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  • Season 1
    • Francesca and Seth
      Francesca and Seth
      Episode 10
      Jonathan helps powerful, intimidating Francesca develop a softer approach, and Lauretta butts heads with a client who refuses to open up. Tension among the wingmen reaches fever pitch, causing someone to make a drastic decision.
    • Teresa and Thomas
      Lauretta brings a shy boxing instructor Teresa out of her shell, while Helen is desperate to get back in Renee?s good graces by succeeding with a tricky client. Meredith?s girlfriend Randi pressures her to move to Los Angeles.
    • Lorraine and Zed
      Lorraine and Zed
      Episode 8
      Meredith helps bodybuilder Lorraine bring out her feminine side, and Jonathan helps adorable dork Zed get some game. The fighting in the team begins to upset Renee?s personal life.
    • Evan and Olivia
      Evan and Olivia
      Episode 7
      Lauretta discovers that cute, successful Evan needs more help than she realized while Helen gives laser scientist Olivia a lesson in animal attraction. Jonathan begins having problems with boyfriend Zach.
    • Arthur and Suzanne
      Meredith helps nervous over-sharing Arthur navigate the gay dating scene, and Jonathan struggles to get through to judgmental Suzanne. Lauretta and her husband Michael grapple with a difficult domestic issue.
    • David and Sarah
      David and Sarah
      Episode 5
      Sarah's a party girl, but she's looking for love. Can she trade in the random hookups for an actual boyfriend? When it comes to meeting men, David is the king of awkward. Even with help, he can't overcome his creepiness.
    • Linden and Neal
      Linden and Neal
      Episode 4
      With Meredith's help, Linden is ready to find a new woman, while Lauretta struggles to help Neal lose his awkwardness. Helen and Lauretta's drama reaches a boiling point and Renee makes a final attempt to resolve their conflict.
    • Kathy and Vinnie
      Kathy and Vinnie
      Episode 3
      DJ Jove thinks women are intimidated by him, but is he intimidated by women? Kathy has been dating behind the computer for the last two years and now she's ready for the real world. Helen invites the team to her comedy show.
    • Emanuel and Toy
      Emanuel and Toy
      Episode 2
      Toy really knows what she wants, but her dream guy checklist is killing her game. Emanuel has dropped the pounds and now it's time to drop his fears. The Wingmen get together with their significant others.
    • Tim and Zakeenah
      Tim and Zakeenah
      Episode 1
      Tim, quite possibly the straightest gay guy ever, needs to be coached on how to be gay. Zakeenah is looking for her Mr. Right, but her fears of rejection are holding her back. The team gets a new member.