Sesame Street

Season 1 Episode 1

Welcome Sally

Aired Weekdays 7:00 AM Nov 10, 1969 on PBS



  • Quotes

    • Ernie: (taking a bath)Hey, Bert! Bert! Can you bring me a bar of soap? (Bert arrives)Just toss it into old Rosie here. Bert: What? Ernie: The soap. Justtoss it into Rosie here. Bert: Who's Rosie? Ernie: My bathtub. I call my bathtub, Rosie. (continues scrubbing)Bert: Why do you call your bathtub Rosie? Ernie: What's that? Bert: I said, why do you call your bathtub Rosie? Ernie: Because every time I take a bath, I leave a ring around Rosie! (laughs and continutes scrubbing) Bert: Ernie, get outta the tub. Ernie: How come? Bert: Well, because there are a lot of people waiting to take a bath, that's why. Ernie: Take a bath? In my Rosie? Who? Bert: Well, Solomon Grundy, for one.