Sesame Street

Weekdays 7:00 AM on PBS Premiered Nov 10, 1969 In Season





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  • One of the best shows for little kids that's ever been created.

    When I was little, this was one of the very first tv shows I ever saw and I've always loved it. It's enjoyable for pretty much any kid and as a teenager, I still love watching it because it feels like a re-living some of my childhood memories. After seeing it again, it seems more hilarious then I remembered it. As a kid, Elmo was always one of my favorite charactors since he's like the funnest ones for kids and Cookie Monster is also an enjoyable charactor since it's always funny how he's absessed with cookies and eating everything. I think the funniest charactors are Earnie and Bert since it's always hilarious how Earnie ends up annoying Bert whenever he's trying to sleep, read or anything. 'Sesame Street' has alot of fun music videos to watch like 'C is For Cookie', 'Monster in the Mirror' and such. Some of the songs are beautiful, some of them are catchy and some of them are comical. I love how they do different parody songs like for example how they parody Maddona's 'Material Girl' as 'Cereal Girl'. Despite the fact that this is a show meant to be for little kids, I still think it's alot of fun for the whole family to enjoy.