Sesame Unpaved

Noggin (ended 2003)


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  • Bring it back! Classic skits and memoriable ones too! Read my review.

    Bring it back!
    I didn't have Noggin back then and I wanted to see it. I don't think that Noggin or any other channel will bring this show back but I would like to hope. Anyway, this show is great because it brings back classic moments on Sesame Street that affected the show and changed it forever. For example, when the great Mr. Harold Hooper passed away, and when Maria and Luis go married and the first episode of Sesame Street.
    Do you agree with me?
    Bring this show back! It is great! I give it a thumb up and a big thumb up! In Sesame Street Unpaved, there's classic Prairie Dawn Productions and Monsterpiece Theatres with Alistair Cookie and Mysterious Theaters with Vincent Twice Vincent Twice.
    This is a great show! Don't you agree with me?
    Please, Noggin or PBS, or any channel!
    Bring this show back! Beggingly!!!
    So, that's my review.