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  • Season 1
    • Birth of Gabriella
      Birth of Gabriella
      Episode 67
      This episode is where Oscar and Luis wait for Maria's baby to arrive soon at the hospital. On Sesame Street, Big Bird and his friends are about to see Maria soon, but Oscar doesn't want to stay in the hospital, so he stays back in the trash can! At the end, there came Maria and Luis' new baby daughter-Gabriella. Skits in this episode including: Film: I believe in little things Muppets: Ernie's Feelings Game Cartoon: Bellhop#8 Muppets: The 2-Headed Monster read together Cartoon: Luis' voice announces capital B and small b Film: See animals very close Cartoon: Music conductor trying to hear the MMM sound Muppets: Monsterpiece Theater: The Sound of Music Film: one of the Watson dogs gets three balls Cartoon: Amor Film: Baby eats while we hear Cookie Monster's voice off-screen! Cartoon: B-Ballerina Muppets/Song: My Polliwog Ways (sung by Kermit) Cartoon: Evolution of Frogs Cartoon: Eating food inside body Muppets: Grover and kid on above and below Cartoon/Song: Above It All Film: Anne Marie and Skeeter Rabbit dance till kids shout "STOP!" Cartoon: Melvin the Moving Man Muppets: Ernie teaches his niece Ernestine to say "Ernie" Cartoon/Song: Hip To Be A Square Muppets: Baby Honker hatches Cartoon: Eight Elephants Film: There's A Bird On Me Cartoon: the letter B Cartoon: Madrigal Alphabet Muppets: The Count counts the knocks Cartoon: full-black man counts the starsmoreless
    • Maria's Mother Visits
      Skits in this episode inclding: "B Is For Bubble" song, only one sketch of the letter 'T', which was the Newsflash skit where the Boston Tea Party members throw stuff that begin with 'T' into the sea Circus Trainer: 12 (birds) Bert's Blanket Rappin' Alphabet Ernie rides on a boat Kermit, Shala and Patti on 'Next To' Cartoon: Limerick B- Beard the Guy Smiley game show "The Eating Game" Film/Song: What Are Kids Called (Joe Raposo)moreless
    • Maria Is Pregnant
      Maria Is Pregnant
      Episode 65
    • Maria & Luis' Honeymoon
    • Maria & Luis' Wedding
    • Maria & Luis Realize They Love Each Other
    • David Hires Gina To Work At Hooper's Store
    • Visit To The Bronx Zoo
    • Big Bird & Snuffy Go Exploring
    • Oscar Moves To Candy Cane Lane
      It starts where Oscar is having a barbeque. During the street scene, Telly is so worried that he would miss Oscar so much, because Oscar and his pet elephant Fluffy are about to leave Sesame Street to move to Candycane Lane. Later, in Candy Cane Lane, Oscar begins to miss some of his friends from Sesame Street, so Maria, Luis, Susan, Telly and the Grouch-keteers let him go back home. Cartoon: Luis's voice announces capital T and small t Film/Song: Who Am I (sung by Olivia) Cartoon: Snacks On Parade-the Raisins Muppets: Say the Word game show (Guy Smiley and Maurice Monster) Cartoon: Stop! (scary short with stop signs in colors) Film: Elephants Cartoon: Q-Quiet Muppets: Helen Reddy sings "Wonder Child" Cartoon: Q-Quarter Muppets: I Wish I Had A Friend Like Me (sung by Bert) Film: black-and-white footage of over Muppets: Maria (as Charlie Champaign) sees picture of live woman in the museum Cartoon: full-black man counts stars Cartoon: Man gets angry in the studio Film: Stop!-kids dance and freeze Muppets: the Question Song (sung by a little girl anything muppet with comments by Grover) Cartoon: Ants carry the letter Q to the top of the hill Muppets: Family (with tall orange lady muppet (Frank Oz), Fat-Blue like man muppet (Jim Henson), little pink boy muppet (Jerry Nelson) and a little pink girl muppet (Fran Brill)) Cartoon: Hands draw man playing ukulele and setting Cartoon: The Typewriter Guy T-Train Film: Kids do outdoor activities Muppets: the Union For Bats' Rights (a skit where the Count's bats go on strike) Cartoon: Yellow gophers lets one of them do exercising Muppets: Snuffy and Barkley walk Cartoon: Alphabet animation (shown on the Alphabet Game video!) Muppets: Kermit calms the 2-Headed Monster down Cartoon: How many legs does the horse have? Film: Kids gradulatemoreless
    • Luis Needs Glasses
      Luis Needs Glasses
      Episode 57
    • Miles' First Birthday
    • Uncle Wally Returns
    • Adoption of Miles Day 4
    • Adoption of Miles Day 3
    • Adoption of Miles Day 2
    • Adoption of Miles Day 1
    • Snuffy Revealed
      Snuffy Revealed
      Episode 50
    • Remembering Mr. Hooper
    • Break Dancing
      Break Dancing
      Episode 48
    • Snuffy Goes To The Movies
    • New Computer on Sesame Street
      1933A/Song: 'The Plant In My Window'(sung by Big Bird and Olivia) Cartoon: Two hipsters try to wake up the plant in different ways Film/Song: I Believe In Little Things (Raposo)(original version) Cartoon: A is for alligator (Season 1) Muppets: Kermit & 2-Headed Monster-Talking and Listening To Each Other Cartoon: 'A' Words (ending with 'Ambulance') (Season 1) Film: Agua Live-Action: Luis-Agua Cartoon: Conductor asks for an 'A!' Cartoon: Ape crashes on tree, ape-shaped Live-Action: Kids running 1933B: Musical Chairs with Grover, Luis, and the kids (late 70's insert) Cartoon: Circus Tamer#11 Muppets/Song: Polly Darton Sings the 1-5 Counting Song Film: Building a Log Cabin Cartoon: Two kids argue over a dog and a cat 1933C: Big Bird & Snuffy heard that Olivia, Maria, and Bob work on the new Sesame Street computer Film: What Is A Computer? Film: Marching Band-Circle Cartoon: Pinball #11 Muppets/Song: Jump Jive by Cab Calloway & the 2-Headed Monster 1933D: Oscar shows Bob his grouch computer Film: Finding Circles in Supermarket Cartoon: Consonant Sound Limerick-C, Cat Muppets: Kermit News: The Santa Claus Holiday Mix Cartoon: 'C' Words (ending with 'I hate cucumbers! I wish he'd call me a carrot!') 1933E: Maria teaches Telly how to use the computer/Telly made first grouchy face parts on it for Oscar Cartoon: Orange man falls off the wall with the ball Muppets: Cookie's Galoshes Rhyming Poem with Kermit & Cookie 1933F/Closing: Telly works more on the grouchy face on the computer for Oscarmoreless
    • Death Of Mr. Hooper
      This episode starts where Forgetful Jones explains to Gordon why he was happy. Next, Big Bird does his own funny stunts to Gordon. After that, Big Bird gives his drawings to everyone on Sesame Street, except Mr. Hooper, because everyone explains to him that he died already. So David is going to fill in for him. At the end, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson comes to Sesame Street and lets the cast see their new baby. Clips in this episode: Cartoon: the story of number 5 Muppets: That's Love, by Bert in a Cupid costume Cartoon: Man shows lady 5 tall things Muppets/Song: Fuzzy & Blue (and Orange!) Muppets/Song: "Sing After Me" with Madeline Khan and Grover Cartoon: The J Song (joyful jump and jamboree) Muppets: Big Bird, Barkley and Jason jump Live-Action: People jump Live-Action: Kids build sand structures Live-Action: the Dance class Live-Action: the boy's bath Cartoon: Letters In Sand-J Cartoon: J-Jam Cartoon: M-shaped man explains about the letter M Live-Action: Man feeds polar bears sardines Live-Action: The 4-year-old boy's new baby brother Live-Action: the sad flower Cartoon/Song: That's About the Size of It Muppets: Newsflash: the Beautiful Princess Cartoon: Evolution of Frogs Cartoon: Man lets the flowers stay on ground Muppets: Bert and Ernie at the theater-tall hat lady blocks Ernie Cartoon: Animals steal man's clothing in rhyme Muppets: Purple Anything Muppet man on Closed Muppets: Bert and John-John on Feelingsmoreless
    • Snuffy and Gordon Run the NYC Matathon
    • Cousin Abigail Snuffleupagus
    • Water Conservation
      Water Conservation
      Episode 42
      Sesame Street is the middle of a water shortage, so everyone (including Oscar and Slimey) do their part to save water until the rain returns. Meanwhile, Dr. Nobel Price is TRYING to get his "Fabulous Rain-Making Machine" to work.
    • Music Lessons
      Music Lessons
      Episode 41
    • Big Bird at Camp Echo Rock Day 5
      1710A: Big Bird & the kids take themselves their photograph Muppets/Song: Big Kids Cry Cartoon: 5 tall things Film: Buffalos Cartoon: 5 Worms In An Apple (Swedish Animation) Muppets: Newsflash-The Three Little Pigs Cartoon: I've Got A Mind (Season 2) 1710B: Big Bird wins the swimming award at the award assembly Cartoon: Pinball #5 Muppets: Adventures of Super Grover-The Barber of Sesame Street Live-Action: Maria as Charlie Champlin-Long, Longer, Longest 1710C: Big Bird sings "Good-bye Country" before he does his final Echo Rock Handshake Cartoon: W-wallpaper (Wallpaper Covers Man) Muppets/Song: The National Association of W Lovers by Bert Cartoon: Gloria talks about 'W' Film/Song: What Are Kids Called (Joe Raposo) Cartoon: White man tries to recite the alphabet Muppets: Grover & kid-scratching tummy and hugging Cartoon: Walk Tall Muppets: Grover & Stevie Wonder-Long & Short Notes (street insert from #514) Film: Long/Short Automobile Cartoon: The Vase Villain In the Panama Hat (V) 1710D: Bob, David, Maria, & Luis plan to create the WELCOME HOME BIG BIRD to Big Bird, Snuffy already decorated the sign to Big Bird! Cartoon/Song: Willie Wimple-Water Pollution Film: Whales Cartoon: The Typewriter Guy-W, Wall 1710E: Big Bird is back from Camp Echo Rock Film: Agua Muppets: The Count & Cookie Monster Cooperate Cartoon: What would happen (balloon popping) 1710F: Snuffy finally knows that the answer Big Bird went to camp is 'bus' Cartoon: Spanish Shapes Snake Muppets: Ernie & Bert-Ernie's Guess What I Am Game (ends with Bert Acting Like A Train) Cartoon: Sand W/w 1710G: Closing-Big Bird talks to Snuffy about his days at Camp Echo Rock Friday closing creditsmoreless
    • Big Bird at Camp Echo Rock Day 4
      1709A: Big Bird & the kids got everything to pack for the overnight trip on the mountain Muppets: Ernie & Bert-Follow the Arrow Game Film: Flowers in Tree Cartoon/Song: Willie Wimple-Land Pollution Film/Song: There's A Bird On Me Muppets: Orange girl reads "hug" with Herry Cartoon: Pinball #4 1709B: Big Bird follows the arrows to the top of the mountain Muppets: Grover's Counting Echo Cartoon: 4 Carpenters Live-Action: Bill Cosby counts 4 kids Muppets: The Boy Who Cried Monster Cartoon: Sand J/j Muppets: Bert & John John-Emotions 1709C: Telly is upset that Big Bird isn't his friend anymore Cartoon: Boy discovers worm under rock and baby birds in nest Muppets: Camp Wannagohome-the Tree Film: Kids/adults do jobs Cartoon: J-Jam (Season 1) Muppets/Song: This Is My J by Biff 1709D: Big Bird and Mickey cook hot dogs Muppets: The Rhymies Go Camping Cartoon: J Under Man's Hat Film: Animals with homes Muppets: Grover's Restaurants: Before & After (Soup and Ham Sandwich) 1709E: Big Bird & the kids sing the "Echo Rock Rock" song at night Cartoon: The Yellow Yahoo (Y) Film/Song: Flying (Joe Raposo) Muppets: 2-Headed Monster Share Headphones 1709F: Closing-Big Bird & Rusty sleep in the tentmoreless
    • Big Bird at Camp Echo Rock Day 3
      1708A: Big Bird & the kids fix their beds neatly, Big Bird and his counselar Mickey help Rusty to fix his bed neatly Muppets/Song: "Proud" by early Little Jerry & the Monotones Live-Action: Kids running Muppets: Ernie & Bert Fix Beds 1708B: Telly tells Oscar that he misses Big Bird so much Film/Song: We All Sing With the Same Voice Cartoon: Boy talks about his pet letter 'Y', Yetta Muppets: Sinister Sam Wants To Know 'Y' Cartoon: The post office 1708C: Big Bird gets a huge postcard from Snuffy Cartoon: Boy learns to put his mom's letter in the mailbox all by himself Cartoon: 8 Bats (Swedish Animation) Muppets/Song: 8 Beautiful Notes by the Count 1708D: Big Bird gets his free period looking around in the whole camp Cartoon: Truck Carries the Number 8 Muppets: Ernie's Imaginary Baseball Game Film: Boy learns to ride on the pony 1708E: Big Bird learns to paddle in the canoe Cartoon: H for hola (Spanish soundtrack) Muppets: Grover's Restaurants: Menu Only Contains Milk Cartoon: H for hello (voice of Gary Owens) 1708F: Big Bird and Rusty learn to swim! Film: Kids take swimming lessons in the pool Cartoon: Peacock 1-20 Film: Water, Water Everywhere 1708G: Closing-Big Bird & the kids head back to Cabin 10moreless
    • Big Bird at Camp Echo Rock Day 2
      1707A: Big Bird & the kids get up early for breakfast, Rusty doesn't want to go to breakfast, he wants to sleep! Muppets/Song: Frazzle! with Frazzle & the Frazzletones Cartoon: Consonaut Sound Limerick-V, Violin Live-Action: Unknown celebrity talks to himself Cartoon: 'V' In Space 1707B: Big Bird learns to play baseball Muppets/Song: Full Body of Rhythm (Little Jerry & the Monotones) Film/Song: I'm A Hard Workin' Dog (Cow Dog) 1707C: Big Bird gets rest period, writes a letter to Maria and sings "I Am Fine, How Are You?" Film: Bicycles (Raposo) Cartoon: C-cap (Cap Is Too Big For Man) Film: Insects Muppets: Ernie Yells "Hey, Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!" to the Fish Cartoon: C Is For Cake Muppets: Herry & John John-Loud & Soft 1707D: Big Bird eats new foods for dinner-hamburgers, mashed potatoes, and peas Cartoon: Pinball #3 Film: 1-2-3 Orange Ball Roller-Coaster (original powder version) Muppets/Song: I'm So Lonely Cartoon: 3 Mice (Swedish Animation) Film: People jump Cartoon: Rocks aren't alive 1707E: Big Bird is crying about missing Sesame Street Film: Mad Painter #3 Muppets/Song: Ernie & Bert: Dance Myself To Sleep Cartoon: #'s 1-20 jump into the boat 1707F: Closing-Big Bird sleeps in Cabin 10moreless
    • Big Bird at Camp Echo Rock Day 1
      1706A: Big Bird sings "I'm Going To Camp" with all of his adult friends Cartoon: Sand D/d Muppets: Ernie & Bert At the Egyptian Pyramid Cartoon: 2 Farmers 1706B: Big Bird is so sad that he will miss Snuffy Muppets: Baby Honker Hatches, Learns To Honk Like all of the Honkers Film/Song: All By Myself, Well, Why Not? 1706C: Big Bird & Snuffy play the guessing game, the bus arrives to pick up Big Bird for camp, but the bus is stuck Muppets/Song: "The Coconut Counting Man" with The Count and Harry Belafonte Cartoon: 2 Giraffes (Swedish Animation) Film: Sounds Around the House with Violin (DEBUT of the series) Cartoon: Madrigal Alphabet 1706D: The bus is finally not stuck, Big Bird meets Rusty, the lavendar-colored Anything Muppet boy Cartoon: Boys read "BUS" Film: Man lets girl in bus read names of places and things outside the bus Muppets: Ernie & Bert-Bert's It! Cartoon: The Typewriter Guy-D, Daisy 1706E: Big Bird, Rusty & the kids ride on the bus to Camp Echo Rock Cartoon: Toothpaste on Parade Muppets: 2-Headed Monster Share Pillow Cartoon: Consonaut Sound Limerick-D, Dog Film/Song: I Have A Chair Cartoon/Song: Pinball #2 Muppets: Woodsman muppet sings about nature 1706F: Closing-Big Bird arrives at Camp Echo Rock and goes to Cabin 10moreless
    • Birdwatchers
      Episode 35
    • Fred Rogers Visits
      Fred Rogers Visits
      Episode 34
      Skits in this episode including: E&B: Bert's nap Muppets: News Flash: Cinderella At The Ball Herry and Chris: same/different Muppets/Song: Jump Jive (Cab Calloway) Muppets/Song: Meet Me At The Bus Stop Friday closing credits included
    • Maria Asks For a Raise
    • Big Bird Goes To School
    • Star Wars Drodis Visit...again
      Big Bird is waiting for the bus. Then, he goes on the bus and meets R2-D2 and C-3PO, but they are stuck inside the bus! Then, on Sesame Street, R2-D2 was falling in love with a fire dehydrant and Bob sings the alphabet with them, and Big Bird, R2-D2 and C-3PO are stuck in the rain until the sun comes out. Skits in this episode including: Animated: Bus Muppets: Super Grover-Bus Stop Live-Action: String Beans song Animated: V Hurt My Knee Poem Muppets/Song: High, Middle, Low (not Herbert Birdsfoot, Bert and Ernie's version!) Animated: The Limerick-V, violin Muppets: Grover reads the story about how David changes into Kermit Animated: Caterpillars Don't Wear Shoes Muppets: The Twiddlebugs Hang the Stamp Picture Animated: Alligator creature talks about the letter 'U' Live-Action: Construction workers dig the ground Animated: Dog meets the lowercase 'u' Muppets: Biff updates numbers at the museum Muppets: Grover the Waiter-Big or Little Hamburger? Animated: A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butta Live-Action: 2 boys take their dog to the vet Animated: Little creature goes to the top of the word 'UP' Animated: Little man talks about the letter 'U' Animated: Boy imagines himself in the jungle Muppets: Ernie Reminds Himself of Anything Before He Eats the Cookie Animated: Two kids on 'us' and 'bus' Live-Action: Marching band forms a square Animated: Kids wait for the bus Animated: White man talks about the letter 'U' Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper-'Picture of You' Animated: the U-N-I-T-E train (U) Live-Action/Song: 2, by Joe Raposo Animated/Song: Pinball#2 Live-Action: Flamingos Muppets: Ernie and Bert share a pie Animated: Hatsmoreless
    • Star Wars Drodis Visit
      Big Bird is walking on the street and sees the beam of light. Then, the 2 Star Wars droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO visit Sesame Street. Maria, Luis and David, of course, met them. Also, R2-D2 and C-3PO send a message to Oscar. Skits you'll see: Animated: String Live-Action: Boy's mother makes popcorn Muppets: Newsflash with Kermit the Frog: the Tortise & the Hare (missing the Newsflash intro) Animated: the 'J' Train Live-Action/Song: What Do You Do With A Donkey Animated: The Limerick-J, jaguar Muppets: The Angst of Ernie Animated: Boy stops his dog Animated: Letter 'Z' In Space Animated: Spanish 'J' Animation Live-Action: Kids make a big kite Muppets/Song: Bein' Green with Lena Horne Animated: Two climbers climb the letter 'Z' Live-Action: Otter Muppets: The King Who Thought Firemen Are Allowed, by Bob Animated: Creature tries to create a happy face Live-Action/Song: People take care of baby animals Animated: Letters In Sand-J Muppets: Ernie & Bert and the Broken Faucet Animated/Song: Jazzy Spies #4 Live-Action: A bear scratches its back Muppets: Kermit buys toothbrushes from salesman Grover Animated: the 'Z' creature goes fast and gets locked in a zoo Live-Action: Milk!, with the complaining baby and the man making milk Animated: Imagination Zoo Muppets: The Clapping Song, by Roosevelt Franklin & the Anything Muppets Animated: What does a heart belong to, with the chicken Animated: Blue triangle grows big to the blue screenmoreless
    • Trip to Puerto Rico
      1316A: Leaving for Puerto Rico / arrival Cartoon: A words (ending with "ambulance") - Spanish soundtrack E&B and Sharla: A! Cartoon: Pinball #2 1316B: Come in and eat! (meeting Maria's family) Film/song: We're a Family (Joe Raposo) Edith Ann (Lily Tomlin) talks to Herry about being proud Cartoon: Hindu count to 20 News Flash: The Elves and the Shoemaker Film: Sea horse 1316C: Maria starts seeing familiar faces ... The Amazing Mumford's pineapple subtraction act (with Grover) Film: Listen ... 1316D: Oscar meets Osbaldo, el Grunon Cartoon: Madrigal Alphabet Simon Soundman buys a trumpet Film/Song: 2 is You and Me (Joe Raposo) Cartoon: Big, bigger, biggest (pink elephants) Muppets/Song: Telephone Rock (Little Jerry & Monotones) Cartoon: drawing a chicken 1316E: Setting up for the party / SURPRISE! Cartoon: A words (stop-motion; voice of Jim Thurman) 1316F: Fiesta / Oscar finds out he's been "suckered again"moreless
    • The Count Count Hello's
      Cartoon: I Love You Muppets: Disco D Film: Kids/Adults doing jobs Live Action: Piano Player on high notes and low notes Cartoon: D, Dog Live action: Susan and Kids play a singing game Cartoon: Dogs cheerleading and fighting Cats Live action: Cookie Monster and Jason on the Letter D Muppets: Ernie disturbs Bert by yelling out the window Muppets: Herry and John John on Up & Down Cartoon: Burp Live Action: Maria brushes Herry's fur Cartoon: A Witch turns a girl into a variety of objects Live action: A woman sings "Me" Cartoon/Liveaction: The letter D Film: Kids use a magnet Cartoon: Down & Up Live action: David thinks Snuffy is real after hearing his voice Muppets: Grover and Kermit on the number 2 Cartoon: Cold in my Nose Muppets: Grover, Kermit The Count and Sully on 2 (part 2) Cartoon: Faucets Muppets: Grover, Kermit, The Count and Sully on 2 (Part 3) Muppets: Ernie fooled by newsboy Cartoon: Pinball #2 Muppets: I Cry Cartoon: Number 2 Train Film: Up & Down Live Action: The gang votes on names for Barkley Film: Warthogs Film: Girl puts on her coat Cartoon: Billy Joel Jivemoreless
    • Hawaii Day 6
      Hawaii Day 6
      Episode 27
      Skits in this episode including: Muppets: Ernie and Cookie Monster demonstrate hope Muppets: Amazing Mumford's suspension act (with Grover and Herry) Muppets/Song: C is for Cookie (with Cookie Monster) Film/Cartoon: The Baker #6 ("6 strawberry shortcakes!") Muppets: Kermit and girl discuss about getting from one place to another Friday credits includes in this episodemoreless
    • Hawaii Day 5
      Hawaii Day 5
      Episode 26
      The Sesame Street crew are still having fun on their trip in Hawaii. Mr. Hooper tries to surf. Kaola sings "3 Blind Mice" in Hawaiian with the kids. Oscar discovers that the word aloha means both qoodbye and hello! And Nona teaches us how to count to ten in Hawaiian. And when hope seems to run out, Big Bird and Snuffy finally find the legendary Mt. Snuffleupagus! However, when Big Bird tries to show his friends, nobody believes him! Skits in this episode including: Film/Cartoon: The Great Letter "G" Song: "2 'G' Sounds" by Grover and George Cartoon: "G" is for Giggle Muppets: News Flash: Aladdin's Lamp Cartoon: Funny Farm (5) Muppets: Ernie's Telephone Call Film: Marching Band Makes a Circle Song: "One Way" by the Anything Muppets Cartoon: 5 Loses His Brother Muppets: Harvey's Joy-Buzzer Joke Cartoon: The Wiseman Shows Heavy and Light Muppets: Snow White Counts Dwarves Cartoon: Gorilla Wants a Job ("G") Film: Elephants Cartoon: Heavy and Light Scale Cartoon: "K"-Karate and Kiss Cartoon: Lots Of Me Film: Hot Streets and Snow Cones Live-Action: Grover and Heather Scratch Backs Cartoon: Man Carves A "YES" Muppets: Bert, Ernie, and Charla Show Heavy and Light Film: Car Construction Pixilationmoreless
    • Hawaii Day 4
      Hawaii Day 4
      Episode 25
      Big Bird and Snuffleupagus are still in search of Mount Snuffleupagus, but instead they find a mountain with a hole in it, and find time to do a hula with the kids. Meanwhile, the gang also learns how to do a hula. Buffy sings about the different types of people in Hawaii and helps Cody with a swim. Plus, Bob learns some new Hawaiian games, and also "talks" to Linda on the telephone. Skits in this episode including: Muppets: Ernie Decorates the Apartment Live-Action: The Count Counts Kids On A Mat Cartoon: Cleaning Lady Swaps Sound Muppets: Grover's Counting Echo Muppets/Song: "Cookie Disco" with CM and the Girls Live-Action: Paul and Michael Make Dinner Cartoon: Happy the Dog Muppets: Muppets Choose Teams Cartoon: Madigral Alphabet Muppets: Ernie Makes a Sculpture Cartoon: Friends Around the Year Cartoon: Colored Lines Make a Circle Song: The Lonely "N" Film: What's Backwards? Cartoon: Elephants Have 4 Legs Cartoon: Small "K" Kisses Film: Car Construction Pixilation Cartoon: "K" is for Kitemoreless
    • Hawaii Day 3
      Hawaii Day 3
      Episode 24
      Muppets/Song: "Exit" by Chris and the Alphabeats Film: Plants Grow Cartoon: Marvelous Martha (M) Muppets: The Count Counts His Bats Cartoon: Pinball #3 Film/Cartoon: The Letter "N" Is Nice Muppets: Bert Is Sick Cartoon: The Typewriter Guy: "N"--Nose Muppets: Grover Adds and Subtracts Himself Muppets: News Flash: The Tortoise and the Hare Muppets: The Rocket Cheerleaders Film/Song: "Take A Breath" Cartoon: One Of These Footprintsmoreless
    • Hawaii Day 2
      Hawaii Day 2
      Episode 23
    • Hawaii Day 1
      Hawaii Day 1
      Episode 22
      Skit in this episode including: Muppets/Song: Word Family Song (ET) Muppets/Song: P Is My Fav'rite Letter! Muppets: Grover the Waiter: Picture Menu Muppets/Song: Counting Floors on an Elevator (AM Barbershoppers) Muppets: Frank and Jerry (AM's) use a tape measure Friday credits included
    • Bert's Marching Band
      Bert has instruments on the sidewalk and Bob, Big Bird, and company play them Cartoon: Pinball#2 Film: Dollhouse film Muppets: A Song From Kermit Cartoon: 2 Toucans Step Liveaction: Mr. Hooper and the gang watch Oscar on television Muppets: Woodsman sings about nature Cartoon: Mad scientist creates the letter H Live action: Bob, Linda and Luis build the letter H Cartoon: Howard and Harold on H Live action: The gang plays a game with Gladys Live action: Herry and two kids eat apples Cartoon: Typewriter Guy H Muppets: Prairie Dawn, Ernie and Herry teach Cookie Monster about around Cartoon: Sign language alphabet Film: Chinese Noodles factory Live action: Olivia sings children of the World Cartoon: Boys study footprints Film: Sheep stampede Cartoon: Kids on "Me" Live action: Charlie Chaplin(Maria) Cartoon: Boy on "Me" Film: Acrobats cartoon: Boy tires to use waterfountain Live action: Grover pretends to drive Gordon's Carmoreless
    • Cripple Creak
      Cripple Creak
      Episode 20
      1041A: Buffy and Fred the Horse sing "Cripple Creek" Cartoon: Pink Panther Karate-Chops the Letter 'K' Muppets: 'K' Cheerleaders (Version 1) Film: Kids watch movie about 'DANGER' with man on movie screen Muppets/Song: Danger, by Little Jerry & the Monotones Cartoon/Song: Pinball #7 Muppets: Newsflash-Hey, Diddle, Diddle Film: Sea diver-on, into, around, through Cartoon: The Typewriter Guy-K, Key 1041B: Oscar's grouch club (Oscar and kids talk about being angry) Muppets: Ernie Cleans the Apartment Part 1 (Season 1, Ernie wears a pink-and-purple striped shirt) Cartoon: K-kick Muppets: Ernie Cleans the Apartment Part 2 (Season 1) Film/Song: Take A Breath (early)(composed by Joe Raposo) Live-Action: Bob and Luis build a train tunnel Muppets: Cookie Monster At the Library Film: Adding and subtracting acrobats Cartoon: Magical Herman's Adding Trick Film: 1-20 Ice Skaters Muppets: The Addition Game with Guy Smiley and Herry Cartoon: Kent Gets Kicked Out Of the Forest (K) 1041C: Big Bird sings "He's Smaller Than Me" to Cody Cartoon: Triangles Muppets: Imagining Shapes (The hipster was voiced by Northern Calloway, who played David) Cartoon: Z for zebra and zoo Film: Peacock Cartoon/Song: The Alligator King (7) 1041D: Big Bird watches Buffy holding Cody Cartoon: "I am crying" Film: The Telephone Wire Cartoon: Numbers 1-20 say the names, some of them didn't listen to '0' (like #17 is snoring!) Muppets: Ernie Eats Cookies In Bed Cartoon: Letter 'Z' Drawing Muppets: Kermit & Joey count to 20 Film: A Day at the Indian school 1041E: Closing-Oscar's grouch club repeat the closing lines of this showmoreless
    • Buffy's New Baby, Cody
      1037A: Buffy & the kids talk about Buffy's new baby Cody Cartoon: Kid names his own body parts Muppets: Ernie's Own Chocolate Ice Cream (with Oscar, Season 2) Muppets: Cookie Monster: E-Egg 1037B/Song: Right In the Middle Of the Face (with Bob & the kids) Muppets: Cookie Dresses Up Like Ernie (Season 2) Live-Action: Animal Guessing Game #1 (lions) Film: Lions Cartoon: F-finished Live-Action: Animal Guessing Games #2 (turtle) 1037C: Big Bird draws a picture of his friends from Sesame Street including Buffy/Big Bird is jealous because he wanted Buffy to see the picture but Buffy is too busy with Cody! Cartoon: The Dog & the Bone 1037D: Buffy cheers Big Bird up by singing "Different Ways"/Big Bird creates the final touch for his drawing Cartoon/Song: 3 (sung by a cartoon fiddler) Film: Mad Painter #3 Ernie & Bert:More & Less (Grape Juice & Pizza) (Season 2) Cartoon: Pinball #3 Muppets: Adventures of Super Grover-Boys Fight Over an Apple 1037E: Big Bird watches Cody talking a bath Cartoon: Casa Live-Action: Animal Guessing Games #3 (giraffe) Cartoon: Translation-broken glass insert Muppets: Grover & Herbert Birdsfoot count to 20 Film: Milk! (From Farm To Market To House) Live-Action: Animal Guessing Games #4 (fish) 1037F: Big Bird watches his friends and Buffy taking care of Codymoreless
    • Grover's Surprise
      Grover's Surprise
      Episode 18
    • Mr. Hooper Studies His Diploma
    • Headline Howiee Gets The Scoop on Snuffy
      796A: Snuffy counts his friends who didn't see him (including Cookie Monster busy eating cookies) Muppets: Bert Tries To Dream About Ice-Skating Before He Goes To Sleep At Night (in Bert's dream, you can see the person in full-body Bert costume ice-skating in an live arena show!) Film/Song: I'm A Hard Workin' Dog (Cow Dog) Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper #2 (pogo stick trick, Season 3) Cartoon: P for painting Cartoon: P-Pillow (Boy hits brother with pillow, brother smacks him with giant pillow) Cartoon: 2 men make the volume of their radios louder Muppets: Professor Grover Talks About the 'Head' with Maria Film: Kids and adults do jobs 796B: Headline Howie gets a scoop on Snuffy, making Big Bird so furious Cartoon: Pat the Pilot (P) Cartoon: Orange guy falls off the wall with the ball Muppets: Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School-Loud & Soft Cartoon: Kids in bus spell "BUS" Film/Song: Pockets (that's the song you're all talking about!) Cartoon: Kids in bench wait for the bus Muppets: Newsflash-Humpty Dumpty 796C/Song: "I Just Got the Postcard From Amy" with Grover & his friends Cartoon: There's A Zoo In Me! Muppets/Song: Fishermen Song with Judy Collins Muppets: Herry & John John-Loud & Soft Cartoon: 5 colored lines make a circle Muppets: Ernie & Bert At the Emotional Movie Live-Action: In, Under, & On with Bob & friends Film/Cartoon: The Baker #2 (repeat segment from Series Premiere) Cartoon: Hand draws telephone booth with pencil Muppets: Bert & Ingrid count backwards from 10-1 (Season 3) Cartoon: Magical Herman's Adding Trick Muppets/Song: Numerical Corresponse with Link Hoghtrob-voiced Guy Smiley-like Whatnot Muppet Cartoon: The Typewriter Guy-P, Pencil Cartoon: P for picnic (ants carry foods beginning with 'P') 796D: Maria gives David the typewriter as his birthday present Muppets/Song: P-My Favorite Letter by (Cowboy Muppets) (Season 3) 796E: Closing with Mr. Macintosh, Maria, Big Bird, and Herrymoreless
    • The Count Counts Lights
      Skits in this episode including: Exit song (muppets only) Cartoon: demonstrating the letter E as in enter and exit by having a character who goes in and out of two doors to the point of overdoing it Film: Kids at petting zoo Cartoon (3 children being chased by giant rabbit and outsmart him by hiding behind trees) Dialing For Prizes Movie Cartoon: bird about to eat caterpillar, but escapes by turning into a butterfly Prairie Dawn, Ernie, Bert, Herry and Cookie put on vaudville play about how a flower is planted and grown Rodeo Rosie meets the humans (and Big Bird) in Hooper's store Roosevelt Franklin teaches about Africa Alphabet Animation Song "Cream pies on the wall" (Maria, Luis, Bob and David) Film: Mailman on horseback Street scene: "What's The Name Of That Song?" Cartoon: Animation: King Minus Cartoon: Ernie and Bert in movie theater, Ernie responds to movie by reacting and demonstrating different emotions Cartoon:Beetle Bailey "always last" Muppets: Kermit, Grover and horse on farm telliing how a horse pulls a cart, but of course Grover never gets it quite right. Cartoon: pencils in line dance demonstrating concepts of first and last Muppets: Ernie and Bert: Ernie manages to acquires 2 noses by pulling off Bert's and attaching it to his own. Cartoon: Crow and fox with cheese Cartoon: demonstrates letter E as in "erase" where guy draws his likeness on chalkboard only to have it come to life, grab the eraser and rub out the artist who drew him! Film/Song: It's A Long Hard Climb Cartoon: best described as silhouette and "sand" animation demonstrating letter E with hill-billy style banjo music.moreless
    • Another Quiet Day
      Another Quiet Day
      Episode 14
      It starts where Luis briefly talks to the kids at the Fix-It-Shop. Then, he leaves the Fix-It-Shop and says hi to the large cumbersome muppet robot named Sam. Then, Big Bird and the kids play basketball as Maria and David meet Willy and Susan throws the dirty shirt in Oscar's can. Also in this episode, Big Bird, Snuffy, Maria, Luis, David, Bob, Gordon and Susan play together, but nobody ever saw Snuffy yet, so Snuffy has to go home. As this episode concludes, Stevie Wonder sings "1-2-3 Sesame Street"! What you'll see... Muppets: Fat Cat Sat Hat Cartoon: Daddy Dear Muppets: Kermit and Joey sing the ABCDEFG Cookie Monster Cartoon/Film: This is the letter D! Cartoon: Square Muppets: Kermit interviews a young visitor Muppets: Bert and Ernie at the movies: Food noises Film: There's A Bird On Me Cartoon: Numbers 1-20 say their names Cartoon: Jazzy Spies #2 Muppets: Doin' the Pigeon Muppets: A Brand New Friend of Mine Film: A Stool For Me Film: A woman trying to exit as the kids at the theater watch her Muppets: Beat the Time (Cookie Monster) Muppets: Ernie draws Bert's head on screen! Cartoon: the 2 train Muppets: The clapping segment featuring Roosevelt Franklin and many other nameless anything muppets Muppets: David finds the way homemoreless
    • Stevie Wonder Visits
      The opening street scene was where Stevie Wonder sings "1-2-3 Sesame Street". It had the classic Count/Cookie sketch where The Count and Cookie Monster both cooperate together, so the Count could count the cookies and Cookie could eat them. It had 2 classic Ernie & Bert skits-the one where Ernie forgets to turn off the water for the tub and the other where Bert had a purple hand, because it was bruised! Grover appeared on some street scenes with Stevie Wonder, too. Roosevelt Franklin appeared on the Elementary School skit where he teaches his class about poison. It also had the Joe Raposo song, "Everybody Eats". And, it also had some great animated letter/number skits like the BEEP-BEEP letter "I" song where the man was driving through the "I" city and ends with him taking the "i" on a trip, "We all live in a capital I" song, the '11 Morning' song where it ends with the singer falling into the pig pen with 11 pigs, the number 11 animation with the dancing squares and with off-screen voices laughing, Secret Drawing: the letter G, and the other 'G' sketch that went like "G is the first letter in the the word...giggle!" Don't forget that it had the Ralph and Willy sketch with them getting ready to play baseball.moreless
    • 4th Season Premiere
      In the beginning, the whole cast recites the whole alphabet by saying their name that begins with their letter, except that Big Bird doesn't know who begins with the letter 'Z'. On the street, Snuffy plays 'London Bridge' with the kids. Later, the first appearance of Sam the Robot is annoying Gordon and Susan. Sam thinks the street is Mulberry Street, but Gordon and Susan know it's really Sesame Street. Sam thinks he's perfect, but Gordon and Susan think he's not! Skits in this episode including: Animated: The 'D' Building Muppets/Song: Dee Dee Dee, by Ernie and Cookie Monster Animated/Song: Daddy Dear Live-Action: Down Animated/Live-Action: The Delightful Letter D Muppets/Song: Simon the Soundman's Sound Song Animated: 2 white men (from the skit, "I Lost My Elbows")-Why did you stand with just 1 foot? Animated/Live-Action: Jim Henson's The Baker#2-Two chocolate creme pies! (2 times!) Animated: Yellow man on '2' Live-Action/Song: Everybody Sleeps Muppets: Teeth Gets A Job Animated: Peacock pops out feathers, counting from 1-20 Muppets: Ernie's Block Pyramid (first appearance of The Count!) Live-Action: Butterfly Computer-Animated: Alphabet Computer Animation Muppets/Song: Me, by the green girl and a purple boy (which he sounds like Luis) Animated: Spanish animation-girl playing the guitar Muppets: Grover on Heavy & Light (cameo appearance of Big Bird!) Animated: Alphabet Cheering Muppets: Here Is Your Life: Oak Tree Live-Action: Warthogs Muppets: R-U-N Muppets: Grover the Waiter-Chicken Soup Animated: What If the Frog Was A Fly: What If the Fly Was A Frogmoreless
    • Rainy Day on Sesame Street
      Molly hears that the weather is about to be rainy, so everyone on Sesame Street had to stay inside. Also in this episode, Molly, Tom and David slip on the slippery hole! And, Big Bird lets Tom to go outside! Skits in this episode including: Cartoon: Jack on the Land of B Cartoon: Squares appear, circles quit Film: Mad Painter #4 Cartoon: 4 Big Lions (sung by a cartoon fiddler) Muppets/Song: Mahna Mahna Cartoon: A cartoon bear who got chased by bees Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper: "Do you know where I wanna be?" Muppets: Two muppet kids play alphabet hide-and-seek Muppets: Big Bird and Shala demonstrate what is different Muppets: Farley buys a hat Muppets: Kermit's B Lecture Muppets: Ernie Messes the Apartment and finds Bert's love note Cartoon: The M that came to dinner and ate everything in sight! Muppets: Mystery of the 4 Dragons Cartoon: Brown boy and baby bear named Bosco in the bath Cartoon: Ladybugs and lizards on adding and subtracting Muppets: Kermit counts the eggs Film: 4 penguins Cartoon: Animals and people on small and ends with a giant gorilla going "I AAAAMMMM BIIIIIIIGGGGG!!!!!" Muppets: Pink little boy in circle Cartoon: Various objects that begin with B on the wall Muppets: Grover surprises Ernie, ends with Herry in a blue nose who dresses like Ernie Cartoon: One of the dots hit the ice part Cartoon: M-Milk Muppets: Ernie has string on all of his fingers Muppets: Ralph and Harry try to open umbrellasmoreless
    • 3rd Season Premiere
      Live action: Mr. Hooper, Tom and Bert teach Ernie how to use a straw, Daivd asks Oscar for favours, Maria teaches Big Bird the letter M Muppets: Herbert Birdsfoot and Grover on the letter M Live action: Molly on M. Cartoon: Melvin the moving man cartoon Live action: Cookie Monster and luis on the letter M Muppets: Bert tells Ernie he's special Live action: Susan and Rafael on 2 Fim: 2little dolls/Dollhouse film Live action: Oscar explains his travelling trash can to Gordon, David and Mr. Hooper Cartoon: Up MuppetsGrover the waiter alphabet soup Cartoon: Guru counting to 20 Live Action: Bob, Susan, Mr. Hooper and a boy explain about cooperation Cartoon: Springtime cartoon Live Action: Big Bird meets Mr. Snuffleupagus, and Gordon, Susan, Rafael and David Don't believe him. Film: Monkey's make funny noises Muppets:The Great Cookie Thief Live Action: Kermit the Frog and Susan play one of these things Film: Which comes first? Chicken or Egg Muppets: People In Your Neighborhood (dentist, newsleader) Muppets: Ernie imagines he's counting sheep, fire engines and balloons Film: a whale brushing his teeth Cartoon: Broken glass insert Muppets: Kermit and Grover on Long & Shortmoreless
    • Big Bird Opens Mr. Hooper's Store
      198A: Name of this building Cartoon: Jazzy Spies #3 Ernie and Grover: 7 balloons Cartoon: Rocket countdown (falls over) / Carol Burnett 198B: Big Bird wakes up / Hooper asks for a favor Cartoon: O limerick 198C: Big Bird opens the store / Hooper to the rescue Cartoon: O song (Hubley) Cartoon: O for Open (man trapped in balloon) Cartoon: Small O talks to a horse (who eats it) 198D: Word Family Song - OP (Bob) Basketball players: over, around and through Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot: Over and under Cartoon: L poem w/ moral 198E: Setting the table Film/song: What About Garbage? Muppets/Song: Mahna Mahna Cartoon: Rocket countdown (ends up sooty) / Carol Burnett Cartoon: Jazzy Spies #3 Bill Cosby & kids: over and under transition: black balloon on blue screen Cartoon: Baby rescues ball (Hubley) Cartoon: O limerick Gordon, Ernie and Cookie Monster: four objects into four boxes Cartoon: Rocket countdown (announcer blasts off) 198F: Bob finds a string hanging from above (curiosity switched the scene) Little Bird's imagination game Larry & Phyllis: galoshes 198G: Gordon shows a film about how they play marbles in Africa E&B: Ernie's dramatic alphabet story checkerboard scene transition Cartoon: L for lunchbox Cartoon: L for lips 198H: Closingmoreless
    • Osca's Stop Signs
    • Oscar's Wet Paint Signs
      Bob, Gordon and Mr. Hooper see Stop signs all over Sesame Street, so they asked the green Oscar why did he do that. Oscar explains that he puts them all over Sesame Street, because he wants everything to stop. Also, Gordon helps the kids on what does not belong and Susan helps the kids on what happens next. At the end, Bob holds the Spanish sign of Stop. Skits in this episode including: Cartoon: Stop Film: Stop Muppets: Kermit and Cookie on Happy Muppets: Kermit's What Happens Next Machine Film: Jungle Animals Film: A boy makes an apple pie for his mom at the bakery Cartoon: Red guy explains about the letter H Cartoon: Man says Hello Cartoon: Little girl says the alphabet Muppets: Gordon and Susan make the H Cartoon: Man countsdown Film: There Once Was A Hand Muppets: Goin' For A Ridemoreless
    • Granny Grouch Visits
      Live Action: Bert & Ernie argue over who's taller while Gordon tries to resolve it Live Action: Nazi Soldier from "Laugh In" on Short & Tall Cartoon: Letter on the street interview with the letter N Live Action: Big Bird sings "Everyone Makes Mistakes" Film: J Jump Live Action: Cookie Monster eats a letter J that was thrown around Live Action: Bill Cosby says the alphabet Film: The Zoo Cartoon: That's not a funny looking thing (Letter Q) Live Action: Nazi sings a funny song about the letter Q Cartoon: The Dog and the lowercase U Live Action: Larry and Phyllis Muppets: Ernie counts to 10 over and over while aggravating Bert Live Action: Grover, Bob and Susan play One of these things Muppets: Cookie Monster and Herry Monster sing Circles Live Action: Nazi says "We'll be back" Cartoon: Secret Drawing: Letter M Film: The Firemen Cartoon: A bear holding an Exit sign while walking through a trippy hallway Muppets: Ernie turns up the volume on appliances duirng bedtime, which angers Bert Cartoon: A Gorilla talks to a teacher about the letter G Live Action: A Lady talks about the nose Muppets: What's My Part? with Guy Smiley and Cookie Monster Live Action: Oscar the Grouch meets Granny Grouch Film: Cowboys on horses count to 20 Muppets: Grover sings "I Whistle a Happy Tune" not to be afraid of Cookie Monster in the scary forest. Cartoon: Small K Muppets: Sherlock Hemlock solves the mystery of Ernie's lost half sandwhich Live Action: The cast says goodbye to the television viewermoreless
    • Big Bird Moves Birdseed
      Actually it was Burt Lancaster reciting the alphabet in this episode.
    • Herbie's Birthday
      54A: Oscar prepares for Herbie's birthday film: The Little Baker 54B: Oscar's cake film/cartoon: The Baker #10 ("10 chocolate layer cakes!") 54C: Mr. Hooper's 10 machine Baker #10 intro toon: an award for U toon: U words (Henson claymation) 54D: Susan reads "The Story Grandmother Told" song: I Am A Fine Musician (Anything Muppets) film: 11 eggs and 1 cookie Ernie counts 11 cookies and 1 egg 54E: Skywritten P Ernie & Bert: pictures, what happens next? toon: Q words song: A, You're Adorable (Anything Muppets & Cookie Monster) Jackie Robinson recites the alphabet 54F: Poem rhyme game film: sad flower song: Good Morning Starshine (Bob & Anything Muppets) 54G: Poem rhyme game continued Susan: One Of These Things (rectangles, circles, triangles) Buddy & Jim: shoes and socks 54H: Closingmoreless
    • Lulu's Back In Town
      43A: Susan sitting on the stoop of 123 Film/Song: "Your Funny Face" 43B: Gordon shows a clip of close-up shots of an elephant. Film: The sad flower 43C: Susan,Gordon,Mr.Hooper,and Bob all at Gordon and Susan's kitchen table. In which Bob is talking about a square and a rectangle. Muppets: Kermit's lecture on rectangles 43D: Susan reads "I have a Tree" to Sally Film/Cartoon: The Baker #6(6 chicks, 6 squares, 6 flying things, 6 cats, 6 cameras, 6 strawberry shortcakes) Cartoon: Jazzy Spies #6 Skit: Buddy and Jim want to play checkers but one of their chairs in in the wrong position. Film: Egg carton counting(11 eggs and 1 cookie) 43E: Bob and a girl try to put 2 sets of 4 pictures of Buddy and Jim in the correct order/Gordon talking to some kids about the woods. Film: "In the Woods" 43F: Mr.Hooper tells Bob that LuLu's back in town and he wants him to pass it on to Susan to Gordon to Oscar. Muppets/Song: Lulu's back in Town Song: Susan sing "One of These Things" 43G/Song: Lou Rawls sing the ABC's Muppets: Kermit's lecture on tall and short featuring 2 black Snerfs Film/Cartoon: The Baker #7 (7 straws, 7 circles, 7 ducks, 7 spooky spiders, 7 nickels, 7 pumpkin pies) Muppets: Kermit's lecture on big and small featuring a big and small Beautiful Day Monster and Splurge from "Hey Cinderella" 43H: Bob presents the letter "L" Cartoon: L, lunchbox(The guy opens up a red lunchbox and a clown pops out) Cartoon: A guy talks about L for ladder(He climes up a ladder to get to the top of this big, green L but the ladder gets taken away by some speeding guys) 43I: Gordon presents the letter "Q" Claymation: Jim Henson's Q segment featuring a man named Quincy talking about Q(in which some frog-like creature turns into a queen and a quacking duck) 43J: Mr.Hooper presents the letter "Y" Cartoon: The Yellow Yahoo Cartoon: Y, yo-yo(A man cut the string of a boy's yo-yo with sciccors and the boy uses the man as a yo-yo) 43K: Susan says off-screen,"Sesame Street has been brought to you today by the letters,L,Q and Y and by the numbers 6 and 7."moreless
    • Letter B Trasure Hunt
      8A: Gordon and Sally go on the alphabet treasure hunt; they find a blue ball and a bat/Mr. Hooper doesn't know what he's holding Film: Kids paint pictures beginning with 'B' 8B: Mr. Hooper found Big Bird and Mr. Hooper finally knows he has a banana Film/Song: 'B' Is For Bubble 8C: Susan bought bread for sandwiches Live-Action: Buddy & Jim-Peanut Butter-and-Jelly Sandwiches Muppets: Ernie Studies Drawing X's 8D: Susan and the kids sing "If You're Happy And You Know It" Muppets: Unnamed Cookie Monster Eats Bert's Bacon and Ernie's Very Own 'X' Cartoon: Egg on Boy's Knee Alphabet Poem Muppets: Ernie erases X's Cartoon: Little boy's erasing counting poem Muppets: Ernie lets Cookie see the counting poem cartoon again Cartoon: Little boy's erasing counting poem (AGAIN) Muppets: Ernie erases Cookie 8E: Mr. Hooper shows Gordon & Sally a chair-it isn't complete yet Cartoon/Song: Jazzy Spies #4 8F: Mr. Hooper now shows Gordon & Sally the complete chair/Mr. Hooper shows them the almost-complete wagon Cartoon/Song: Jazzy Spies #4 (AGAIN) 8G: Mr. Hooper now shows Gordon & Sally the complete wagon and throws an apple to Gordon Cartoon: A for alligator 8H: Gordon & the kids feed a rabbit Film: A bear scratches its 4 legs 8I: Susan and Arianna-sounds in kitchen Film: Noises Live-Action/Song: 5 Fingers In My Left Hand with Bob Cartoon/Song: Jazzy Spies #5 Muppets/Song: 5 People In My Family 8J: Big Bird, Susan, & Sally-Short & Tall Film: Sad flower Muppets: Gordon, Ernie, & Cookie Monster-4 objects in 4 boxes Cartoon: B for bicycle, bear, bump, branch, bee 8K: Gordon and Steve pretend to drive in different kinds of transportation Film: Transportation 8L: Closing-Bob shows Gordon and the kids the lamb "Sesame"moreless
    • Series Premiere
      Series Premiere
      Episode 1
      Gordon lets Sally to meet everybody on Sesame Street-Susan, Bob, Mr. Hooper, Big Bird, the ORANGE Oscar, Bert, Ernie and Kermit the Frog. What you'll see... Cartoon: Soloman Grundy Film: You can almost clean anything... Muppets: Everybody Wash Cartoon: Dots go by one by one Film/Cartoon: The Baker#3 ("3 birthday cakes!") Film: How was milk made Cartoon: Animated dots series Claymation: Sammy the Snake Film: Over, Through and Around Cartoon: A little girl teaches about through by th==pouring paint through the pipe. Muppets/Song: Consider Yourself At Home(with Gordon and the Anything Muppets) Film/Cartoon: The Baker#2 ("2 chocolate creme pies!") Cartoon: Jazzy Spies #2 Cartoon: E...E...See me...eating a peach... Live Action: Buddy and Jim try to hang the picture on the wall Cartoon: Wanda the Witch Muppets: Kermit's W Lecture Part 1 Cartoon: "Good day everyone! I am a worm! Worm begins with this letter-W!" Muppets: Kermit's W Lecture Part 2 Street Scene: One of these things (w/Susan)moreless