Sex and the City

Season 1 Episode 3

Bay of Married Pigs

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 21, 1998 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Carrie is secretly set up by married friends and she decides to try him on to see if he fits when she discovers that he's looking to get married. He buys a new place and he invites her to the house warming party and tells her to bring her friends. She brings Charlotte and Samantha so they can meet men but when they get there they discover that all the guests are married couples. Samantha gets extremely drunk and Charlotte lets her stay over at her place. In the middle of the night while Charlotte is asleep Samantha, still drunk, goes downstairs and gets the doorman to come upstairs and have sex. Miranda, believing that she's a lesbian, is set up with another woman. She decides to let her co-workers believe it hoping that it'll help her get further in her career but then she decides that she can't keep up the charade and comes clean. Carrie decides that her marrying man doesn't fit so she dumps him on Charlotte but he doesn't fit Charlotte either.moreless

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  • Peppermill

    Poor Peter. Such a predictable name for this plotline. Kinda lame actually. Although I do love the part where Samantha gets drunk and laughs at him. Then she seduces Charlotte's doorman, which is really the first time we see Samantha be willing to sleep with anyone at all.

    Miranda finds acceptance in her lawerly circles when they think that she is a lesbian. She's not really a lesbian, but she did at least try. I didn't like this episode as much as some of the others to come, but at least the series is progressing in a way that shows that these women are not going to settle for something just because it's easy.moreless
  • Doesn't make much sense

    One I first read the name of the ep. I thought it was about like married people who cheat on their spouses. So you could imagine my surprise when I found out it talked about singles against couples. I don't think this a issue to discuss in a whole episode which is already only 26 minutes. I'm single by the way and I don't think that married couples or couples in general treat single people so much differently than they would have treated me if I was in a couple. Maybe a little bit but in the same way that this ep. presented it. It was astronomically extreme... really.moreless
  • Season 1, Episode 3.

    Carrie sees her friend's husband's penis which causes complications in their friendship. The scene at the restaurant with the pepper was very entertaining. Carrie is secretly set up on a date by her married friends, and decides to give it a shot. However, her plan changes when she learns he is interested in marriage and kids, and she doesn't know what she wants yet. Samantha got drunk, and it was hilarious, especially with Patience and her husband. Then, she has sex with the doorman in Charlotte's building, whom she later invites upstairs, which Charlotte is not to crazy about. Miranda poses as a lesbian, which was entertaining to watch. Coincidentally, Cynthia Nixon revealed she is a lesbian years later.moreless
  • Review

    Every girl had a decent part in this episode. I thought Carries part with just average, with no Mr. Big scenes of any importance. Once Carrie learns the guy she is set up with is looking for marraige, she quickly ends it there. Samantha gets drunk and decides to spend the night over at Charlottes, but decides to go down in the middle of the night to have sex with the doorman. Miranda is mistaken for a lesbian, which kind of insults her and pleases her at the same time. For some reason she tries it out, but eventually tells the girl the truth. Carrie then gives Charlotte the man looking for marraige, but Charlotte dumps him in the same episode as well. Overall it was a decent episode...moreless
  • The war between married people and single people.

    This episode was absolutely hilarious. I found myself laughing many times as I watched it. This is definitely one of my most favorite episodes from both the first season, and the series as a whole. I loved all of the storylines, especially Samantha's and Miranda's. I absolutely loved drunk Samantha. That was deinitely one of my all-time favorite Sex And The City moments. I also didn't really mind the documenteray style being used on the show in this particular episode. I thought that it worked really well for this episode and gave the show an extra layer of humor. All in all, this was a great episode, and I really enjoyed it.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When Carrie runs into her old boyfriend, a bus is visible behind him. In the next shot, the bus is not there. However, in the shot after that, the bus is visible again.

    • In the end of the episode, when the women are at the movie theater, the movie Godzilla is advertised. The movie stars Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker's (Carrie) real life husband.

    • In this episode Miranda is accidently mistaken for being a lesbian, a few years later Cynthia Nixon would later come out as an actual lesbian.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Samantha (drunk, to Carrie): You turn into one of those married assholes, and I'll kill you.

    • Carrie: Okay, I owe you. I didn't know that all of his buddies were gonna be married. Oh, my god, you're doing tequila shots?
      Samantha (drunk): You see that buddy over there? I fucked him. You see that buddy over there? I fucked him too. I never thought I'd see them again.
      Carrie: Well, maybe you should start tagging your married men and that way you can keep track of them.

    • Carrie: He was like the flesh and blood equivalent of a DKNY dress. You know it's not your style but it's right there, so you try it on anyway.

    • Samantha: You know, married women are threatened because we can have sex anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.
      Carrie: We can?
      Samantha: And they're afraid we're gonna have it anytime, anywhere with their husbands.
      Charlotte: I would never sleep with a married man.
      Smanatha: What makes you so sure you haven't? Wedding rings come off you know.

    • Carrie: Everywhere I looked, people were standing in two's. It was like Noah's, upper west side rent-controlled ark.

    • Charlotte: How did you happen to get a new boyfriend in a week?
      Carrie: He's not my boyfriend, he's just somebody I'm trying on.

    • Carrie: I'm beginning to think I may not be the marrying kind.

    • Miranda: I'm determined to make partner in this firm even if I have to be a lesbian partner.

    • Miranda: Christ! When did single translate to being gay?

    • Miranda: When someone gets married all bets are off, they become married and we become the enemy.

    • Charlotte: I hate it when you're the only single person at a dinner party and they look at you like you're a...
      Carrie: Loser!
      Miranda: Leper!
      Samantha: Whore!

  • NOTES (0)


    • If you notice really closely while Carrie and Sean are on their way back from William Sonoma, she is wearing a Hansont-shirt.

      Hansonis/was a band made up of brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. They are most well known for their song, "Mmmbop."

    • Miss Saigon

      is a musical by Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil. It premiered at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, in London on 20 September 1989, closing after 4264 performances on 30 October 1999. On 11 April 1991, it opened at the Broadway Theatre in New York, again running for over 4000 performances