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  • Elmo Loves Sesame Street
    At the start of SESAME STREET's 35th season, the high-spirited red muppet, Elmo, learns more about the street on which he lives. With the help of his friend Grover, Elmo is seemingly transported through time to the Sesame Street that existed before he was born. In these flashback moments, Elmo meets Mr. Hooper, the man behind the name of that famous store; witnesses Maria and Luis' wedding day and the birth of their daughter Gabi; and experiences Gordon and Susan's adoption of Miles. The finale of the episode features Sesame Street's entire cast singing a new composition called "The Street We Live On." The story ends with Elmo's realization that he doesn't have to dream to find his friends on Sesame Street - all he has do to is run outside to be a part of this very happy family.moreless
  • Alan goes on vacation and leaves Natalie Portman in charge of Hooper's shop.
  • The Best Pet
    Episode 2
    Zoe, Telly, Elmo, and Baby Bear all love their pets, but they each think they have the best pet in the world. They eventually get angry at each other, but Maria comes by to help them out.
  • The Porridge Problem
    Curly Bear decides to finally try porridge for the first time, which makes Baby Bear happy. However, Curly Bear doesn't like it, which shocks Baby Bear. Baby Bear tries to get Curly Bear to try it again in order for her to like it, but when she spits it out again, Baby Bear wonders if she doesn't like him since she doesn't like the porridge.moreless
  • Change Can Be Good
    Change Can Be Good
    Episode 4
    Alan decides to leave for a vacation, and he decides to hire Natalie to replace himself at Hooper's Store. However, Baby Bear and Big Bird are not very fond of this change and start to miss Alan.
  • Even Fairy Godmothers Make Mistakes
    Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother visit Sesame Street, which makes Baby Bear and Zoe very happy. However, her Godmother accidently turns her into a chicken before the ball. Her Godmother becomes very sad and hands Zoe and Baby Bear her wand before leaving. It's up to Baby Bear and Zoe to help Cinderella transform back in time for the ball.moreless
  • Little Furry Red Monster Parade
    Elmo loves being red and furry, so he tries to form a "Little Furry Red Monster Parade." However, when Zoe and his other friends ask to be part of the parade, Elmo deicdes to include them despite not being red.
  • Elmo Dreams of Chickens
    Elmo has a great dream about a new dance, a chicken "Clucky Clucky" dance. When he wakes he wants to have the dream again. So, he tries to get help from his friends in order to have that dream agaiin.
  • Keep on Dancing
    Keep on Dancing
    Episode 8
    Elmo is learning a new dance from Zoe's pet rock, Rocco. However, the dance gets more complex when Rocco adds in other animals to the dance.
  • While Oscar waits for Grungetta he tries to find different grouchy things on Sesame Street. Celebrity guest Aaron Neville sings about life on the moon with Ernie.
  • The Sesame Street Square Game
    Zoe and Elmo play "The Sesame Street Square Game", led by the announcer Mr. Square. Zoe and Elmo must find ten squares in order to win.
  • 4/16/04
    Goldilocks tries some of Baby Bear's porridge and says that it's great and that this is supposed to be how the story goes. Baby Bear tells her that they are now the four bears since Curly Bear joined the family. So, Baby Bear decides to write a new story, one that includes Curly Bear and excludes Goldilocks eating their porridge.moreless
  • Undiscovered Talent
    Undiscovered Talent
    Episode 11
    Elmo, Zoe, Rosita, and Grover are all a part of a singing group called "The Cute and Fuzzy Four."However, besides Elmo, they all must leave the band. Miles, Gordon, and his father Mr. Robinson, come along and talk to Elmo about his problem. However, they have more in common than they thought they knew.moreless
  • Telly is having a good time with his pogo stick, but when he falls off he becomes too scared to try it again. In order to enjoy his pogo stick again, he must come to terms with his fear and face it.
  • 4/21/04
    Snuffleupagus gets his magic ukulele in the mail. However, when he plays it he turns invisible and Big Bird can't see him, only hear him.
  • 4/22/04
    The magic ukulele is missing a piece, so it goes in for repair so that it can turn Snuffy visible again. Snuffy, Big Bird, and Elmo wait for its repair by singing the Alphabet song.
  • 4/23/04
    Super Grover loves being a super hero, so he decides to open up his own super hero school. Zoe, Rosita, and many others join the school and learn how to be a good super hero. Even Super Grover gets to learn something from his students.
  • Gabi Lends a Helping Hand
    Gabi is asked to help out Alan at Mr. Hoopers. However, on the way she gets distracted when she decides to help out her other friends. She helps sing a song with Elmo, acts grouchy with Oscar, and plays a game with Snuffy.
  • Not a Grouchy Day
    Not a Grouchy Day
    Episode 17
    Baby Bear is going to show Curly Bear how to draw. However, Oscar and Grundgetta are waiting for something bad to happen. When Curly Bear decides to scribble and draw on Baby Bear's picture, Baby Bear, instead of being angry, is patient and tries to help her out. Oscar and Grundgetta still watch to see if Curly Bear's antics will make Baby Bear grouchy.moreless
  • Telly's Letter Dilemna
    It's Henrietta Honker's birthday and Alan is busy setting up Hooper's Store for the party. Also, Telly is the newest member of the Letter of the Month Club. Vinnie, the delivery man, delivers the first letter, but after seeing Telly's reaction he decides to bring more. However, the store is now filled with letters and now there's no room for the guests.moreless
  • 4/29/04
    Cookie Monster eats the last cookie at Hooper's Store, but he gets nervous when he has to wait for Alan to make more. In the meantime, Gabi helps divert his attention by encouraging him to use imagination to make his own story, the story of King Cookie.
  • The Loudest Growl
    Episode 20
    Baby Bear gets a chance to hear Curly Bear's growl, but he's upset when he discovers that she has a bigger growl than he does. So, he goes around asking people how he can have a louder growl.
  • Elmo and Zoe Learn to Play Fair
    EpisWith Alan away, Elmo gets a chance to play with Gabi, who is filling in for Alan. He also lets Rocco and Zoe play with them. However, they get into an argument as to what games they should play and who should play first.
  • Oscar's Naptime Lullaby
    It's Baby Bear's turn to put Curly Bear to sleep, but when his usual method fails he has to find another way to put her to sleep. However, nothing works out for him. He'll have to find something to help him, but maybe Oscar has an idea.
  • Practice Makes Perfect?
    Miles and the band are having trouble with finding a quiet place to practice. However, with Zoe and Elmo presenting the number and letter of the day, it becomes more difficult.
  • Elmo's Day as Elmo-Bird
    Elmo is fascinated by how much fun Big Bird has with his feathers. So, Elmo wishes that he could be Big Bird. All of a sudden, Elmo's Fairy Godperson appears and grants him his wish.
  • 5/7/04
    Rosita helps two kids with directions, but when she pronounces the word "pigeons" in her accent they think it sounds funny. Because of this, Rosita becomes sad and is dissapointed with her accent.
  • Fun Is In The Game
    Episode 26
    The Big Bad Wolf has a hard time at losing. Whenever he loses, he huffs and puffs. When he plays with Alan, he blows away the game when he loses. The same happens when he plays with Elmo, Gordon, and Zoe. Big Bad Wolf soon discovers that no one wants to play with a sore loser.moreless
  • Norah Jones sings about the letter 'Y' with Elmo.