Sex and the City

Season 3 Episode 4

Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 25, 2000 on HBO

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  • This is a filler episode, Sam looking for sex with an assistant, Charlotte trying to find her white knight in a photographer, Miranda has problems letting steve move in her apartment and Carrie is tying to deal with a bisexual guy...

    I really liked the episode before this, with the whole Natasha thing.. I'm not really into the episodes where nothing happen and the story doesn't move, but this wasn't a bad episode either...
    Carrie is trying to move on, Charlotte is trying to find her white knight, Samantha is still looking for wild sex and Miranda is struggling with letting Steve go inside her for real.. She is really independent! I think this is a stuck episode, the story doesn't move on really.. Anyway, I really like this show and I'll keep tuned to see what happens! Thank you guys! Stay tuned!
  • I'm gonna find my inner goddess if it kills me.

    This is one of those episodes that I just can't bring myself to care about. It's certainly not an episode that I will ever think to myself..oh I really want to rewatch that one again. I mean the bisexual angle was a bit played out even back when this episode was new. Miranda channels her inner Mr. Big when she gets cranky with Steve for leaving his stuff at her apartment. She won't even give the guy a drawer without a fight.
    I have to say that I loved all of the gang's outfits for the gallery opening at the beginning of the episode. Samantha's black and white outfit was the best of the show. Carrie looked good, but her outfit was the worst out of the five of them. Yes, even Stanford looked better than she did.
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