Set for Life

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • I hate it when a commerical for a show is more interesting than the show itself. That's certainly the case with the show.

    I don't see the point to this show at all. I watched one episode and never felt compelled to watch it again. All the contestants do is pull a light out of a stand and hope it's white instead of red. How exciting...Well, there is one part of the show I find (or found, since it doesn't seem to come on anymore) interesting: your helper - a loved one, a boyfriend/girlfriend - can ruin your victory by freezing you at a certain amount of money, even if you win more than that amount. Other than that, I don't think this show is worth watching.
  • This show was like a bad car wreck...we had to watch just to see how stupid and horrible it got.

    Never watch this show. It is an absolute waste of airspace. We laughed a lot at the people on the was very humorous to watch these people get twisted up like pretzels in the pressure cooker. Watching a lobotomy would be more interesting. The only way I would watch this show again is if I needed a good laugh or if I am insomniac in desperate need of sleep (this show will be sure to put you to sleep). Even though, watching the people get so wrapped up in the insipid, mindless show was entertaining. In short, STUPID SHOW!!!
  • Its original and gives the participants and audiences something positive to hope for, its full of suspense and hope, I give it 10 stars.

    My overall view is it will be a huge success and do not need to be cancelled early especially not before I become a participant. For so long many people have been waiting for a game show to this effect, I root for each participant and hope they can too win big or just win, its riveting and a lot of fun to watch,its as if you are there in the audience as well, it puts me right there in the player seat. Good luck to this game show and I hope it becomes a huge winner that stays on.
  • Another ABC attemp game show or is it?

    Set for Life,
    The host is Jimmy Kimmel.If ound it strange y they picked him.Either way he does have a game show feal.Set for life revals around a player with a paycheck amount of money.With 15 circles the must pull up to win a prize which will set them for life. They need to pull a white not a red. A twist is a good friend or family member is chooses when the player stops. To see if they go to far. To me this might last. But not for long. Fortually it wont turn out like The Rich List.
  • Will this be the pre-lim for more divorces??????

    This show sounds like it will be fun to watch, especially the second part when the spouse is in a sound proof booth and will have to decided to keep what the other spouse has or press on. Should be some real exciting times.
    Can you imagine the one in the sound proof booth passing on 10 grand a month for life and keeping 50 bucks for one year?
    Will love keep that couple together or with the loss of the big $$$$ be the final straw on the couple and cause a divorce?
    Would love to know how to apply for this one also,