Sex and the City

Season 5 Episode 8

I Love a Charade

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 08, 2002 on HBO

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  • I never give out 10s in my reviews. but this episode definitely deserves it!!

    A fantastic episode, the best of the series. The girls get to go to The Hamptons and there's a hillariously naff fake wedding between a gay singer and a revolting society girl. Every moment, yes even Carrie's scary rants at Berger, were fabulously written and brilliant acted.

    The best bet by far was Richard's glass house and Samantha with the Melons.

    In conclusion: just amazing.
  • Another fantastic episode and a great way to lead into Season 6.

    Wow. I love this episode. It's hilarious, touching, and thought-provoking. The best part is when Samantha makes fun of the "Cocoa Butter B*tches" and holds up the melons to her chest, saying sarcastically "I'm just dying to look like this!" I crack up every time! I'm also really impressed of Charlotte's character change. She goes from a bad marriage with a sexy guy to a fun relationship with a not-as-sexy guy, who turns out to be made for her. Go Charlotte for going with her feelings and not letting her snobbish background get in the way of her true love! Nathan Lane is hilarious as the ambiguously gay performer friend of Carrie's. And Miranda finally realizes that she loves Steve (finally!)and Brady is an adorable date to the wedding. All in all, what a wonderful episode for a wonderful show. :)
  • A lovely, optimistic episode.

    This episode exemplifies what makes Sex and the City so incredible as a series: it's four separate stories with one unifying story all put together to make one diverse, intelligent episode.

    This is the "zsa zsa zu" episode, but it's about settling, but not in the same way Season 1's "the turtle and the hare" was, because here no one really is settling. Samantha wonders if she should have settled for Richard a little longer, looking at some of the benefits of being with him -- such as his summer house -- before running into the disadvantages -- two other women. Charlotte wonders if she is settling for less than her ideal with Harry, before deciding she's in love with him. Miranda starts to consider Steve as someone she might actually like to be with, as opposed to someone she'd settle for. Carrie sums it up by talking over about "zsa zsa zu" -- something she did have with Berger and now might have a chance to again -- if he deems it worth the possible pain of another breakup. The overlay story is that of Bobby and Bitsy and their impending marriage.

    It's really a very optimistic episode in the scope of things. Diversified as each girl's story is, each one has a hopeful tone for the future in the end. The good things in relationships are rarely so clear in this show: Bobby does love Bitsy, Charlotte does love Harry, Miranda might love Steve, and Berger will take a chance on Carrie. (Poor Samantha gets left out of the happy loop, but throwing the melon through the glass window does seem to give her a bit of closure with Richard, somehow). Of course, if everything were this seemingly easy then the show wouldn't be nearly as intriguing, but, somehow, the optimism is refreshing. Luckily it's well-written and well-acted, too.