Seven Little Monsters - Season 4

PBS (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • And Baby Makes Eight
    Three is jealous of the attention his siblings lavish on a neighbor's baby, and decides he wants to be a baby too. The family goes along with his act, but Three soon realizes that being a baby is not all it's cracked up to be. His siblings miss the old Three too, and are glad when he gives up being a baby and becomes his old 'know-it-all" self again.moreless
  • Don't Pass Go
    Don't Pass Go
    Episode 3
    Seven has bought a new board game and is so eager to get playing that he doesn't read the boring old rules. He quickly finds out that games go more smoothly and are much more fun when you know all the rules.
  • The Bad Word
    The Bad Word
    Episode 2
    Passing by a construction site, Two overhears a bad word. Repeating it back at home, he enjoys the shocked reactions of his siblings. Mom tells him a story about how bad words upset others and Two resolves to never say the bad word again.
  • These Are Your Lives!
    The impossible has happened - the usually inseparable Four and Five are so frustrated with each other that they're not speaking. It seems that nothing can reconcile them, until Mom sends them to clean the shed together. Before they know it, they are playing and enjoying each other's company again.