Sex and the City

Season 6 Episode 9

A Woman's Right to Shoes (a.k.a. No Shoes, No Service)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 17, 2003 on HBO

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  • Never take off your shoes

    I know some like this episode and some do not but I have to say I think it was kind of funny when the friends husband was smoking in the apartment and everyone had to take off their shoes. (ha ha) anyway the friend did not care at all about her shoes like it was no big deal to her but meanwhile if she would not have taken them off they would have never had a problem so i say it was time for that friendship to end anyway.Loved this episode.
  • A woman's right to be tacky.

    Being a fan of this show, I'd have to say this was the episode I'd have to choose as being the worst of the lot.
    It had some witty parts (especially Samantha, as always) but it really put the main character (Carrie) in a completely new light. And not a good light at all.
    After watching, I couldn't enjoy her character in thru the run of the series as she'd shown that basically she was sort of poor white trashy, deb wanna-be who spent all her money on SHOES of all things and when she lost a pair couldn't get over the devistation and chose to get her shoes replace, for free, over a friendship.
    The series was supposed to be about the strong bonds between girl friends, but this just really backfires and shows that Carrie is nothing more than a materialistic and characterless person.

  • Its crazy how people with Kids act

    I found this episode to be great. Finally someone stands up for the folks without kids. Don't get me wrong I'm not a kid hater but for some reason "Parents" think that people without kids have lives without care and can do whatever they want, not true. I have the same responsiblities as "Parents", working, spending time with my family and paying bills. My Family and off-time is just as important as theirs. I love that Carrie stood up to her friend and made her pay for her shoes. Its not Carrie's fault that she had kids. . . .
  • Reality shoe check!

    Shoes as metaphor--they make her outfit, if she's single. Or, the shoes are a source of germs at my loft with my children. Miranda had great shoes too when she meets up with Dr. Leeds (Blair Underwood's character) in the elevator. He practices wearing his 'doctor shoes' and helps with her initial measles flare-up. Then, he participates in her 'leisure shoes' (watching TiVo episode), with a little shyness on both parts watching stereotypes of themselves act out. Charlotte gets to walk in her husband's shoes, or tries to, even when he isn't wearing any, or any clothes, at all! Just wish had figured out the right actress's name for the Manolo 'Salesgirl', Greta Cavazzoni.

    When Samantha walks out of the restaurant shot after being pesto-ed by the pesty kid (and no offer for paying the drycleaning bill from the mom), I think/hope she is heading for the bathroom to try to clean up a bit, vs. abandoning her day-planner and other paperwork at the table and walking out of the restaurant.
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