Sesame Street

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  • Longest running children's television program for a good reason.

    Sesame Street, is, in a word, sensational. The show itself has been educating two generations since 1969, and has inspired multiple movies, spin-offs and parodies. As a child, I watched Sesame Street and I never lost my attention span. I was attracted to the show for it's humor, intersting situations, and the fun characters that make up Sesame Street. 

    The characters have switched and changed throughout the thirty-seven seasons of Sesame Street. Some departed, such as muppet Roosevelt Franklin, and some have newly arrived, like fairy Abby Cadabby. The muppets are iconic, and have appeared in numerous medias. The most iconic, it seems, is Elmo, the furry red monster who talks in third person. I am a bit irked that the show has devoted the last quarter to present the world of Elmo speaking of himself as "Elmo," possibly being a negative influence on a child viewer's grammar. However, the character of Elmo has brought so much popularity that it seems as if Sesame Street thanked him by giving him alone time at the end. Fortunately, the rest of the characters talk properly and the young viewers should turn out fine.

    Another thing I praise Sesame Street for is it's parodies of popular culture, as well as it's special guest appearances. I recall not understanding a thing when a Law and Order skit appeared on Sesame Street, but my parents were watching with a grin swept across their face. I appreciate the show for bringing references to keep older viewers interested, as well as celebrity guests that only older viewers should be aware of.  

    Most of all, I beleive Sesame Street succeeds in teaching young children not to discriminate against other races. While the human members of Sesame Street are racially diverse, all of the muppets and monsters are of different colors too. The differences pave the way for discussions with parents later about people being different, and I praise Sesame Street for bringing up such a conversation without making it a huge topic of an episode. 
    All in all, Sesame Street is a children's television show that changed children's television as we know it. Hopefully, and most likely, Sesame Street wil make many more seasons that will reach get another generation.