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The Carrie and Big Theory!!!

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    So there has been alot of speculation about what will happen like Big dying,Carrie going solo,a mutual break up.But i think that Carrie being who she is will blow this wedding out of proportion so much that it gives Big cold feet.So while Carrie is all dressed up preped and ready Big pulls out which will devastate Carrie to the point that she needs her friends to pick up the pieces for her.The news of the wedding being postponed will probabely reach page six so Carrie goes on hiatus and leaves with her friends in what was suppose to be her honeymoon with Big.She comes back to the City with a new look to disguise herself from the humialiation.That's my two cents for you but if i had it my way i would have Big die not because of a personal vendetta but of story wise.Big has been notourious in leaving Carrie broken hearted so if he were to die he would break Carrie's heart in a whole different way because i hate seeing this two people go back and forth.I think the basis of this movie isn't Big's relationship with Carrie but Carrie having some time to mend with the only people she knows will be there for her.I think we will learn a thing or two about how to get past what people did to us.Eventually it all leads up to Carrie forgiving Big.

    What's your theory???

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    I dont think Big can leave Carrie at the alter that would be one step too far and the audience would never forgive him for it so then Big and Carrie will be over forever. Im not sure about this movie because they left everything nice and wrapped up at the end of the tv show so i dont know if it will ruin it to go back. I wonder what Carrie have been doing all this time if they have only just decided to get married and why they are even bothering to have a wedding.
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    Okay I don't like that theory at all was very, very clear that at the end of season 6 part 2 he had FINALLY realized that Carrie was the one for him. If he went through and actually proposed to her..why would he leave her at the altar?? I just don't see that happening. Sorry..but if you're right then I totally stand corrected!!! :]
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    yeah....a lot of the OPs theories were spot on aside from Big dying...that's kinda eerie. that or it was just that predictable

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