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  • setup, truly a appropriste name for all the wrong reasons !

    Well, I watched the first season......felt there was a blatant attempt at making the best driver lose, but he won in the end.....the cars and the drama was all good except for the forced drama directed to the best driver........Then came the second season....."dipping a wheel" sends you to the back ? Changing "rules" when it works to your advantage ? No ryhme or reasonfor starting order except to make sure the best driver is last ? The show is called "setup" yet when one driver has his car "setup" ( hence the name ) instead of being rewarded, you take his car away ! He shows that they were truly the best but ends up, because of your starting order, being taken out ! The reward for being the best was ripped out of his hands, not by fate, but by you guys ! I watch all 'car' shows, but when the producers step in to create "drama" they always fail miserably.....just sayin'......finished my vent, now go make another season and let the best man win....the drama will be there without help !