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  • November 30, 2011
    November 30, 2011
    Episode 257

    Amare Stoudemire teaches kids a new word in Hebrew.

  • November 28, 2007
    November 28, 2007
    Episode 209

    Vince Carter is on the show.

  • March 23, 2010
    March 23, 2010
    Episode 77

    Reggie Bush is on the show.

  • 9/4/07
  • Grouch News Network
    Episode 12
    Abby, Rosita and a penguin are going to play princesses. First, they decide to dance. Rosita leaps high into the air. Abby Oscar the Grouch is the host of the Grouch News Network- all grouchy, all disgusting, all yucky news, all the time. The stories are starting off grouchy enough, but they’re ending up really nice. First, Cookie Monster is upset when his cookie breaks in half, but thanks to Oscar, he realizes that he now has 2 half cookies. Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty are playing checkers when Sleeping Beauty falls asleep right in the middle of their game. Prince Charming is feeling frustrated, but Oscar unknowingly gives him a great idea, a kiss could wake her up. Sleeping Beauty thanks Oscar with a big kiss of his own. Now Oscar’s really losing his grouchy viewers. There has been an elephant stuck in Maria’s bathtub all day, which could just be the kind of grouchy news him and his viewers need. Bob happened to be watching the Grouch News Network, and came to the rescue with a bag of peanuts to get the elephant out! Oscar’s show is ruined. Lucky for him, it’s so nice, happy and sweet that it’s aggravating! The grouches love it and Oscar wins a Phlemmy Award.moreless
  • 12/7/07
    Rosita and Zoe are both excited about their play date together. As they start to play hide-and-seek, Abby Cadabby poofs up out of nowhere. Rosita is about to show Abby how they play hide-and-seek, but Abby mentions another game, "Jumping Rhymes", which piques Zoe's interests. Zoe and Abby are good at the game, but Rosita has trouble thinking of words that rhyme with "chair," and can only think of made-up words. Rosita insists they play hide-and-seek next, and tells Abby how to play it. Zoe and Abby hide while Rosita counts. While they hide, Abby is impressed by Zoe's tutu, and asks Zoe to teach her how to dance ballet. Rosita finishes counting and is about to look for them, when she encounters them both dancing ballet instead of hiding. She runs off, frustrated and angry.Meanwhile, at the Fix-it Shop, an anxious rabbit desperately needs his teapot fixed for a tea party. He realizes he's late, and runs off. Just then, Rosita shows up and tells Maria and Gabi how angry she feels at Zoe and Abby. Maria tells her to take a deep breath, which helps a little. Zoe and Abby catch up with Rosita and ask her what happened. Rosita is so angry she can only express her feelings in Spanish at first, but Zoe realizes how angry she is. They reassure her that they do want to play with her, even though they got distracted by ballet earlier. They all agree to take turns choosing what to play, and Rosita asks for her turn to choose hide-and-seek. They're all friends again! The monsters (and fairy) run off to play hide-and-seek, but the rabbit comes back to remind Maria and Gabi that they have a teapot to fix ...moreless
  • 10/10/07
    Elmo is excited to play checkers with Gina, but they only get to play one turn because she has to go feed Marco. This leaves Elmo feeling jealous and upset. Why does Marco get so much attention while Elmo gets none? You must have to be a baby. When Gina returns from feeding Marco, she finds Elmo sitting in Marco’s stroller, pretending to be a baby himself! Gina plays along, but wishes Elmo could be himself again so they can play their game. She explains that she has enough love for both Marco and Elmo and she’ll always make special time to be together. While Marco still needs to be taken care of, Elmo can teach Marco lots of new things and when he’s old enough, they can play together and be friends.moreless
  • Maria the Chicken?
    Episode 9
    Zoe and Rosita find Abby’s magic wand and Rosita wonders what it would be like to be a fairy god-monster and do magic. She even convinces Zoe that they could help Maria with all her work by using Abby’s wand. To do magic, all they have to say is some words that rhyme. When the sparkles clear, Maria is gone and a chicken is there in her place. Something went terribly wrong and now they have to figure out how to change Maria back. First they try saying another rhyme, and then a rhyme in Spanish while hopping at the same time, but things only seem to be getting worse. When Abby comes to find her wand, Rosita tells her what she had done and that they need Abby’s help. Abby has been getting better at her magic rhymes so she tries to change Maria back, but now Maria’s a clucking pumpkin! To everyone’s surprise, Maria shows up out of nowhere. It turns out that she was in the hardware store. The pumpkin sounds awfully like Mrs. Chicken, though, who was coming to pick up her toaster from the Fix It Shop. Good thing Abby’s mommy could help fix everything!moreless
  • 9/18/07
    Telly finds Gordon practicing outside for a game of golf he is going to play with Alan. When Telly learns how golf is played, he decides that if Gordon really wants to practice he should do it as if he were on a real golf course. When Gordon tells him a real golf course can have hills in it, Telly thinks of a way to make hills. After considering using a turkey sandwich, which would be too flat, or a basketball, which might roll away, he finally comes up with the idea of using pillows. When Gordon tells him a real golf course can have water hazards, Telly decides to borrow Bert and Ernie’s wading pool. When Gordon tells him there could be sand traps, Telly asks two children to bring over some buckets of sand. Gordon diligently practices under all these conditions when Alan arrives and says that, according to the weather report, it is going to be really windy. Telly has the solution- a large fan. By now a crowd has gathered to cheer Gordon on, and the ball goes in! Thanks to Telly, Gordon is definitely ready for a real round of golf on a real golf course!moreless
  • Zero the Hero
    Zero the Hero
    Episode 8
    Big Bird runs into the number Zero and they work together to make Zero feel better about himself.
  • 9/14/07
    Big Bird and Elmo sing a special song that only two friends can sing together. As they get ready to sing the song again, Abby appears. She asks if she can sing too, but Big Bird realizes they can no longer sing their song about two friends because they are no longer two friends - two friends plus one friend makes three friends! The three friends decide to explain their predicament to Gabi. Gabi suggests they sing a song about the number three, but they don’t know a song about three. As they are trying to figure out a song, Abby says it’s too bad they can’t come up with a song of their own… but maybe they can! With Elmo and Abby’s encouragement, Big Bird starts the song. "You and you and me . . . one, two, three!" Elmo and Abby catch on and happily join in until a little boy comes along and they now have to think of a song about the number four!moreless
  • 0.0
    Big Bird and Elmo work on repairing Elmo's tricycle.
  • 9/12/07
    Rosita receives a card from her grandmother in the mail. Abby is very impressed because she has never received a letter before. Elmo decides to write Abby her first letter. Elmo gets ready with some paper and crayons, but then he remembers he doesn't know how to write! Chris helps by listening to what Elmo wants to say and writing it down for him. After Chris reads Elmo’s letter back to him, Elmo decides to end it with, "Love, Elmo" and realizes there is one word he can write, his name! Chris addresses an envelope, puts a stamp on it and puts Elmo's letter inside. They can now put the letter in the mailbox and the mail carrier will get it and bring it to Abby in a few days. Just then, Abby poofs back to Sesame Street. Elmo excitedly tells her that he wrote her a letter. Both of them want Abby to get her letter right then, so Chris hands Abby the envelope. Abby is so excited about receiving her very first letter that she forgets she doesn't know how to read yet! Chris helps her read Elmo's letter and she couldn't be happier. Abby now can’t wait to write her first letter and she thinks she’ll write one to Elmo thanking him.moreless
  • Zoe and Abby have a dancing playdate.
  • Dancing Day on Sesame Street
    Zoe and Abby have a dancing playdate.
  • Hide and Go Dance?
    Episode 5
    Rosita and Zoe are so excited to play Rosita’s favorite game of hide and seek. Just as they are about to start, Abby appears and she knows a really great game to play too - Jumping Rhymes! Rosita was excited to play hide-and-seek, but perhaps they could play one rhyming game first. Now, it’s finally time to play hide-and-seek. While Zoe and Abby are hiding, though, they begin dancing ballet. When Rosita comes to find them, she’s surprised and disappointed to see that they aren’t playing hide-and-seek anymore and storms off. She is feeling so sad, frustrated and angry. Rosita thinks that Zoe and Abby just wanted to play with each other and not with her. Maria and Gabi suggest that she talk to Zoe and Abby about how she feels. When Rosita tells them, Zoe is confused, because she thought they were having so much fun together and they both still want to play with her. Maybe they can find a way to all play together that makes everyone happy. They decide to each take turns picking what to play and everyone has a great time!moreless
  • The P Game
    The P Game
    Episode 5
    Alan teaches Elmo and Zoe the P game, in which they have to find things that begin with P.
  • Telly invites Baby Bear to the Triangle Lover’s meeting so his best friend can be there when he gets crowned Triangle Lover of the Day. The meeting begins with the building of the triangle in the same way they always do it. Baby Bear asks if they ever considered putting it together in a different order. As he demonstrates, the triangle lovers learn that it doesn’t matter at all. As long as it has three sides and three corners, a triangle is a triangle! Upon hearing the Triangle Lover’s Anthem, Baby Bear suggests a new rhyme to end the song. The Grand High Triangle Lover likes the idea and agrees to the change! Now when Baby Bear hears the Triangle Lovers’ Cheer, he can’t help but think of a great way to improve that too. The time has finally come to crown the Triangle Lover of the Day and the decision is for it to be Baby Bear, not Telly! Telly is so upset, but Baby Bear helps Telly feel better by reminding him that he may win the crown at the next meeting.moreless
  • 5.5
    Elmo and his favorite book, Lucy the Lazy Lizard.
  • The Wild Adventures of Telly & Baby Bear
    Telly and Baby Bear play with a magical book.
  • Gordon and Susan's nephew takes a job at Hoopers Store.
  • 5.5
    Elmo must pass a test to join the Bookaneers
  • December 20, 2010

    LaDanian Tomlinson is on the show.

  • November 26, 2008

    Chad Pennington and Eric Mangini are on the show.

  • December 15, 1982

    Julius Erving is on the show.