Seven Little Monsters

PBS (ended 2003)


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  • this show makes no sense watsoever

    as i said befor i don't know what the hell the point is of this show. The mother is about 3 feet and they don't even have a father. 1 can fly,2 has a snout, 3 is a retard,4 has fangs, 5 is just a huge jerk with a tongue longer than his mother , 6 is a messed-up he-she with hairy legs and a scary face,and 7 can swivel his head off and is a momma's boy. Combined they are 7 huge eating machines and they have a pet cow which is also poopy!
  • a great show

    i love this show. it's great. however it is not on too often anymore except yesterday it was on. when it was on i watched it all the time. why is there mom human and they are monsters. i've always wondered if she was a monster too acually. maybe she is a monster, just smaller. i'm not sure if she is a human or a monster. she looks very old to be there mom. she is a very funny character. she's my favorite character. one is so lucky she has wings. man i wish i had wings. one is lucky. i've always wondered why five has such a long tounge. two reminds me of pinichio(i probanly spelled that wrong)because he has such a long nose. i really love this show. it's great. two words: watch it
  • When I was younger, I liked this show. I still watch it every now and then, though. It's for kids, obviously.

    Seven Little Monsters was a good show, but not the best in the world. It revolved around 7 monsters with a human mother(?) that lived in the same house.
    This show had some good episode plots. I haven't watched this show in a while, so I don't exactly recall everything. The jokes were sometimes funny, and it taught lessons to kids sometimes. The characters were very original, but the show's plot is not interesting. I'd say this show is just OK.
  • I remember watching this show when I was little. It was decent kids show.

    I remember watching this show when I was little. Of course I Seven Little Monsters because I loved the creator's (Maurice Sendak) famous book "Where the Wild Things Are." The show was about 7 monsters that each had their own quirks and talents. Each one of them also had a very distinct and different personality from all of the other monsters. The episodes were able the problems that they faced (usually just one monster's at a time) and how they would find a way to overcome it. I eventually stopped watching the show (not sure why), but it was a decent kids show.
  • Best kiddy show ever.

    I've watched this show a lot when it came on PBS. It was great and very funny. About 7 10 feet tall monsters who live in Centerville with their human Mom & pet cow Belinda. One; the oldest yet bossiest who can fly. Two the most helpful & very smart with a very long nose. Three the imaginative role-player. Four the troublesome loudmouth but with a heart of gold. Five the silliest & sidekick of his brother Four. Six the vain ballerina. And last but not least, Seven the shy youngest who loves cheese and can unscrew his head. Two, Three & Seven are my fave monsters. I was pretty ticked when they edited out a good deal of season 1 and finally took it off the air. I really wish they'd put the show on seasonal DVD sets.