Sesame Street - Season 39

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  • November 1, 2011
    November 1, 2011
    Episode 240

    New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire are on the show.

  • 9/30/08
    It’s Number 6 Day on Sesame Street: A day devoted to the number six and all it’s sixiness! There are going to be games and songs all about the number six. Let the number six festivities begin! First, Telly brings out the Number Six Cheerleaders. But since there are only five, Chris has been chosen as the sixth cheerleader. The first event is the Six Pig Tickle, but seven pigs begin to tickle Elmo. Telly thinks that the Number 6 Day is ruined. Chris tells Telly that since seven is one more than six, they can just take one pig away and it will make six. The Number 6 Games have been saved. The next event is the Chicken Laying Six Eggs event at Big Bird’s nest. The chicken was only able to lay three eggs. Fortunately, Big Bird has another chicken that lays another three eggs. The day is saved again- three eggs and three eggs are six eggs all together! Telly moves onto the Number 6 Day Finale. Pete from Peoria is going to sing the “Six Penguins in My Shirt” song. Pete has missed his flight, though, and the shirt and penguins showed up without him. Chris tells Telly he can save the day by singing the “Six Penguins in My Shirt” song himself. Telly sings the song and saves Number 6 Day!moreless
  • 11/5/08
    Chris reads Elmo, Telly and Rosita the story of “Rico, The Very Helpful Robot!” After hearing the story, Elmo, Telly and Rosita decide to become robots to help Chris at Hooper’s store. They call themselves the Help-O-Bots. At first they are a really big help, but then they start going faster and faster and end up making more of a mess for Chris to clean up. They tell Chris that they can also change into brooms and vacuums and feather dusters to become the greatest cleaning force in the universe. They begin arguing, though, about how to clean and they make the mess even worse. The Help-O-Bots are upset that they have failed their mission. Chris tells them that they should figure out what they are really good at and then help people with that. They decide that they are really good at the alphabet. They become the Alphabetabots and help someone remember what letter comes after “G” and say the whole alphabet. The Alphabetobots succeed! Elmo, Telly and Rosita go off to see who else needs help with the alphabet.moreless
  • 8/18/08
    Max the Magician magically appears on Sesame Street as Rosita, Big Bird and Elmo are eating snacks with Chris. Everyone is excited to see some real magic. First, Max takes one scarf out of his pocket and puts it with two other scarves to make three scarves- what was two has become three. Everyone is amazed and wants to know the secret to the trick. Max refuses to tell, but Chris explains that it was actually just addition. Max’s next trick involves making cards disappear one by one. They all agree that this is the best trick they’ve ever seen, and ask Max to tell them how he did it. Max cannot tell because of the Magician’s Code of Honor, but lets Chris guess again. Chris explains that when Max threw away each card, it was subtraction. For the last trick, Max will get Big Bird to help him turn one piece of rope into two pieces of rope. Big Bird figures this one out. Max divided it by cutting it into two pieces. All of Max’s tricks were actually math! Max the Magician is stunned that everyone guessed the secrets of his tricks and leaves to find tricks that no one will ever figure out. He disappears leaving everyone amazed and unable to guess how he did it!moreless
  • Chris is doing his laundry at the Sesame Street Laundromat. When he is folding his clothes, he discovers that a sock is missing. All socks come in pairs so he needs to find the matching sock. Abby appears and has a new “two trick” that turns one thing into two things. Abby waves her wand and makes a pink polka dot sock appear but it doesn’t match Chris’ striped sock. Abby tries another trick called the “more trick” that her mommy uses when she needs “more” of something. Four different socks appear - an argyle sock with diamond shapes, a white gym sock that does jumping jacks, a baseball playing red sock and a baby sock. They don’t match Chris’ striped sock either, but they do sing and dance “the five-sock conga”. Just then, another customer at the laundromat finds a sock which got into her laundry by mistake. It’s Chris’ matching sock! Chris rushes out of the Sesame Street Laundromat with the five socks congaing after him looking for a new home and a warm drawer to curl up in.moreless
  • 10/30/08
    Big Bird, Elmo and Abby are very excited because Gordon is going to read "Maria the Cowgirl – The Lonesome Trail". The story is about Maria the Cowgirl and her hobbyhorse, Amigo. They meet Bad Duck, the toughest duck in the west. Bad Duck says that the trail isn't big enough for the two of them, and won’t let Maria pass. Suddenly Maria the Cowgirl has an idea! She tells Bad Duck "You go this-a-way and I’ll go that-a-way!" It works and they are able to pass each other. The trail is big enough for the two of them after all. Everyone wants to hear the story again, but Gordon has to leave. Big Bird has a great idea: they should all pretend and act out the story. Abby is going to pretend to be Maria, but there’s a problem when both Big Bird and Elmo want to be Bad Duck. Abby says that they can both be Bad Duck, but then they need to decide who will be Amigo. Again both Big Bird and Elmo want to do it. Abby solves this problem by picking Big Bird to be Bad Duck and Elmo to be Amigo. Finally, a tumbleweed comes along and asks to play too, but he wants to be Maria the Cowgirl. Abby says they can both do it. They all sing the "Maria the Cowgirl" song and have fun pretending together.moreless
  • Today on Sesame Street it’s Who Can Wear the Most Hats on Their Head Day! Elmo and Zoe are going to play against each other, while Chris and Alan help add more and more hats. The Hat Check Girl is also there to help count the total number of hats they each have. Elmo and Zoe are tied every time! They also have to complete challenges while wearing the hats on their heads, saying the alphabet while standing on one leg, and estimating their number of hats. With no hats left to add, Elmo and Zoe ask Abby to come up with a spell to make more. Abby finally finds the right words, and Elmo and Zoe end up with a big huge tower of hats on their heads. After counting the hats by 5, they find out that they are tied again. Elmo and Zoe were each able to wear 30 hats on their head!moreless
  • 8/20/08
    Telly is getting ready for the Triangle Lovers’ Annual Triangle Toss! It’s a game where each player throws three triangles and tries to get them to land on the stick. Telly plays it every year and wins, all thanks to his lucky triangle vest. Only this year, he discovers that his vest is too small. Telly gets Baby Bear and Leela to help him squeeze into it, but just as Telly is about to throw his first triangle, the vest rips! The Grand High Triangle Lover suggests that Telly could just take off his vest in order to toss his triangles, but Telly panics. He’s just not sure he can toss a triangle without his lucky vest. Baby Bear and Gina convince Telly to not give up and give it a try. Telly returns to the game but misses his first toss. He is very discouraged but Triangle Lovers don’t give up. He takes Baby Bear's advice and imagines that he is wearing his lucky vest. He gets his next two triangles on the stick and wins! As everyone is celebrating, Telly decides to give his repaired vest to a young Triangle Lover, who hopes to someday love triangles as much as Telly does.moreless
  • 10/2/08
    Big Bird is having a nest sale! He wants to sell the toys that he doesn’t play with any more to someone who will want them. Snuffy helps by being Big Bird’s Assistant Nest Sale Snuffleupagus. All he has to remember is that everything in the nest is for sale and everything out of the nest is not for sale. Big Bird goes to Maria and Luis’ to pick up some more of his old toys but as he leaves, he accidentally knocks his teddy bear, Radar, into the nest. The Count comes and buys all the toys inside of the nest which includes Radar because Snuffy doesn’t realize that Radar has fallen into the nest. When Big Bird returns and looks for Radar, he and Snuffy realize what happened, and that he has been sold to The Count. When they find The Count, he tells them that he gave Radar to a monster for his teddy bear collection. The Count doesn’t know the monster’s name, but he knows that he’s tall and thin with curly hair on his head. Based on the description they find the right the monster, but he gave Radar away to a little girl because she lost her teddy bear. Snuffy and Big Bird return to the nest after looking everywhere and a little girl comes and asks if a kite in the nest is for sale. She doesn’t have any birdseed, but does have a teddy bear to trade for it. The teddy bear is Radar! Big Bird excitedly agrees and vows never to let Radar out of his sight again.moreless
  • A Sesame Street Nightly News Update comes in from Brian Williams saying that, “No one is sharing on Sesame Street!” Elmo and Leela just can’t believe that it’s true and decide to go see for themselves. First, Elmo asks Big Bird if he can give Radar a hug and Big Bird yells “Mine!” Then he asks Snuffy if he can see his balloon, and Snuffy yells “Mine!”, too. It seems to be true! But just then they hear Maria, Luis and Gabi and they are about to share a family picnic. Oscar announces that they won’t be sharing for long because Mine-itis is going around. It’s a Grouch disease that makes you think that everything is yours and you don’t want to share. The symptoms make you become wildly itchy, hop like a kangaroo, and twirl around. Even Brian Williams has caught it and takes Oscar’s binoculars and anchovy fudge sundae. Only in order to get his stuff back, Oscar finally tells them that the way to cure Mine-itis is to get a Grouch to share with you. He reluctantly agrees to do this, and one by one people are cured. Everyone on Sesame Street is sharing again, and it’s all thanks to Oscar!moreless
  • 10/13/08
    While Elmo is trying to bounce his ball three times in a row, Zoe comes along with her pompoms and does a cheer for Elmo. She is a Sesame Street Cheerleader! Elmo tries to bounce his ball again, and he does it! All he needed was a cheerleader. Elmo asks if he can be a Sesame Street Cheerleader, and they set of in search of someone to cheer for. They come upon Telly, who is trying to boing on his pogo-stick three times with a triangle on his head. Elmo and Zoe think of a cheer for Telly and he does it! The cheerleading made all the difference. Telly tries out for the Sesame Street Cheerleaders too, and they all set off to find more friends they can cheer for. They find Alan, Gordon, Maria and a Chicken, but unfortunately they didn’t need cheerleaders. Instead of giving up, they think of a great idea- cheer for themselves! Just as they finish, some sheep and penguins come along and ask the Sesame Street Cheerleaders if they would like to cheer for their football game. Instead of choosing one team to cheer for, Zoe, Elmo and Telly decide to cheer for everybody!moreless
  • 10/10/08
    Abby goes to Big Bird’s nest for her very first sleepover! She brings her wand, her pillow and her favorite book. Her mommy always reads a book to her at bedtime, but at Big Bird’s there isn’t anyone to read to them. Luis and Maria walk past on their way to go dancing, and Abby and Big Bird ask them to read the book. Maria doesn’t think it will take too long so she agrees. Before she can read the story, though, there’s a routine. Abby must brush her wings, sing the “Brush the Wings” song and get tucked into bed. After all of this, Maria picks “Hey, Diddle, Diddle” out of Abby’s magical book, and the story comes to life. Luis and Maria finally get to say goodnight and are about to leave when it begins to rain. Big Bird asks them to help get Abby out of the rain. The only solution is for Maria and Luis to invite Big Bird and Abby to have the sleepover at their house. To thank Maria and Luis, Abby’s mommy grants them a wish. They wish they could have gone dancing. Their wish is granted and the living room turns into a ballroom. Maria and Luis dance while Big Bird and Abby have the best sleepover ever!moreless
  • Today on Sesame Street it’s the Big Bird and Snuffy Talent Show! The only problem is that they don’t know what a talent show is! Leela explains that it’s a show where people do different things like singing and dancing or anything they like to do. They convince Leela to be part of their show and she juggles an apple and orange while singing the ABC’s. Now they need to find another guest. Cookie Monster walks while eating his cookie, but Big Bird and Snuffy don’t think that’s a talent. Cookie Monster begs to differ and gobbles down his cookie as the crowd applauds. Since there’s no one else around, Leela returns by popular demand and tap dances next to, in front of, behind, around and with the laundry. Since Leela has to get back to work, Big Bird and Snuffy are upset because they have no other talent. Just then, Leela sees Wolfgang playing the glockenspiel. Throughout all of this Big Bird and Snuffy have been chasing away Wolfgang, but a seal playing the glockenspiel is talent! They are proud to present Wolfgang the seal and his glockenspiel and exclaim that it is the greatest talent show ever!moreless