Sex and the City

Season 3 Episode 15

Hot Child in the City

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2000 on HBO

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  • Carrie dates a guy who lives with his parents, Samantha gets sex tips from teenagers, Charlotte and Trey in sex therapy.

    Hilarious! Definitely my favorite episode of the series. I remember watching it and literally laughing out loud - and I was alone. The scene on Wade's roof and Carrie taking the pot at the end will stick with me forever. It was refreshing to see all the 4 girls acting like teenagers and finding themselves in absurd situations. The humor in this episode is not typical Sex in the City, it's completely outrageous and I loved it! The cast seemed to be having a great time filming this one. Anyway, I give it thumbs up, and it's now 100 words.
  • Put your schooner in my Rebecca.

    I sure did and I'm taking it with me! That whole thing with Carrie taking the bag of pot with her at the end has always been one of my favorite endings to this show. Poor Miranda has to suffer with old school braces. Samantha has to suffer with the precourser to My Super Sweet 16. Charlotte has to deal with Trey and his refusal to deal with their lack of sex. She is in for a big surprise when she gets woken up by Trey late one night.
    Love Samantha,Carrie and Mirandas outfits when they meet for lunch. Also Carrie and Mirandas ice cream stroll outfits, Mirandas law firm dress.
  • My favourite episode. It has it all, just hilarious!

    Carrie and her latest man, Wade, comic book store owner living with his parents, classic! I love how Carrie acts like a teenager, letting loose..."scootin'in heels", smoking pot and getting sprung by Wade's Mum. The best part is definitely Carrie and Wade stoned on the roof-top with "attack of the spicy chicken wings." Samantha trying not to be jealous of a 14 year old who appears to have everything and more. Miranda battling insecurities when she has to get braces and of coarse the Rebecca and Scooner saga! Just a classic episode, hilarios from start to seeing Carrie stoned and in fits of laughter...GOLD!
  • Best episode of the series! Carrie dates a pot-smoking comic book fanatic who lives with his mom. Sam puts together a party for an over-sexed 13 year old. Miranda gets braces. Charlotte and Trey name their sex organs.

    I love this episode! It's hilarious. The funniest scene is when Carrie and Wade smoke pot, get the munchies, eat buckets of KFC chicken, Carrie throws the pieces of chicken at Wade, and then laughs hysterically as she tries to pick them all up when they see his mother arrive home. It is also funny when Carrie and Wade are in bed at her place and they hear his mother call and begin to leave a message asking Wade if he gave the cat his medicine and he answers and embarrassingly mumbles "I told you not to call me here." I also like the scene in the sex therapist's office when Charlotte and Trey name their sex organs Schooner and Rebecca and she shares her fairy princess fantasy with him in bed.
  • My favorite episode of the series in terms of comedy.

    Perhaps it spoke to the part of me that has never done any drugs (yes, really), but the few episodes of Sex and the City that have dealt with marijuana are my favorites.

    I suppose it's something about the way Carrie laughs uncontrollably and kinda infectiously throughout such episodes (especially this one). My favorite scene is her interacting with Wade and the fried chicken. Somehow, it's not as amusing to other as it is to me, but regardless. This episode is exactly why I watch this series: Carrie is an amazingly free-spirited woman, and she shows it so well in this episode. I would personally never date a guy who owns a comic book store and still lives with his parents, but I am not Carrie. Her willingness to date all sorts of men, and the sort of escapism that it provides me, is one of the biggest reasons I watch Sex and the City.
  • Brilliant

    This show keeps getting better and better.

    I totally loved this episode, and the correlation between teenagers and thirty something women.

    Carrie dates a twenty-something year old who lives with his parents....and it's very apparent that she likes his life in his Upper West Side apartment....until he pulls out the weed. (I wish I could have reached into the tv to get some).

    Power lad sells Carrie out in other to remain in his parents place since he had no where else to go.

    Miranda gets braces......which was interesting, but she's a high paid lawyer who can afford 200-400 dollar shoes, but not the Invisalign braces like what the thirteen year old was wearing? Come on, get real writers?

    I totally loved Jenny Brier in this episode "you are fucking fabulous"...perfect. The actress was actually only 14 when she did the episode.

    Overall, superb episode.