Seto No Hanayome

TV Tokyo (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Place Where You Return
      With the help of Mikawa and Lunar, Nagasumi helps them raid the fact party Yoshio Minimoto is holding, in order to save San and the rest of the Seto Group. Upon arrival, a huge battle commences.
    • The Family Game
      The Family Game
      Episode 25
      Nagasumi and San have a couples quarrel and neither of them feel like apologizes; it isn’t long before everyone else finds out. Later everyone from the Setouichi Group is invited to a party, but the noble behind this all happens to be up to something.
    • Farewell, Friend
      Farewell, Friend
      Episode 24
      After just leaving the clinic, Mikawa is spotted by Nagasumi, San, Saru and Mawari who are on their way home from school. Mawari seems to think that Mikawa is acting suspiciously and tries to uncover the truth behind it. Saru ends up overhearing the doctor and nurse talking, leading to a huge misunderstanding.moreless
    • Man Without a Past
      Man Without a Past
      Episode 23
      Masa has been having a dream of something from his past but he can't seem to remember who is in his dream, because he has amnesia. Akeno suspects that Masa has something to do with her older brother that disappeared 10 years ago, so she and San try to help him remember.moreless
    • An Idol
      An Idol
      Episode 22
      Lunar has been working hard lately and now she has to practice for a part in a Drama. She asks San to act as her lover, to help her prepare nonetheless San goes overboard with things. Next Lunar has a Talent Show coming up and because she couldn’t practice she plans to use Maki.moreless
    • A Fuss About Love
      A Fuss About Love
      Episode 21
      Nagasumi arrives at school where he finds a Love Letter, in his locker, asking him to meet by the burning stove. Nagasumi goes to discover who sent him the letter however things become very problematic, once everyone finds out.
    • An Elegy of Men
      An Elegy of Men
      Episode 20
      The class has returned from their field trip to Kyoto and are back with so many memories however Lunar is feeling depressed about spending most of the time at work. This leaves Lunar’s dad feeling very troubled about what he should do to comfort his daughter.
    • There is no Business Like Show Business
      In the dead of the night, Akeno meets secretly with her Captain as they are working to separate Nagasumi and San. It's the next day of their field trip in Kyoto and Lunar makes an unannounced appearance, because she will be filming a movie in Kyoto. However they run into problems as the set has been wrecked and the actors were assaulted, but the show must go on.moreless
    • Gate of Flesh
      Gate of Flesh
      Episode 18
      Thanks to Gouzaburou for forgetting, 2nd Year Class 1 will be going on a sudden field trip to Kyoto the next day. Things could get out of hand with Maki and Akeno also coming along.
    • Prefectural Police vs. Gangsterism
      At night, Akeno is out doing her usual thing when she is attacked by the Saitama Banchou Alliance (a group of delinquent lords) but she easily defeats them. The next day they begin to follow her around and which misleads Mawari into thinking that Akeno is a part of them. In order to protect the society, Mawari decides to go all out against Akeno.moreless
    • Minority Report
      Minority Report
      Episode 16
      Isono 8th Junior High has just received a new transfer student, Akeno Shiranui and even though she seems like the normal quiet type, she is actually an examiner. Here to test all the seas creatures, on how well they can co-exist with humans; let the Mermaid Exams begin.
    • What's Your Name?
      What's Your Name?
      Episode 15
      At school Mikawa offers San some flowers with an invitation to see the premier of a very popular movie however San turns him down. Mikawa is not deterred by this and with the help of Saru; he comes up with the plan to go on a double date with him and Mawari together with Nagasumi and San.moreless
    • A Kitten's Story
      A Kitten's Story
      Episode 14
      Life has gone back to normal and while Nagasumi, San and Lunar are on their way to school they are side-tracked when Maki is pounced on by a kitten. Nagasumi then learns that all sea creatures are afraid of felines; to he decides to have a little fun by bringing the kitten to school.moreless
  • Season 1