Sex and the City

Season 4 Episode 10

Belles of the Balls

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 29, 2001 on HBO



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    • Carrie: I'm thinking balls are to men, what purses are to women. It's just a little bag but we'd feel naked in public without it.

    • Samantha: "Emotional" is just code for "I don't want to hire a woman."
      Miranda: They're like that at my firm. They're afraid you're going to cry over a legal brief.
      Carrie: HAVE you ever cried over a legal brief?
      Miranda: Yes, but only in the privacy of my own office.

    • Carrie (about Aidan): Maybe I should try to get Big and him and me together.
      Miranda: Did you have a big plate of crazy for lunch?

    • Miranda: Men, wait, let me rephrase that, some men...
      Carrie: Good move, counselor. That will look much better on the court transcripts of this dinner.

  • Notes

    • Music:
      "Everbody Have Fun Tonight" by Wang Chung, at the pool bar in the beginning of the episode.
      "Mini-Van" by Walter Salas-Humara, as Carrie ponders the difference between men and women.
      "Electric Campfire Revisited" by The Bionaut, as Samantha is turned down for a job by Richard Wright.
      "New York State of Mind" by Billy Joel, Big plays this song on his car stereo.

    • First appearance of Richard Wright

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