Sex and the City

Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2000 on HBO

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  • Dirty Mad Libs

    Samantha meets a new friend who is even more sexed up than she is. Carrie teaches a class for single women with bad results in the beginning. Miranda gets stood up by a dead man and then proceeds to date one of Carries ex-boyfriends. Charlotte spends more time trying to get Trey to get with her and then drunkenly confessesher frustrations to her sorority sisters. You should never trust sorority girls with any sexual info. Love the womens outfits when they are at brunch both times, Carries funeral dress, Samanthas outfit when she goes out drinking with her frenemy and Carries red dress at the end, except for the big flower.
  • Brillance!

    I loved this episode.

    Miranda's would-be date never shows up and she later learns that he died of a heart attack. She attends his wake with Carrie as company, where they run into a old boyfriend of Carrie from eight years prior. Although, Carrie warns her that he is an ahole, Miranda still feels hopeful and goes out with him until he shows his true colours.

    Charlotte feels frustrated in her sexless marriage until she is able to turn Trey on long enough so that they are able to have intercourse.

    Overall, another great installment.
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