bright colored outfit.Elmo is cute and loving puppet.Big bird is just big and yellow thats all i can say for him/her(cant remember how the voice sounds)
  • tell me how to get to sesame street. okay first turn on the tv and change the channel and here we are. we have elmo now but bert and ernie were from the beginning. and big bird and oscar. we always wanted to see snuffy but it took forever to.

    i grew up with this show and loved cookie monster. c is for cookie and that is good enough for me. oscar the grouch is the best and if you like to count then the count is good also. a staple in most america's homes. a classic and still good.
  • This show taught me all sorts of things befor kindegarten. I am so grateful of that. I hope the show continues show I can show this to my kids. It was a diversed world with many different colored puppets and people.

    Seseame Street will go down in history if it already hasn't. The show statred in 1969 and is still going. That's almost 40 years ago.So imagine how many viewers it reached out to. One of the things I like is that it has a number and letter of the day. That really helped a lot. When you think about it, the show was kind of like a child variety show. It had the street itself, a little educational skit here and there, and a cartoon skit. I looooove Sesame Street!
  • Sesame Street is the best children's show ever!

    Sesame Street has taught me how to say the alphabet and count when I was small. My favorite characters are Cookie Monster, The Count, Prairie Dawn, Ernie, Bert, and Elmo. Cookie Monster is now teaching the letter of the day and sometimes Prairie Dawn. The Count teaches the number of the day with either his counting organ or his singing to Countess von Backwards, her girlfriend. I think these new methods of showing viewers what is the letter and number of the day is better than what it used to be. Anyways as I was saying, Sesame Street is the best children's show ever! I'm telling you Sesame Street will last forever and will continue to teach kids. I kknow sometimes it may seem inappropriate at times like how Cookie Monster eats and when Don Music used to bang his head on his piano but it is just humor like the parodies and skits like Monsterpiece Theatre. These parts are just to make kids laugh. Sesame Street is the best!
  • No 1 and always will be.

    As far as kids shows go Sesame Street is the king. Nothing will ever come close to what this show has done for generations over the past 30 odd years (and still counting)

    Speaking of Counting! Who loved the Count?! I never understood what was so funny about counting, but he certainly made it exciting.

    Then theres the lovable little red monster Elmo, who is absolutely huge now with many toys out.

    Big Bird, Snuffy, Grover, Oscar, The list goes on! so many great characters who taught us so many things. (Proof that there is something educational about TV)

    Bert and Ernie are brilliant. Much like many comedy duos one would often bounce jokes off the other.

    In Summary there is no amount of superlatives that can descirbe Sesame Street! Its a rare TV show in that it will never grow old (only the people who watch it will) generations will come and go, but Sesame Street will hopefully stick around and teach more kids how to count, spell and do all sorts of other things.

    Hello this is Father Denis Eastmont again I am promoting this show. It teaches everyone how to live an honest life. I give it a perfect because it helped me convert Junicle the leader of a high gang in New York. He has now accepted his mexican heritage and can leave with himself because of that one episode that we all loved. Big Bird Brings Mexico to Sesame Street. I Hope You All Enjoy the DVD!
  • Wickedly Awsome!!!!

    This show is the best show on television today. Where else can you go to watch a big yellow bird argue with a green monster in a trash can.... Well that might be on the next episode of lost or you might be able to find it somewhere while you are high but the best place to find it is sesame street!!!!
  • Sesame Street was, in short, the greatest kid's TV show of all time. Yuh-huh.

    I always watched Sesame Street with my Grampy as a child. It's got so many fun, friendly and recogniseable characters, such as Oscar the Grouch, who's a moody old soul, and good old Elmo, who is your stereotypical best-friend, but in a cuddly red puppet - amazing appeal for youngsters. Whilst being entertainned and having your heart warmed with the muppety Sesame Street regulars, kids are educated without even realising, as they sing along to The Count's mathematical sing-songs aswell as the ever-so-catchy theme tune which tells you "how to get to Sesame Street!" See, even reading or writing those six words you're instantly hooked into singing a merry tune or two! :) Overall, EVERY kid should have the opportunity to grow up with the greats of Sesame Street. BRING IT BACK, CHANNEL 4!!! A good old 7am or 11.30am slot as before will be sufficient, thank you.
  • Sesame Street is a magical place where adults, children, and muppets interact to both educate and entertain the young (and young at heart)

    *NOTE: Review based on pre-Elmo Sesame Street*

    A fantastic show...the best of its kind. Educational features that teach everything from counting, colors, shapes, and even a few words in Spanish are broken up by comic relief provided by Ernie and Bert, Grover, Oscar the Grouch, and the rest of the captivating muppets. I truly loved this show, and have a soft spot in my heart for Ernie even to this day (I'm 30+)
  • This is such a great show, not only for kids but adults as well

    Wow, this show is awesome. I love this show and watch it everytime I get. Lalalala Elmos World!!!!!!!! This show is number 1 and in my view will always be the number one show on PBS kids! Elmo is so cute. I also like Big bird. Yaay! Keep up the great show!
  • This show was watched my me, and my friends when we were little, now we are entertaining our children with the same characters that we loved and has introduced some new ones.

    The perfect babysitter. You can always be rest assured that when you turn on for your children thtat you don't have to worry about what's on.
    It's important toalso watch with your kids so you can talk about what they the letter of the day.
    Elmo for some reason has and does captivate the heart of my babies, and it's fun watching them laugh while watching.
  • Greatest children show ever

    This show has been around for a reletivly long time and has stayed the best children's show ever. The show teaches you anything and everything from counting in spanish to not being afraid of monsters. This show is great with amazing characters and plotlines for the kids. Where else can you find a cookie eating monster who is friendly and lovable?
  • I grew watching Sesame Street, and 30 years later my son has learned so much! he talks because of Sesame Street, thank you!!!!

    I am so thankful for Sesame Street, my baby watches it every morning and has learned so much. At one point I was concerned because he refused to say ANY words and now, he tries to count, he dances to Elmo's world, and is saying many many words. I am so blessed when I see him learning in such a fun way. Thank YOU!
  • Very educational for the little ones.

    I have been seeing the educational show since I was small and today, it still airs and very much, I have to say that it has a lot to offer for the little ones. The show really expresses many things that little children can learn, from the ABCs, counting, and getting along with others. Very much well put, the show makes children learn in a silly and intertaining way that they would understand. For that, I support that.
  • Ahhhh, if only the world were as happy as Sesame Street.

    Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Zoe, Telly Monster, Snuffy, Baby Bear. These are just a few of the classic characters that walk down Sesame Street. It really is impressive when an adult can get a kick out of the same show as a child. This show has humor, intelligence and heart. It teaches how if the world were like Sesame Street - it would be a peaceful, loving place. Elmo is probably my favorite all time character. What a cute and adorable little red furry monster . . . he is so sweet. The voice performed by Kevin Clash is classic. I never want to see him in behind the scenes work though . . . that would be weird to associate some dude with being the voice of Elmo. Kermit the Frog used to work on the street as well - I don't think I have seen him on there lately . . . but honestly I haven't been able to watch in a long time. Kermit is one of my all time favorite Jim Henson characters. Anyway, in case some new parent out there has lived in a cave and never seen Sesame Street before . . . feel happy to sit your kid down in front of the TV for a change . . . and actually sit down yourself and enjoy the show. "Can you tell me how to get - how to get to Sesame Street?!"
  • Four decades old and going strong

    Despite the many changes Sesame Street is going through after the late 80's and 90's, it still will be the most educational and influential show I have ever watched. There's no one in the world who doesn't Sesame Street. NO ONE. Even when I was in my late teens, fellow school mates were singing the many showtunes that I know and love.

    Sesame Street deserves a 20/20 and will never die. Period
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