Sesame Street

Season 41 Episode 7

Snuffle Sneezes. Episode 4223

Full Episode: Snuffle Sneezes. Episode 4223


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Big Bird is taking a dust bath to make his feathers clean and fluffy before he goes to meet Snuffy for a playdate. When Snuffy gets close to Big Bird, he gets a tickle in his snuffle and can't seem to stop sneezing. Big Bird suggests that they play somewhere else in case there is something that's making him sneeze. They go over to Hooper's Store, but Snuffy is sneezing there, too! Next, they try and play by the Laundromat, but that doesn't work either. Gina helps Snuffy realize that he might be allergic, or really sensitive to something. They try to figure out what is making him sneeze. They realize that Snuffy wasn't sneezing until Big Bird came along.moreless
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