Seven Keys

ABC (ended 1964)


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Seven Keys

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Seven Keys had a single contestant vying for one of seven keys that would open a lock containing valuable prizes.

To obtain a key, he/she played a general knowledge game facing a board of 70 windows, laid out in seven rows of ten windows. To start, the player presses the button marked "Steps", and the board advances the number of steps (1 to 10) shown on a wheel corresponding to the buttons. He/she must correctly answer or identify the subject shown. To win, he/she must make all 70 squares in fifteen chances.

If a player answers incorrectly, he/she must go back to the first square in the row. If he she lands on a "Penalty" window, he/she must press the "Penalty" button and go back the number shown. If the player lands on a "Bonus," he/she presses the "Bonus" button and goes ahead the number shown. If a player lands on a "Safety", he/she presses the "Steps" button as usual and loses no chances. Chances are not lost for incorrect answers, Bonus windows or Penalty windows.

A player completing the board may select a key which will open one of seven lock containing prizes, one of them a grand prize. The contestant may also return the next show to play for more keys, with seven wins automatically winning everything. If a player fails to complete the board at any point, he/she forfeits any keys won and departs with some nice parting gifts.


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