Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

CBS (ended 1983)


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  • A great concept and a great cast, but it needed better writing and execution.

    The show was part family drama, part musical, and part contemporary Western. At a time when Dynasty and Dallas, featuring uber-rich families and 80s excess, ruled the ratings, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers focused on the simple lives of the McFaddens, a family of seven orphaned brothers and the wife of the eldest as they struggled to make their cattle ranch, the Circle Bar Seven, profitable.

    So Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was swimming against the stream. Still, the show had some strong points. The setting was beautiful and captured the charm of rural California. But the series' greatest asset was its strong cast led by Richard Dean Anderson, Drake Hogestyn, and Peter Horton as the three eldest brothers and rounded out by River Phoenix as the youngest brother. Roger Wilson, Tim Topper, and Bryan Utman played the teenaged brothers. Terri Treas, as the bride of the eldest brother.

    Although it had charismatic and talented actors and started out with well-drawn characters, the show never found its focus. It fluctuated between straight drama and musical, sacrificing plot development in the process. Here's a link for the show:
  • This was a good wholesome family show. The music was a little hokey but I generally liked it (loved the theme song). The acting was good and the stories were timeless.

    This was one of my all time favorite shows when I was growing up. The guys were dreamy, the storylines where wholesome and earnest, the music was generally tolerable (though like many musicals fitting it into the shows was always a tad obvious). It was about family and friends and making the right choices even when they were the hard choices. It's amazing to me to look at the actors who were on it who later went onto to make other roles classics. The writing probably could have stood to have been better. I suspect the need to work song and dance into episodes was kind of an albatross. Probably would have been better if they didn't try so hard to keep it a musical but did it as a straight drama.