Sex and the City

Season 3 Episode 4

Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 25, 2000 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • Continuity: Charlotte really likes the artist who is doing an exhibition in her art gallery, but she wouldn't ask him out because she can't make the first move. That's not true. In "The **** Buddy" in season 2, she asks guys out and even double booked then.

    • Carrie mentions that Sean is 26 and that he's from a generation with a whole different letter than her own. Sorry, but no. Sean and Carrie are both members of Generation-X. The guy would have had to be 18 (give or take) to be from Generation-Y/Millennial (to which Carrie was almost certainly referring).

  • Quotes

    • Miranda: I do love you, but I've never lived with anybody before, and I'm stubborn, and I like the remote, and I can't cook, and I don't do laundry sometimes for like two weeks, and my sponges smell, and you're gonna see all that, and I'm scared, and I don't know if I can move forward, but I really don't wanna lose you.

    • Samantha: The bad news is, you're fired. The good news is, now I can fuck you.

    • Miranda:: I'm gonna find my inner goddess if it kills me.

    • Miranda: I'm never going to be a girly girl, I never will. I'm never going to be a lotus flower.
      Carrie: May I just say, thank God.
      Miranda: A girly girl would want her boyfirend to move in.
      Carrie: Yea, she also wears makeup to the gym.
      Miranda: And makes little hearts above her I's.

    • Miranda: See, my hips don't pop, I'm a guy.
      Carrie: You're, insane!

    • Steve: Miranda, it's like you're the guy sometimes.

    • Miranda: That pile, your stuff, you have to keep it neater.
      Steve: Maybe, if you could spare a drawer or a box or something I could keep my underwear out of the way.
      Miranda: You want a drawer?
      Steve: Actually, actually...I would like to move in.

    • Carrie: What about my problem.
      Miranda: Stop, kissing him.
      Carrie: Easy, for her to say.

    • Samantha: You know I think it's great. He's open to all sexual experiences. He's evolved. He's hot.
      Miranda: He's not hot. It's greedy. he's double dipping.
      Samantha: You're not marrying the guy. You're making out with him. Enjoy it and don't worry about the label.
      Charlotte: I'm very into labels; gay, straight, pick a side and stay there.

    • Carrie: You know I'm not even sure bi-sexuality exists? I think it's just a layover on the way to gay town.
      Miranda: Isn't that right next to Ricky Martinville

    • Carrie: You know I did the date the bi-sexual guy thing in college, but in the end they all ended up with men.
      Samantha: So, did the bi-sexual women.
      Charlotte: Which explains why there are no available men left for us.

    • Carrie: When did this happen? When did the sexes get all confused?
      Miranda: Somewhere between Gen X and Gen Y, they blended and made XY.

    • Samantha: You know, that generation is all about sexual experimentation. All the kids are going bi.
      Carrie: So what? If all the bi kids are jumping off a bridge, you're gonna do that too?
      Samantha: I'm a tri sexual. I'll try anything once.

    • Carrie: He's a bi-sexual.
      Samantha: Well, I coulda told you that, sweetie, he took you ice skating for God's sakes.

    • Miranda: Well, I'm gonna drag myself home. You wanna share a cab?
      Carrie: No, I'm meeting Sean.
      Charlotte: Oh, the young guy?
      Carrie: He's not that young.
      Miranda: Carrie, he's twenty six. His generation is a totally different letter than ours.
      Carrie: Oh, who cares, age is an illusion.

    • Samantha: I bet being a drag king would be fun.
      Miranda: Oh, please, I have enough trouble figuring out how to be a woman in a man's world, without trying to be a woman pretending to be a man in a man's world.
      Carrie: Well, at least you wouldn't have to wax, and by the way, if you ever change your mind, you've got cock written all over you.

    • Miranda: Who knew it was this easy, all it takes is some stick on side burns and a sock in your pants.
      Samantha: That's some sock.

    • Samantha: You know women dressing like men is very popular right now.
      Carrie: And here I thought it was pokemon.

    • Miranda: Seriously, that's a woman?
      Carrie: That's a woman.
      Stafford: Look at that bulge, it's shocking
      Carrie: Yea, I know, hurry up and look before Guiliani shuts it down.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Samantha: You know women dressing like men is very popular right now.
      Carrie: And here I thought it was Pokemon.

      Pokemonis a franchise made by the Japanese company, Nintendo, and it began in 1996, and refers to the Pokemon characters, trading cards, and video games, when this episode aired there were (at this time 646) 151 Pokemon.

    • Carrie: I was Alice in Confused Sexual Orientation Land.

      A reference to Lewis Caroll's fairy tale Alice in Wonderland, which was also the inspiration for a Disney cartoon. Carrie continues the Alice references when she describes kissing a girl as "going down the rabbit hole."

    • Who's on First
      After stepping through Sean's sexual history with him, Carrie responds "Naturally." This is a reference to the Abbott and Costello comedy routine "Who's on First" where Abbott tries in vain to explain the baseball lineup to Costello. Because the players names are Who, What, Because, Today, and so on, confusion arises. Near the end when Costello is beginning to get the lineup correct and recites it as steps in a play, Abbott affirms each statement with "Naturally."

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