Sex and the City

Season 3 Episode 9

Easy Come, Easy Go

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 06, 2000 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • Samantha says she doesn't swallow, but you can actually see her swallowing the second time she's with Adam Ball.

    • It's revealed in this episode that Mr. Big and Natasha have been married for seven months.

    • When writing her article, Carrie says that, generally, it is thought that women use the left, more intuitive side of their brain, while men utilize the right side of the brain, associated with logic. In fact, the writers have gotten this backward: the right side of the brain is associated with intuition, while the left side of the brain is associated with logic and analysis.

    • When Miranda is taking care of the dog at 4am, it's an older dog than the one seen in the next scene, when Steve arrives home and picks him up.

    • Carrie is wearing a strapless top when she goes down to meet Big at the hotel (she throws her trench over it), but in flashbacks of their hot night of passion Carrie is wearing a bra.

  • Quotes

    • Carrie: "Alrighty"? He said "alrighty"? So I'm guessing the upsetting thing isn't that you proposed, but that you proposed to a guy who says "Alrighty."
      Charlotte: Oh, stop it Carrie.
      Carrie: Alrighty.

    • Charlotte: There was no kneeling, there was no ring, no nothing. This is an awful engagement story. What I'm I going to say to my kids? Well, mommy really wanted to get married, so daddy said, alrighty. So un-romantic.
      (Carrie laughs)

    • Charlotte: Trey, maybe we should get married?
      Trey: Alrighty.

    • Big: I thought about it, and it's going to cost me a lot, so maybe, you should forget about what I said. I figured, I made my bed I should lie in it.
      Carrie: You do that.

    • (she is listening to Big's phone message at Carrie's)
      Miranda: Carrie, we can analyse this for years and never know the answer. I mean, they still don't know who killed Kennedy.

    • Miranda: You know, if the whole cum situation were reversed, do you think men would get anywhere near the stuff?
      Samantha: Maybe, if it tasted like beer.

    • Carrie: So what, causal head is back now?
      Samantha: Oh, it's fine, his healthy and I don't swallow.
      Carrie: Well, as long as you and the Center for Disease Control are fine with it.

    • Miranda: It has a lot to do with nutrition. I once dated a smoker and it affected how his tasted.
      Carrie: They should put that on the pack, if they want to cut back sales.

    • Samantha: I'm dating a guy with the nastiest tasting spunk.
      (the girls glare at each other and Charlotte gets up and leave)
      Miranda: And she's never coming back.
      Samantha: Well, I'm sorry, who else can I talk to about this?
      Carrie: Might I suggest no one.
      Samantha: You are my girlfriends, help me? Have you ever had this problem?
      Miranda: Not really, but I have to admit, that it's never been a trip to Baskin Robbins.

    • Bunny: Do you play tennis?
      Charlotte: Umm!
      Bunny; I like her.
      Trey: Join the club.

    • Carrie: You think, maybe, you don't want him to move away?
      Miranda: No, it's not that simple. My head tells me its time for him to leave, but, the idea of him moving to a basement apartment on the corner of depressing, and west shit street, really breaks my heart.

    • Carrie: There should be some sort of city funded break-up housing, for those who find themselves in need.
      Miranda: Really?
      Carrie: Like a big orphanage, filled with white beds, where old boyfriends could think about what they did wrong, and cry themselves to sleep, in a clean safe environment.

    • Miranda: You can't live here.
      Steve: It's not that bad.
      Miranda: It's not that bad? It's the doorway to hell.

    • Charlotte: Trey, and I really love each other. In fact, I'm meeting his mother this week, and if all goes well...
      Miranda: If all goes well, what?
      Charlotte: Trey, is this close to proposing, I can feel it.
      Carrie: Oh, my God!
      Miranda: You just met. I've had pair of pantyhose longer.
      Charlotte: Miranda, it's not logical, this is love. It's not logical, it's right, in my heart, I feel it's right.
      Miranda: Okay, whatever!

    • Miranda: Didn't you feel like punching him?
      Carrie: No, it was too sad or something.
      Miranda: I would've punched him
      Charlotte: No, it is sad. How long has he been married, what, seven months?
      Samantha: Um, the seven month itch.

    • Samantha: What are you going to do?
      Carrie: She's not going to do anything.
      Charlotte: Okay, you need to take a big breath, cause your starting to bug me.
      Samantha: How dare he say that to you? Married men, never leave their wives.
      Carrie: Even if he did, I have no intention of doing anything, for two reasons; first I have a great boyfriend and second I'm not insane.

    • Miranda What did he say?
      Carrie: He said it's not working out and then he leaned in, and said, if you know anyone whose interested.
      (Miranda holds her breath)
      Charlotte: Well, you don't know any one whose interested. He's married Carrie, Carrie his married.
      Carrie: Charlotte, I'm aware of that fact.

    • Samantha: Well, lets, just say it, you won.
      Carrie: Was there a contest?
      Samantha: Oh, please, there's always a contest with an ex. It's called who will die miserable.

    • Carrie: Big's leaving his wife.
      Samantha: I knew it.
      Cahrlotte: Oh my God!
      Miranda: No!
      Carrie: He got drunk and told me at the furniture show.
      Miranda: What was he doing at the furniture show?
      Carrie: Drinking and leaving his wife.

    • Big: I've got a secret to tell you. I'ts not working, I'm getting out. If you know anyone whose interested?
      Carrie: You should keep that to yourself, no one is interested in that information.

    • Big: So, how are you?
      Carrie: Great!
      Big: And Daniel Boone, is he a nice guy?
      Carrie: His name is Aidan.
      Big: Where's your sense of humor?
      Carrie: Where's your wife?
      Big: Guarding her bid on a silent acution. She's got her eye on a beige chair. Everything in my apartment is now beige. Beige, is bull shit.
      Carrie: I thought you wanted beige?
      Big: Yea, well, it doesn't quite fit.

    • Carrie: How many drinks have you had?
      Big: Not nearly enough.

    • (sees Big and Natasha)
      Carrie: I had often fantasised about running into my ex and his wife, but, in those fantasies, I was running into them with a truck.

    • Carrie: Hey, I'm like your roadie.
      Aidan: Oh, I don't have a road, I just have this booth, so at best, you're my booth bitch.
      Carrie: Yeah, I'm your booth bitch.
      Aidan: Meow.
      Carrie: I wax your wood.
      Aidan: You wax it real good.
      Carrie: That's, 'cause, I'm your booth bitch.

  • Notes

    • Adam Ball (played by Bobby Cannavale) says to Samantha, "I can't do that, that's gay." Ironically since his appearance on "Sex and the City", Bobby Cannavale has portrayed gay or bisexual characters at least four more times in the films "The Guru" and "Shall We Dance", as well as in recurring roles on "Six Feet Under" and "Will & Grace". Bobby Cannavale also portrays a gay character on the series finale for the acclaimed HBO series "OZ".

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