Sex and the City

Season 6 Episode 20

An American Girl in Paris (part deux)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2004 on HBO

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  • A happy ending

    I don't want to give too much away, but this has to be the best series finale I've seen in a while. And one of the best things about it is that she ends up with Big, my favorite man. Plus, the girls are all reunited.

    Episodes like this are exactly why I watch this show, their touching and loveable. Not to mention that I cried during this, but WHO WOULDN'T? If you just started watching the show, I suggest not watching the end until you've seen the rest. You'll love it just like everybody else loves it.

    I still can't believe this show is over :(
  • This episode was exactly why I watched this show

    What an absolutely perfect ending. It was sad, but in a good way. The woman in this show are incredibly inspiring. I think what made it so captivating was the fact that most woman feel they can related to one or more of the girls in some way or another. I was on the egde of my seat when Big walked into the hotel in Paris, and cried my eyes out when the girls were reunited in the end. I have never been so pleased with a finale in my life. It's a shame that the show ended, but I can't wait for the movie!!
  • sucked. dont bother watching carrie get back with mr.big

    I was totally dissapointed that Carrie left Paris after 2 weeks because THERUSSIAN can\\\\\\\'t be with 24/ 7. Yes he can be controlling and a little rude sometimes, but Carries needs to grow up.. The Russian is a complex man, who love her deeply and helps her grow as her person... putting her with mr big makes it look like she learned nothing... I still love thes how, but absolutley hated this episode...
    All the other character's grew up and learned something except Carrie....Helloooooooo.Big hurts you over and over and over- the Russian does a few dumb things and you can't take it.... Stupid stupid stupid stupid. Take some french classes....
  • The end!

    This episode was a really good finale and while what I wanted to happen happend, I still didnt want it to end!

    Carrie is in Paris and eventally ends up with Big, which was amazing as I really wanted them to be together! So that made me really happy!

    I liked the fact that the finale was in Paris, the most romantic city in the world, and feel that it was appropriate given the final chapter (until the movie anyway) in this show!

    I think the fact that Carrie and Big end up together makes this a brilliant finale and the show will be missed!
  • Fantastic ending to the series, wonderful beginning for the 4 leading ladies.

    While I'm sitting back waiting for my more CSI:NY and Bones,
    It occurred to me to just fall back and watch older series.
    Rewatching the entire Season 6 was tremendously satisfying.

    In the finale episode on Paris-part 2: we saw how Charlotte, Miranda & Samantha moved on in their lives. Perhaps this further spurred Carrie to feel she's left-behind. I sense desperation within her, still single, still just a columnist (well plus the book) and still unlucky in finding 'the-one' to give her the consuming-can't live without each other-love. And it was more than certain moving to Paris with the arrogant Aleksandr Petrovski was a mistake. I love seeing Charlotte cope with her rigidity and finding happiness with her Jewish husband. Post conversion to Judaism, finding equal grounds with her 'free' husband and miscarrying her baby, Charlotte had found peace with herself, acquired a dog (named Elizabeth Taylor) she and Harry seek a baby that God will send them (they'll have a chinese baby).

    We see our tough Miranda, now a good mother and sensitive wife; coping with her mother-in-law whom had stroke and had come to live with them. It was touching to see the scene when Miranda bathes her after finding the latter eating pizza from the garbage cans.

    Samantha, a survivor of stage1 cancer was insecure and brazenly advise Smith to indulge himself with other ladies while he's away to make his latest film. He send her blooming flowers while she (in a very cute-teenage way) asked him try not to sleep with other woman. Their final scene was Smith flying back to tell Samantha that he loves her. And you can see her tears despite the darkness that she was touched and well-loved.

    Carrie meanwhiles gets slapped by her Russian lover who seem to be married to his work. We get Mr. big flying in to come find Carrie. They have a cute moment when Carrie tripped her purposely. But somehow there's something lacking. Perhaps they save it for the movie. ^^ But that also means we have something to look forward too
  • No better ending then Big and Carrie back together! Can't wait for the movie to come!

    I'm a huge sex and the city fan and I always hoped that Carrie would get back together with Mr. Big and for real this time. And the same thing with Miranda and Steve! Even Samantha got what she wanted, a hot boyfriend who loved her. And Charlotte has got her husband and soon her child! It seems perfect at the end. But it's still sex and the city and I still want to see more! Well, Thank god there is a movie on the way.
    Just a couple of months and then I'll be back at the movies watching Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha and their sex and the city!
  • This was a beautiful series finale and last episode!!

    This was a beautiful series finale and last episode!! I love the fatc that carrie is slowly realising that Paris is not for her even if the clothes are supurb! and also that he is not the man for her! im so happy that the girls did not just accept that she was gone and that was that and im so proud of miranda for admitting that big is the right man for carrie!! i love that we find out bigs real name! and that samantha has found true love! and aswell that charlotte will finally get her baby! thats all!!
  • Wonderful episode,

    A fantastic ending and no matter how many times I watch it always brings a tear to my eyes. I didn't get interested in the show when it originally aired. I started watching it on cable re runs, and can't beleive I didn't get in to the show from the beggining. Love the four girls who are so different and yet have such a strong friendship bond and can be so honest and open with each other. The many revoving charachters are also fascinating and interesting.
    i Sure hope there is going to be a movie some time in the future.
  • Carrie gets back with Big? Come on

    I love this show but after 6 years of watching Big being an a whole and breaking carrie's heart over and over again, its difficult for me to buy everything that happened with him in this episode. What the heck did the Russian do wrong anyway? Oh he kept Carrie away from her part, sorry guys doesn't add up to the loundry list of crap Big has done wrong. I don't mind all the girls getting a happily ever after type ending, its just in Carrie's case it seems like she's going to continue to be played into middle age.
  • If she ended up with anyone besides Big, the show would have been a huge disappointment.

    If she ended up with anyone besides Big, the show would have been a huge disappointment. Even though I loved her with Petrovsky, and I was wondering how the writers were going to make their relationship ill suited, I always knew she had to be with Big. It's like Ross and Rachel; how could it end up any other way?

    This was a great end to a really wonderful show where the writers continually tapped into what the viewers and fans wanted to happen, and addressed those issues through the plot. I just cannot imagine a more perfect ending to a more perfect show.
  • A great way to end a great show.

    Everything works out for the four girls at the end of this brilliant show! Carrie is still in Paris, she misses her own party thrown in her honour to go with her "french lover" to his art museum opening. This is the point of the episode where we are first positioned not to like him. Carrie eventually see's the bad side in her "lover" and runs off...where she see's the one and only Mr Big! Big convinces Carrie to leave Paris and return to New York with him! Hooray! When she gets back to New York all the girls are excited to see her, and we see them happy and reunited. Charlotte and Harry will get to adopt a baby, Samantha is happy with Smith, and it's happily ever after for Miranda, Steve, Brady and Steve's mother, and of course Magda, and Carrie has finally found that special someone to spend her life with: John Big. Yes, he has a name now!
  • Teary

    I remember watching this the night it aired in Australia and crying my eyes out. the next day just about everyone in my year level was talking about it.
    Ok I thought Samantha and Miranda\'s stories were incredibly boring but I love Steve and Smith so i guess it was worth it just to see them.
    Neway i am a huge francophile so I thought everything in France - especially her clothes- was just adorable.
    Now I\'m also an avid monologuer and I thought her yelling at big in the previous episode was awesome but the final monologue/voiceover was just classic!! I\'ve said it over one hundred times honestly. it really exhibited just how far they\'d come in this series.
    i just have one negative thing to say.
    Now I\'ll admit I\'ve never been a fan of Big (and John doesn\'t sit well with me) and I loved Alexandr and I really think his exit from the show did him little justice. i wish it had of ended better for the two of them.
    Oh well. Love sex and the city and still am a devoted fan!!
  • Ultimate fate of relationship is always same: 1st great then idiosyncratic flaw in guy revealed. Some truth, but overdone: repeats in each new guy & flaw is always fatal. Petrovsky was set up to be one guy GENUINE in his romance; downfall thus artificial.

    Whether in Paris or NY, an unfortunate problem with Sex & The City (now I've watched 5½ seasons on DVD) is that there is a pervasive pattern. At first the guy is great, then some idiosyncratic flaw is revealed. While there is some truth to this, it's exaggerated. First, the pattern repeats in every guy, but more importantly, the flaw is always fatal. The latter characteristic is particularly unrealistic. It's well known that for most of the characters (and in real life) one acts differently with the opposite sex than the way one's true self is (more true of the guys than the gals -- most notable exceptions are Miranda and Charlotte). But regardless what you think about how true that is of the gals, you know the guys seem Schizo comparing how they behave on first few dates to later on. That is true in real life, but is the guy's flaw always a fatal one to the gals? In Sex and the City -- mostly yes.

    Now for our hero of the episode, Alexander Petrovsky: he is the one guy set up from the very beginning to be serious about romance. It was not an act. For Petrovsky it was supposed to be very much his way of life. The "too busy" flaw of Petrovsky falls totally flat as being an artificial contrivance. Part une of Paris was good -- the idea and the action of going and why: examinining vs doing in life and so on. But if we need to get Carrie back to the USA in NY, the writers needed a better trick up their sleeve than the "too busy" flaw of the genuinely romantic Petrovsky. Oh yeah blah blah, they will respond back about the ex-wife saying "coming in 2nd", the foreshadowing of him involved in his studio instead of meeting Carrie's friends in Episode Une. Frankly, that last fact didn't seem convincing either.

    Petrovsky being blunt about breast cancer and his friend dying -- that was done convincingly; kudos there: wonderful, cultured, genuinely-romantic-as-way-of-life, but the flaw of the cancer reality and not wanting Carrie to be taken by surprise -- that was well done. The "too-busy" flaw was just bad TV. And need I say it? Big to the rescue. But that was merely a minor annoyance after they screwed up what they couldn't find a way to write themselves out of.
  • Series Finale.Carrie is still living in Paris with Alexander Petrofsky.

    I loved this episode. The very last one. Throughtout most of it, Carrie is still living in Paris with the guy that the hate. And then I hate him even more when he slaps Carrie across the face. I got so mad at that! What a jerk!
    Anyway, I was sad because it was the very last episode of the entire series and I was hoping that Carrie would move back to the city.
    By the very end on the episode, it shows Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda sitting in their usual cafe in the morning and Carrie walks up to the window. All three look out and see her, all stand up, and they run to each other. I loved that.
    I wish that Carrie had ended up with Aidan because I loved the character and I loved how John Corbett playes him but i guess it's okay that she ended up with Big, he was my next favorite for Carrie.
    I'm glad Samantha was still with Smith, Charlotte still with Harry (and they are adopting a child) and Miranda is still with Steve and they are raising their son Brady.
    I loved the episode and I will miss Sex and the City!
  • The show that was supposed to celebrate single life ended happily because all principal characters got a relationship. Huh.

    I became a fan of this show about halfway through it. I liked the fun spirit of the show, the way it celebrated single life and how the four girls each represented different types of people. Charlotte was the one dreaming of a soulmate, Miranda was the one who hated romance, Samantha was the one who had sex with most things in pants and Carrie was the one with less of a distinct character and thus the one the others played off on.

    The last season was pretty good. I liked the character of Smith and his relationship with Samantha, I loved the romance between Charlotte and Harry (she first married the man she thought she wanted, Trey, then found true love with a man who was everything she didn't think she wanted) and I enjoyed seeing Miranda and Steve together. But I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the way the show ended.

    After spending six years convincing the audience that you don't need a relationship to be happy the show took a complete turn in the other direction and ended with everyone finding love and thus happiness. It felt like it betrayed the concept of the show.

    As far as Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte goes I found myself kind of accepting it anyways. At least their characters got a challenge towards the end and revalued the way they had previously looked on life. Miranda had always scoffed at romance and dependance but learned towards the end that it's okay to believe in "the one" and try to make a family life work. Samantha had always been against the idea of a monogamous relationship but came to appreciate it and realised that while there are benifits with a single life there are benifits of a committed relationship as well. Charlotte spent most of the series looking for her Prince Charming, but when she married him it didn't work out so well. She chose Harry as her divorce lawyer because she wasn't attracted to him, she was the opposite of what she wanted, yet she ended up falling in love with him anyways. Harry never accepted her sometimes snotty behaviour without question, the type of "I'm a woman thus I am rigth" behaviour that women in tv sometimes have, he refused to get whipped and he constantly challenged her. She found what she was looking for in the last place she thought she would.

    But then there's Carrie. There was no development in her whatsoever in the last season. Still the same stuff we've seen throughout the entire series. Nothing challenged her, nothing changed with her, and they took the good old safe road. She ended up with Mr Big again. The thing that really annoyed me about that was that they changed Alexandr's character completely in the finally in order for people to believe that she would leave him. It didn't work at all, it just felt fake.

    The final episode was good, but it didn't stay true to what the show had been trying to say for all these years. Thus I cannot give it a full 6.

  • Carrie realizes that Paris isn't where she wants to be. Big follows her there and tells her that she's the one. They go back to New York together.

    Definitely one of the best series finale's ever!! I loved it! Aleksander Petrovosky really is married to his work. And seeing Carrie wander the streets of Paris alone is heartbreaking. And I felt so bad for her when Aleksander left her alone at the Gallery and she could have been of at her party with her fans. Really upsetting. And the line about how she's looking for real love is one of the best lines of the show ever! And finally Big comes to his senses and realizes that him and Carrie are meant to be together. Yay! So good!
  • end on a high note

    Sex and the City has received mixed reviews. It has offended the conservative values of many Americans; but it has also made for great tv-watching worldwide. When I was younger, I was never allowed to watch this show; my parents feared it to be vulgar and obscene. And it is. It really is. But would you want it any other way? The characters are relatable, and we've seen them through six seasons in New York City. Only recently did I go out and rent all six seasons, and follow the women through their relationships and sexual exploits, highpoints and downfalls, disappointments with men and life, and their amazingly real friendship. The finale pulled together the good things in these women's lives, and left the audience with a content form of finality. The storylines were tied off and everything came full circle. Samantha did not die or contract an STD, she got that man she loved and who loves her. Carrie made the decision that I think most of us were pulling for all along; to be with Big. This show came-not to beguile you with a double entendre here-prematurely. It truly was before its time, and yet rather than being rejected, it made a place for itself. It broke down barriers and made it ok not only to talk about sex explicitly on television, but for women to have open sex lives.
  • An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux (Series Finale) shows us that Carrie meets her French fanbase who are throwing a party for her. Aleksandr asks her anyway to go with him. And while she feels that he is leaving her, the girls in NY have troubles of the

    This episode is the best series finale I have ever seen. However, I'm not an regular fan of Sex and the City, but this is just fantastic. The stories of the four friends ends perfectly. And the end is zo incredibly great, you just can't imagen that you will never see a new episode again. All the actrices perform great and they just can't let you imagen that it is fake. Samantha who finally admit that she loves Smith. Miranda who is taking care of her stephmother and Charlotte who is finally getting the baby she always wanted. It is just tearjerking. And when the last shot fade away, you realise that you will always love Sex and the City.
  • Carrie has second thoughts about her new postcode in Paris and her relationship with the Russian and pines for Big. Miranda swallows her pride and helps Steve's ailing mother. Samantha secures her love for Smith, and Charlotte and Harry are on their last

    This is the most amazing, most "feel-fuzzy-inside", most beautiful episode of "Sex". It heightens the key elements that have made this show so brilliant and attractive to viewers. The script is once again filled with quirkiness and charm, the friendship between the four women seems to only strengthen, even though one of them is miles across the globe. Most importantly, the theme of love is demostrated in four different aspects (one aspect for each character) and writes a beautiful closing chapter for the characters individually, and as a group. The ending will leave you tearing up, but in a good way. You feel ready to let these characters go, and have a sense that they're going to be just fine. You simply couldn't feel any better after watching this fine episode! So long Carrie, I love you!
  • This episode ended in a way that left you feeling good even though you knew that the series was over. Everyone came to some kind of conclusion, and somehow seemed to either achieve their goals, or grow as a person.

    The end of Sex in the City, and more importantly, the end of single life in New York. Moving away from the dismal picture of growing old in the city that never sleeps that we see in "Splat", this ending is full of hope. Each of the four women have grown over the years, not in an obvious way necesarily, Carrie will still obsess over fashion, Charlotte still wants the perfect family, Miranda is still neurotic, and Samantha still enjoys sex. But in addition to this, they've all reached a part where they can leave their single lives behind and not feel like they are giving anything up. This seemed to be a key problem, especially for Carrie when Aiden asked her to marry him.

    In all fairness, I feel it should loose a few points for making every girl happy with her own man at the end. However, this is fairly minor, because each relationship at the end was the result of alot of work. And after all, they spent the whole show being single, why not try something new at the end?
  • One of the best finales for any series! The way this episode is written and constructed differs from other episodes, but it makes Carrie's final monologue satisfying, spectacular, and insightful.

    The way this episode is constructed and written makes this one of the best, pitch-perfect, and insightful ways to end the series. The ending was wonderfully wise and hopeful.

    The episode begins with Carrie's classic monologue as she meets Petrovsky's ex-wife in Paris. But, as Carrie is left adrift and wandering in Paris to try to enjoy it on her own, while Petrovsky is consumed in his art installation, her monologue becomes non-existent. Carrie, who is a keen observer of relationship issues, is cut off from the observations and wonderings that we love about her character. She is alone in a foreign land, that is beautiful but doesn't ultimately satisfy her.

    When she finally makes a human connection, with Parisian fans of her book that want to throw a party for her, Petrovsky swoops in and asks that she help him get through his insecurities about his art exhibit and come attend a shindig with him. She obliges, but then she's left alone by Petrovsky, who is distracted by other people. At that low point, where Carrie is abandoned by Petrovsky, and more alone than every before, she finds her lost "Carrie" necklace in her purse. Carrie realizes at that point that she's not being true to herself, and goes off to try to catch the party thrown in her honor. The necklace is a bit on the nose, but the series has never been afraid of that, and the necklace has long been a beloved piece worn by Carrie in previous seasons.

    Carrie misses the party because she is too late. She comes home to an empty suite in the hotel. She waits for Petrovsky, and then breaks up with him in memorable lines that define who she is and what she wants: "I'm looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love. And I don't think that love is here in this expensive suite in this lovely hotel in Paris."

    She then runs into Mr. Big who flew to Paris to find Carrie and get her back, saying succinctly that it took a long time for him to get there, but that he's here and that it's always been her. Carrie then tells Mr. Big to take her home to New York.

    Then with a great upbeat song building in the background, Carrie's final monologue of the series begins and we realize at that point how much we've missed it. Usually an episode is peppered with Carrie's questions and insights, but this episode held back till the final moments when Carrie is back in New York with her friends, in her life, and after finding herself again. It makes the final voice-over have maximum impact, and a refreshing, welcome return for the viewer. It helps that the monologue is one of the better summations not only of the episode but of the whole series, talking about the power of relationships in one's life.

    "Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that\'s just fabulous.

    The final shots of the show are of Carrie in her fabulous fashionable self walking down the streets of New York, and getting a call from Mr. Big ("John") telling her that he\'s sold his house in Napa and moving back to the city to be with her. Carrie laughs loving the conversation, as she fades into the continuing stream of New Yorkers walking to and fro. This last shot (and the name reveal of Mr. Big), shows how its insights into relationships pertain to all New Yorkers and to all people in general. The last line is one of the best insights into the nature of life, love, and relationships that I've ever seen, while retaining its "Sex and the City" flair. What a fabulous and wonderful way to end the series! This is one of the best series finales that I’ve seen for any television show ever.