Seto No Hanayome

TV Tokyo (ended 2007)


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  • 26 episodes of true comedy. It is about a young girl named Sun Seto and Nagasumi Michishio who happens to be a human. During nagasumi's holidays at his grandma's house he is saved by a mermaid who then because of saving him, he Nagasumi must now wed Sun.

    Yes a lot can be said about this great and awesome show. When i first started watching this show i thought that it was going to be a lame and worthless show that is all cutesy-pie about a mermaid. How completely wrong i was! The first two episodes right off the bat made me almost pee. Especially the part where Nagasumi is trying to dry Sun's legs, and but instead it looks like they're doing something... well more naughty. Every episode is filled with different types of silliness that in at least one episode I'm sure you would enjoy watching this show. I would recommend this show to anyone in dire need of a good laugh. Although the series finale did leave something to be desired, it was still a great way to end off the series and hopefully one day this show will earn a second season because I am sure there are many people out there that would love to watch this magnificent show. I still have yet to find another anime that makes me laugh this hard even after rewatching it. "The ancient mermaid song of sleep" is something everybody who watches this show will most likey remember in many years to come. Overall i give it a 10/10 not becuase it is entirely perfect, but because it comes so close to being perfect, and makes all other comedic anime's appear to be lacking something fundamental that this show brings to the table.
  • Well there are better ones but it's ok...

    From the moment a mermaid named San saves Nagasumi from drowning in the sea, his life is about to change forever since the mermaid's law states that noone should know of their existence and so Nagasumi must either die or marry San.Fortunately for him San's family(apart from her dad who wants to kill nagasumi) decides to spare his life by giving him their doughter.Nagasumi is about to find out that living along with a mermaid is really complicated and difficult since he has to cover the fact that San is a mermaid from his classmates.Will they be able to live together?