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  • A bad show

    I honestly dont like this show. I think its weird and freaky. Whoever made this up must of been on acid or some form of drug. I think this show is horrible. I like the giant bird thingy, but other then that the shows horrible and weird. Oh ya and didnt the voice of that yellow thing Bert go to Jail?
  • This was once a great educational show. Now,it has lost it's goodness


    When you were a child,you had to admit you watched Sesame Street. This is basically THE educational show. SS teaches kids good moral values like manners,sharing,numbers,letters and vocabulary words. And all of the characters were quite enjoyable like Oscar,Big Bird,Cookie Monster,and you guessed it,Elmo. However,I hate what has happened to it nowadays. First off,all of the good sketches are gone. I mean,the Cookie Monster sketches,Count Von Count's sketch and Where's Ernie? are all gone. In fact,almost all of the sketches are just horrible. Abby's Flying Fairy School is just a disgrace to Sesame Street,and the show is done in CGI. Are you kidding me? What was wrong with the old Puppet formation? Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures is pretty good,but Bert is not such a jerk anymore,and it's done in clay-mation. Like I said,puppet mation is better. Murray Had A Little Lamb is stupid,but at least it's done in puppet mation. Elmo's World is the best sketch around still. Nothing has changed,and it's still the same as last time. Then,there are the two new Muppets:Abby and Murray. Abby is the true killer of the show. She is the female version of Poof. Like I said,Abby Flying Fairy School is horrible,and she isn't even a true Muppet. Murrary is OK,but at the beginning of the show,he is the one responsible for telling the number and letter of the day. Hey Murrary,that's not your job,that's Count Von Count and Cookie Monster's. Also,he always tells what sketch is coming up next now. When was this needed? We knew what sketch was coming up,so why was this thought of. And why is Zoey wearing a Ballerena costume now a days? Were the creators bothered that she wore no clothes? The human characters are OK,and at least two characters from the past are still in here. Chris is the only good modern human character of the show. The only reason to watch this show are the spoofs. I mean,this show does a good job of spoofing shows and movies. Some of them include Dancing With the Stars,True Blood,Deal or No Deal and many more. This show also has lots of guest stars like Ricky Gervais,Ryan Reynolds,Jim Parsons and many more. However,Seasme Street was once a good show,now it's like Saturday Night Live. Please,just watch the original episodes.

  • Seriously, this kind of stuff can kill you. If you need to learn something, use the computer. If you want to learn about numbers, go to the casino. The list goes on and on.

    I'm one of those anti PBS guys because people are right about how bad PBS. Right now, I'm talking about something that is supposably trying to help educate little kids. They did it the wrong way. How do furry little... things help you learn stuff? Will some thing in a big-ass bird constume help kids? All it does is influence some serious eating because that big yellow bird guy is a big-ass thing. Why? All little kids want to be just like him. Then whats that little red guy called again? Elmo? Yeah, I think that is him (or her). He is not funny, but pathetic. He is not enjoyable, but boring. He is not dead... yet. He's just less alive than living things. And who the hell names his goldfish "Doggie"? All the other puppet looking things are demonstrating the meaning of "stupidity". If you want your kids to learn, have them play Star Wars: KOTOR to teach them how to read. If you want to teach them numbers, then teach them in any way that doesn't sound like a waste of time. If you want to help your kid know about all the crap in life, you tell them what you know and help them understand. Just keep them away from this show before they attempt to jump out the window attempting to fly. About 1 in 4 kids die in the USA from Sesame Street. Too bad I was delerious in the middle of the night when I finally heard those words. Turns out people were like me: trying to make a better world. If you don't know what the hell i just said, it means it's not true, but can happen very soon.
  • nose ring

    Please tell me why you would have this kids show, and have a person on the show with a nose ring. I had to look twice, to make sure you had someone on this kids show with a nose think it is this person...... Nitya Vidyasagar. I do not watch this show, My 5 year old grand daughter was with me because of school closing. She watches it.

    Yes, here's another show that I wouldn't want to see on my TV. I used to watch it, but that was so many years ago! I hate to say this, but this show is really getting old, because it just teaches children the same things over and over. It never goes over the number 20! It's characters act horribly phony and are quite embarrassing! And what's worse, it has a terrible "sister" show in Spanish! There's nothing wrong with Spanish people, but the people who write THIS show have gone too far!
  • In recent years..Sessme St. has been giving alot of airtime on the show..and the adults' involvement on the program is little more than serving as streightmen for these puppets.
    In recent years..Sesme St.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s

    focus has been giving The Muppets

    more airtime on the show.

    The reason for this is The

    CTW belives that the kids just

    will not listen to the adults on

    the show.

    They\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d rather be entertained

    and informed by these puppets.


    Henson\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s creations relate

    better to the kids.

    That\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s The Children\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s TV

    Workshop\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s opinion.

    My opinion is..That is Nonsense!

    The Muppets can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t hog the whole

    show..there are some adults,who

    are difficult for the kids to deal


    But there are some..who know

    how to communicate with them.

    If Sessme St. is to continue

    bringing better kids tv?

    The Adults and The Muppets

    should share the stage.

  • Seame street is coming to town!

    \\\"Sesame street presents \\\"The Body,\\\" A hands-on interactive exhibit - all about you! A traveling museum exhibit where interactive play teaches young families all about The Body - Your Insides, Your Outsides, How You Work and Staying Healthy. Opens at the Arizona Science Center, May 2005 - see where it\\\'s going next!
  • Good and memorable show, but the new format sucks

    I grew up with this show. There was a perfect amount of focus on each character. Now the producers are focusing way too much on Elmo and so the perfect balance is gone. Also, they have decided to switch to a "block" format which gives significantly less airtime to the adult characters. Instead of them telling the letter and number of the day, there is a new "host" named Murray who does everything. He also says what comes up next. But the problem is that this makes Sesame Street feel, at times, like a shadow of its former self. Bottom line: Sesame Street needs to ditch this gimmicky block format.
  • Production Order

    Does anybody know the production order of this TV show?
  • This is such a great show, not only for kids but adults as well

    Wow, this show is awesome. I love this show and watch it everytime I get. Lalalala Elmos World!!!!!!!! This show is number 1 and in my view will always be the number one show on PBS kids! Elmo is so cute. I also like Big bird. Yaay! Keep up the great show!
  • All i know is elmo and big bird...

    It would be the best educational show among the world but i just dont like some charactors.Some were green and dirty while some had complicated bright colored outfit.Elmo is cute and loving puppet.Big bird is just big and yellow thats all i can say for him/her(cant remember how the voice sounds)
  • of course this show is for kids. older people dont find this show good when they were smaller. with sesame street's way to manipulate kids to watching their show with fuzzy colours, learning puppets and animations, i'd say this show is pretty good. you ha

    sesame street has been around for a long time... it's still on today. its a great show for kids, teaching kids how to learn things, and doing it in a way kids like to see it... colours, puppets, and other weird things sure kids in the next generation would like this show, and im sure the kids are going to keep this show alive. characters such as big bird and elmo will be remembered... i have nothing else to say... i know the show does not really have a story line... of course it's an educational show... ok now i ahve nothing else to say... Go Away! Get off my Lawn!
  • hmm..

    well i use to watch this when i was little and i use to watch it with my 2 year old brother when he was 2 and secrelty liked it... now when i look at it... there's singing and dancing socks. .-.
  • nobody really knows that i watch this really

    yes i do watch this show even though i dont like kid shows this is the only one i like i watched this back when i was 3 and still like it a little this show makes me cry badly i gave this show a 7.0 out of 10.0 though beacause im too lod to be watching this show
  • It's great.

    When I was little I used to love this programme. My favourite characters were Big Bird, Elmo and Ernie; I used to watch it all the time. It is one of my all time favourite childhood television shows. I can't remember what i liked about it but i just loved to watch it.
  • It is educational. What can I say?!

    I am one of billions of children who have watched this show. In my case, it was the 80s version that influenced me. I think I watched it for 4 years but I am not exactly sure how long I really did. It basically tought me the basics of learning and exposed me to Big Bird, Ernie and Bert, Elmo, and Cookie Monster. I can say that Ernie and Bert were like two of my most recent roomates at college. Bert was like Ben, who was smart and cynical, and Ernie was like Matt, who was funny and wild. Elmo is still the most popular character from the show. After a while, the show got boring for me and I moved on. I also watched "Eureka's Castle" which was on during the same period.
  • Very educational for little ones.

    This show teaches a lot of things for toddlers like counting, the alphabet, and other things. It has cute furry little muppets especially Elmo so toddlers would really want to watch it. This has to be to the most longest educational show that airs today so you know it's good for kids! People that are way older than toddler age bash this show. Guess what? It's not what you think, it's what the toddlers think! When I was little I couldn't stop watching this show. This show teaches kids about everything a toddler needs to know. This show is very useful to prepare kids for school. Toddlers should definatly watch this!
  • My God, a Sesame tidal wave!

    Sesame Street? I grew up on that show! A lot of you guys probably did too, and most of you now would have kids that watch it. Now, you. You reading this review would be at least one of two kinds of people: those who think it's dated (eurgh!) and those who think it's still cool (yay!). I'm on the verge on teenagerhood now and it'a a guilty pleasure to me. My friends think it sucks, I say it'a a classic. And Elmo's cool!
  • The best kid's show for when I was a munchkin!

    This is the best kids show period! It revolves around these muppets that live on seseme street. Big Bird is a big yellow bird who is lucky because he doesn't have bird flu!
    Erney lives with his brother Bert (my old favorite charicter) Erney always had his favorite toy rubber ducky and Bert was always sceptical twords Erney.All the villagers of Seaseme Street are luvable especialy Elmo! Everyone's favorite villager and is probably the most popular charicter!!!
  • Oh I used to watch the show when I was little now I see it now and then when I flip the channel and Elmo OMG he's so adorable I saw him on rove live man he cracks me up and it showed the person who talked for him as well it made me love him even more.

    Sesame Street boy it's a great learning show for little kids. When I was little I used to watch it wasn't my favourite but only recently elmo has came on well not that recently and started up elmos world oh he's so cute he was on rove live and he's so adorable and funny the man who talk's for him. But I don't think we get it on T.V anymore I ain't sure cause I'vr never looked to see it I haven't seen it in ages. I also love the Cookie monster he's quite funny to. Nah but elmo really made the show alot better. You gotta admitt it get's pretty boring at times when I was little it wouldn't always interest but man you gotta love Sesame Street!
  • The most educational preschooler show in the world! And the only one that airs these days that won't make your children extremely stupid and hyper in Kindergarten.

    When I was four years old and in preschool, this show taught me how to count, taught me new letters, and I expanded my vocabulary before school. And it introduced me to some pop culture and musical people. I used to love the little segments, especially cookie monster, that guy was a trip. This show was entertaining for a four year old and makes it fun to learn. If your children are drooling in front of the television getting their braincells electrocuted by boobah, or whatever they call that laughable abomination of a show, sit them down and have them watch this to encourage actual learning and thinking instead of just sitting on their butts and watching a crappy show.
  • I really owe you one . . .

    This show was a lifeline to me in my youngest years. I can't imagine not learning my ABC's and 123's without Sesame Street. I only hope this show is around long enough for my children to experience the joy of learning through SS. My all time favorite characters on the show were Grover, Kermit and the Count (again, 123's). Very fond memories indeed from this show.
  • I would have given a 10 but nowadays there's too much Elmo and not enough Grover.

    When I was in high school I had a class on research writing and was wracking my brain for a topic when out of the quickly flashing images looping through my subconscious I caught sight of Cookie Monster and said "Sesame Street! I'll research Sesame Street!" and had soon come up with the thesis question "What effect, if any, did Sesame Street have on Early Childhood Education?" Was I in for an eyeopener! First, my question was answered even more resoundingly than I had ever expected. I found articles from the early seventies about schools having to completely rewrite their curriculums after their incoming students started watching the show! Schools started teaching more skills at younger ages-- and kindergartens started becoming mandatory-- because the kids were coming in KNOWING more already!

    Second, every time I mentioned my topic to someone, an amazing expression suddenly came over their faces, and suddenly I was hearing story upon story about how so-and-so learned their alphabet from sesame street and somebody else loved this character and then the recitations of favorite segments and songs would start.... When I did my oral presentation, my classmates had to respond to it-- what I did well and what I could improve-- on notecards, and when I got the notecards back almost everyone STARTED talking about my speech but ended up telling me all about their favorite characters or songs or episodes for the rest of it!

    Third, I found a new love. I'd never given Sesame Street much thought when I came up with the topic, but I quickly became impressed and obsessed. I still sometimes watch the show on my own if I happen to stumble on it. Now I have a baby of my own, and I can't wait until he's old enough that we can watch it together. My only gripe is that nowadays "Elmo's World" takes up half the show. Elmo's an okay character in small quantities, but pretty boring in large quantities. We need more Grover-- Grover is well-rounded and unique and, well, loveable. Grover ought to have his own half-hour show instead!
  • A childhood gem...

    When I was a child, there were two main educational programs shown to children. Play School, being the other one, basically got me shouting at the television that I was not retarded, not stupid, and not a diminished human being, just a child. From what I've seen from observing some of my cousins' children, it hasn't changed a lot except parents have revised their opinion of its suitability for five year olds. Unfortunately, Sesame Street is going much in the same direction.

    In the 1990s, Sesame Street had a rather nasty competitor in the shape of Barney, a purple dinosaur with a support cast that showed no difference in emotional response. Even when that support cast consisted of four year olds and fourteen year olds. As if that wasn't harmful enough, Barney would openly tell children they weren't good if they didn't have good feelings, or alter the rules of a game to make someone else the winner. That such "lessons" were allowed to be broadcast shows how useful the regulators of television really are. By contrast, the Sesame Street I remember even dealt with such issues as the death of a loved one. Goodbye, Mr. Hooper was one of the most amazing episodes of children's television ever broadcast because it made an effort to try and teach children about something so difficult that even live adults are often no help with it.

    Other brilliant aspects of the show included using monsters to portray certain feelings or behaviours that the audience might be conflicted about. They had a cookie monster to show what a negative (but highly funny, the way they presented it) appearance gluttony can bring. They had a grouchy monster to show the effects of an anti-social mentality. More "cute" monsters such as Grover were used to show things like fear or sadness. There was a good reason for all of this. Negative feelings are difficult enough for a child to understand, so having puppets to thoroughly explain them was very educational.

    Kudos are also due the adult cast of the show. During every episode I saw, even Goodbye, Mr. Hooper, the adults were never condescending or smug. They never acted as if they had every answer. Instead, they told the monster, other puppet, or child characters a few useful tidbits and let these characters work things out for themselves. Even today, if you see the sequences with such annoying characters as Elmo, it is the children or the child-like characters who deliver all the answer lines. Those consultations with child psychologists done by the Children's Television Workshop really paid off.

    Unfortunately, and there always seems to be an unfortunately these days when it comes to children's television, a certain adherence to marketing over education crept in over recent years. The greatness of such characters as Oscar or Grover was that they could appeal to children without needing to be cutesy. Oscar was a grump who appeared to have worked too many night shifts, while Grover seemed to be just a fearful but friendly guy trying to make his way in the world. Perfectly normal, ordinary people wrapped up in some very bizarre-looking trimmings, in other words. Nowadays, characters like Elmo seem so awfully sugarcoated that it makes me wonder if his audience is going to encounter problems in later life when they learn they cannot get by simply on acting cute.

    I don't know who pulls the strings on this show these days, but I would like to implore them for the sake of future generations. The old way of educating the children about the fundamentals of life, and letting the cute factor take care of itself, was a much better one. Please go back to it. I might not be part of the audience anymore, but I do have second cousins, and maybe one day a niece or nephew, who are.
  • The only educational show that really is educational.

    This show teaches a lot of stuff to your children. The alphabet, numbers, even life lessons(look at Bert and Ernie, Oscar, Elmo and think). People shouldn\'t badmouth this show. When they have kids, this will be the only show that can make them not run and scream. This is an icon for people. Celebrities have warm memories about Sesame Street. It\'s even good enough to have Elmo(inexplicably) at Congress a few years ago. Remember, when you\'re kids need to be educated before preschool, let them watch this. This is Jim Henson\'s gift to children. May his creations live on. Not in Disney\'s hands.
  • Only thing I think the CTW screwed up on is the idea that people would listen to puppets over parents. Just want to let yall know, thats ludacris

    Well I think Sesame Street is an excellent kids show.
    Whatever Children\'s Television Workshop is doing, keep it help. I think is one of the only moral show out today. I believe Bush should be immpeached for cutting back funds for public television. Nickelodeon shows doesn\'t have any life moral, but Sesame Street stresses the point that evryone is unique in their own special way. Also, It was one of the only kids shows that put out the point that segregration is bad and that we can all be friends. So for all of the people who hate Sesame Street, think about your family member out taking drug or in jail or dead
  • Don't tell anyone about this.

    Sesame Street is still awesome after being around for almost 40 years. I still watch this show, mostly because I don't have cable anymore, but I've grown to love this show with my favorite character being Big Bird, I admire this show for the education and the comedy, but mostly the comedy. This is tight and it always will be in my eyes at least. Anyways, this is my second favorite children's show compared to Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, and one more thing, this show will live for milleniums, just like Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • Going a little downhill.

    Okay, I watch this when I\'m a little bored, but I\'ve noticed it\'s gone a little downhill. Cookie Monster now tries to stop eating cookies, The Count now has to sing every time he counts pretty much, and some other stuff. So, basically, this show has gone downhill from when I was little.
  • A great kids program using pupets and real people as well as animation.

    A great kids program using pupets and real people as well as animation. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you.
  • This show has been on for so long! It must have given a great impact on both children and adults.

    Sesame street has been one of my favourite show since I can remember when i started watching them. Sesame street has so many different characters and they teach more things than other shows because they have so much life, colour into what they want to let the children learn about their basics. The songs and the little dances that they try to engage the children in, would make them more active as well! Sesame street has made adults see that it is some worth letting their children watch. I give Sesame Street 2 thumbs up! It really is a marvellous show!
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