Seven Little Monsters - Season 1

PBS (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Lost and Found
    Lost and Found
    Episode 13
    Five finds a wallet in the park.
  • Fair Play
    Fair Play
    Episode 12
    With the big soccer game coming up, Seven feels like he's more of a burden to the team than a help. The other Monsters try and get him to be a better player, but in the end, it is Seven who teaches them all to work as a team.
  • The Plooky
    The Plooky
    Episode 11
    When Four decides to be a movie director, he orders the rest of the monsters to make a video with him. But, after trying unsuccessfully to bully them into doing action, he learns that simply being nice gets more results.
  • Spooky
    Episode 10
    When the power goes out in their house during a storm, the Monsters find themselves scared out of their wits. Four makes the matters worse by trying to spook the others only to find out he is the biggest 'fraidy cat' of all. Pulling together, they learn to be brave and that sharing their feelings is nothing to be afraid of.moreless
  • A Monster's Best Friend
    When the Monsters bring home a puppy for a new pet, they completely forget about Belinda the cow. When the puppy chews them out of house and home, the Monsters have to learn to love and train the canine terror and win back Belinda's affections.
  • Along Comes Mary
    Along Comes Mary
    Episode 8
    When a new groovy girl moves in next door, everyone wants to be her friend. Each Monster tries to outdo the other to win her friendship. But, in the end, they learn from Mary that they all can be best friends.
  • Doctor, Doctor!
    Doctor, Doctor!
    Episode 7
    With the help of "Doctor" Three, the Monsters try to cure Two's cold so they can all go to the movies. After many hilarious remedies lead nowhere, they discover that Mom's advice of getting plenty of rest is the best cure of all.
  • Please Mr. Postman
    Please Mr. Postman
    Episode 6
    There is nothing worse than having to be patient for a special package in Two's mind. He waits and waits while the other Monsters are having fun. Trying to be helpful, Seven searches for the package only to lose his head at the Post Office. The head travels the globe, but gets back home just in time to deliver Two's package.moreless
  • Are You My Family?
    Are You My Family?
    Episode 5
    One and Six have different ideas of how to stage their Mother's Day Party. Tempers flare and One suggests that if Six can't go along with her plan, maybe she'd be happier with another family. Six goes off in search of a "New" family, winding up as the star attraction at the circus. But, the Monsters persuade her to come home as One realizes that without Six, they are not complete.moreless
  • Seven Monsters and a Baby
    When Mom takes a nap, a neighbor leaves her baby with Seven to take care of until she returns. The Monsters quickly find out that baby sitting is harder than it looks when the baby turns the house and the Monsters upside down. After a few close calls (and even a curtain call for an impromptu pirate play), the Monsters manage the baby without ever waking up Mom.moreless
  • The Mystery of the Missing Five
    Irascible Four has to always look after his twin brother Five. But, when Five's behavior includes eating Four's favorite toothpaste and polishing his ankles with Four's favorite toothbrush, Four does the unthinkable and blurts out that he wishes Five had never been born. When Five seemingly disappears, the Monsters think that Five has gone to the hospital to "Give himself back!". The hunt is on and Four learns that a pesky Five is better than no Five at all.moreless
  • Good Night!
    Good Night!
    Episode 2
    It is bedtime and the monsters will not listen to their Mom and go to sleep. Pillow fights, conga lines and even a mosquito hunt are among their antics. But when Mom reads them a fairy tale (featuring the Monsters in classic roles such as Cinderella and Goldilocks) they tumble off to sleep.moreless
  • Good Morning!
    Good Morning!
    Episode 1
    The Monsters learn the value of teamwork when they are sent to the store for milk. One wants to be in charge, Six falls asleep on the departing bus, Four tries to stage a mutiny and Seven loses his head. But, in the end, they pull together and bring home - a cow.moreless