Sex and the City

Season 4 Episode 10

Belles of the Balls

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 29, 2001 on HBO

Episode Recap

The gang is at a pool hall and Steve is questioning his masculinity after his nip-n-tuck testicle surgery (Samantha and her continuous references to the one ball left on the pool table doesn't help the situation). Later, Steve tells Miranda he's going to get a replacement ball. She says that it's stupid but agrees to go and support him. They find out the fake ball is unsafe and Steve is crushed. Miranda validates him by having sex with him. Trey feels challenged when Charlotte tells him lazy sperm may be the reason she's not pregnant yet. He has difficulty giving a sample in the urologist's office but Charlotte does some validating of her own - a hand job.

Big is neurotic about his new movie star girlfriend dissing him while she's in New York. When he calls Carrie to bitch about it, Aidan gets mad. When she later invites Big up to the cabin for some suffering in Suffern, Aidan gets really, really mad. He and Big end up fighting in the mud outside of the cabin until Carrie kinda breaks them up by shouting, "You're middle-aged!" Once the tension is broken, Aidan and Big discuss Big's women troubles.

Samantha wants to do PR for a hotel chain owner but he tells her she would need to work with a male partner to get the account. She realizes he doesn't want to hire a woman for the job. Samantha returns and is told her credentials are better than anyone else's but the chain owner won't hire her because of her sex life. She tells him that for a man with innovative vision, he is really narrow-minded and runs out. He follows her but can't catch her before she gets on the elevator and starts to cry. The next day, he hires her, confirming that she has the "balls" for the job.