Seven Little Monsters - Season 2

PBS (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • The Adventures of Super Three
    The Monsters are charged with cleaning the basement but they get a little distracted! They pretend they are living in a world of superheroes and villains and make a bigger mess than when they started. They learn that sometimes it isn't a good idea to get so carried away!
  • It's A Wonder-Four Life
    Four's brothers and sisters are driving him crazy and he wishes he were an only child. Four is very surprised when he wakes up and learns his single wish has come true! After spending what should be a perfect day, Four is only lonely. He realizes he is lucky to have brothers and sisters after all.moreless
  • April Fools
    April Fools
    Episode 11
    The Monsters are writing a play and despite everyone's input, Four and Five want a comedy. So while their siblings build sets and discuss plots, Four and Five practice practical jokes! They annoy everyone until the other Monsters decide to teach them a lesson. They lead Four and Five to believe aliens from Jupiter are after them but by the end the theatre everyone has built is ruined. Everyone learns that jokes are not funny when they hurt others.moreless
  • You Are What You Eat
    The County Fair is approaching and everyone is excited about the contests. Five decides to enter the pie-eating contest and secretly trains with Four. Then he forgets about healthy eating and becomes sick after eating all of Mom's pies! Mom explains a variety of healthy foods and exercise is important for everyone.moreless
  • Runaway Mom
    Runaway Mom
    Episode 9
    Mom is angry after the Monsters build a hot air balloon using pieces of…house! When Mom sends everyone to their room she goes to the shed to work but everyone thinks she has run away. The Monsters decide to look for her and come to realize they should be more considerate. Everyone finally meets at the police station and Mom emphasizes that while parents get angry, she would never leave.moreless
  • A Day at the Firehouse
    The Monsters visit Chief Lubomir to learn about fire safety. Seven takes a real interest, but it's only out of fear that grows upon returning home. His fear affects the whole family until Seven learns he can be proactive about safety.
    Episode 7
    Four is skeptical about zoos and the animals they care for until he meets a friendly elephant named Wendy. When Wendy follows Four home from the zoo because she is lonely, Four learns that animals need friends, too.
  • Splitting Hairs
    Splitting Hairs
    Episode 6
    Two is lacking in confidence prior to appearing as a contestant on his favorite game show. But after learning how to mail his entry form and learning that haircuts are safe, Two realizes he can achieve his goals by relying on himself.
  • My Fair One
    My Fair One
    Episode 5
    One just loves to play baseball with Billy. But why doesn't Billy notice? Six comes up with a plan to make One more of a girl but that doesn't seem to help anyone, especially the baseball team! After trying to play baseball in a dress, One realizes it's better (and safer) to be herself.moreless
  • The Whole Tooth
    The Whole Tooth
    Episode 4
    Six is mortified to learn before a big ballet recital she is losing a baby tooth. She tries to save the tooth with the help of her six siblings, but it's no use. After Mom tells Six the story of the Tooth Dwarves, Six learns everyone loses teeth and that the show must go on!moreless
  • All The Marbles
    All The Marbles
    Episode 3
    Seven is fascinated with Monster Marbles, a toy he sees on TV. So when the Monsters decide to buy a birthday present for Mary, Seven takes the money and buys the marbles instead! Seven feels guilty about what he has done and learns the marbles aren't as great as advertised. In the end he learns to take commercials less seriously and that the best presents are sometimes the ones you make.moreless
  • Out of Sight
    Out of Sight
    Episode 2
    One is unable to fly when she can't see properly. A visit to the optometrist helps to educate One, but her siblings need an education as well. It's not until the fussing over One stops, that One feels comfortable enough to listen to the doctor's advice.
  • Losing Sam
    Losing Sam
    Episode 1
    When Four wins a prize turtle for Five at a carnival, Five and his new friend "Sam" form an instant bond. But then Sam goes missing during a bath and Five must cope with Sam's disappearance.