Sex and the City

Season 3 Episode 6

Are We Sluts?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 2000 on HBO
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Aidan is waiting until the time is right to sleep with Carrie, despite her best attempts at seduction, though they get there eventually. Charlotte's new man, Alexander Lindley, is unpleasantly talkative in bed, which upsets her. Samantha and her late night visitors get the blame when someone in her apartment building is robbed at gunpoint, and she is forced to move. Miranda contracts an STD, and notifying her list of sexual contacts proves to be highly embarrassing.


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  • All girls consider the posibilities of being sluts...

    I really liked this episode... I had been asking myself some time ago if every girl in New York was like them because they slept with any guy, but I am hapy they made this episode showing us a different face of the girls cast. I also liked Steve's and Aiden's attitude.. They are making romance come back to the show since some Big's moments... This is definitely another kind of episode and a really good one, but... I'm still waiting for Big to come back, with or without Natasha!! I'll definitely keep watchning the tv show, is better than ever!!moreless
  • Friends or more?

    Carrie worries when Aiden won't sleep with her even though they have only been dating for 10 days. Sorry Carrie, but that is kinda quick to sleep with someone. Miranda has to tell her past lovers that she has chlaymdia. Charlotte has to deal with a boyfriends unfortunate verbal diarrhea. Samantha becomes the outcast of her building when her newest lover lets a burglar into the building and she actually admits defeat and moves. Samantha gives in, there is just something wrong about that.

    Love Carries red date dress and her walk in the park with Miranda outfit. Also Samanthas pink elevator scene outfit and Carries wavy line dress. Also marks the return of the patchwork coat.moreless
Christopher Orr

Christopher Orr

Alexander Lindley

Guest Star

Carl Evans

Carl Evans

Late night date

Guest Star

Carol Lawrence

Carol Lawrence

Older woman

Guest Star

David Eigenberg

David Eigenberg

Steve Brady

Recurring Role

John Corbett

John Corbett

Aidan Shaw

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Miranda says that men don't have any symptoms of chlamydia. According to the CDC's web site, men can have symptoms like burning, itching and other unpleasant feelings, although this is not common.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Carrie: Miranda faced something every woman dreads. She was making a list of all the men she'd slept with. At least all the ones she could remember. She started to wonder how she did all these men and did her law degree and became a successful lawyer.

    • Carrie: And then something weird happened. For the first time in a long time, I was nervous. Aidan and I were going to sleep together and it was going to mean something. I was no virgin, but this was definitely virgin territory.

    • Samantha: They practically chased me with torches like I was fuckenstein.
      Carrie: Oh, relax, they can't evict you for having sex.
      Samantha: Of course, not, they're just jealous, they're a bunch of dried up old farts who haven't had sex since Eisenhower, and I remind them of what they can't have. (Sigh) It might be time to move.
      Carrie: No you can't move! You have a rent-control apartment on the Upper East Side.
      Samantha: Honey, this isn't rent control, this is life control.

    • Carrie: Wow, it's like a Danielle Steel novel in here.
      Aidan: Whoa, from a writer, I'm pretty sure that's an insult.

    • Steve: What's going to happen to me, does it hurt when you pee or something?
      Miranda: No, men are just carriers, there aren't any symptoms at all.
      Steve: Then, why do I need to know?
      Miranda: Because if you don't get treated you could pass it on to other people.
      Steve: But you're my only other person, and you already have it.
      Miranda: Yeah, but see, if you've got it, they'll just keep passing it back and forth, plus I'd rather not sleep with you until this thing is out of my body, and I've got six more days of antibiotics, so, would you please, just go take care of it. Just go, get it over with.

    • Carrie: If you're a thirty something woman living in Manhattan, and you refuse to settle and you're sexually active, it's inevitable that you'll rack up a certain number of partners, but how many men is too many men? Are we simple romantically challenged, or, are we sluts?

    • Aidan: I just want to try to sleep with somebody I care about. I really think I can care about you. It's only been a week and a half, don't people date anymore?

    • Samantha: Well, you better be careful, you wait too long to sleep with someone, you miss the window and become just friends.
      Miranda: As opposed to his fucking bitch, his fucking whore.

    • Carrie: No, what's bad, is that even Charlotte is having more sex that I am.
      Miranda: What about Aidan?
      Carrie: What about Aidan? I don't know what's going on, clearly he's attracted, we're spending a lot of time together, he keeps asking me out, but he doesn't want to sleep with me.
      Samantha: Gay.
      Carrie: No, he's not gay.
      Miranda: Mother issues?
      Carrie: No, I don't think so.
      Samantha: Maybe, his dick curves to the right.
      Carrie: So, if it does we'll work it out, I'll go left.

    • Charlotte: Why would he say that?
      Samantha: Maybe were fucking him.
      Carrie: Well it's true, sweetie, he didn't say it at the dry cleaner's, he said it when he was in you.
      Charlotte: Do you think I'm a whore?
      Samantha: Oh please, if you're a whore, what does that make me?
      (Silence from Miranda and Carrie)
      Charlotte: Do you think I'm a whore?
      Miranda: Well, you have had a decent amount of bone in you.
      Charlotte: This is bad, nobody wants to marry a whore.

    • Charlotte: When he, you know...
      Samantha: Came, orgasm, shot his wad.

    • Miranda: So, what did everybody do last night?
      Samantha: Nothing.
      Carrie: Nothing, of note.
      Charlotte: I don't wanna talk about it.
      Samantha: Why, what happended, you sleep with somebody on the second date?
      Charlotte: No, it was the third date.

  • NOTES (1)

    • David Lansbury played Miranda's former uptight boyfriend "Kevin" who just made partner in Episode 26 "The Fuck Buddy", and plays Miranda's former uptight boyfriend "David" who just made partner in this episode.


    • Danielle Steel:

      Is one of the best-selling authors in the history of the United States. Best known for her romance novels, she has sold over 530 million copies of her books, and twenty one novels have been adapted for television.