Sex and the City

Season 6 Episode 5

Lights, Camera, Relationship

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 20, 2003 on HBO

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  • smith jerod\'s play

    Samantha shows a whole new side of herself. She finds out smith isn\'t making very much money doing his play , but he loves doing it.She sees it herself and is impressed. He really is serious about doing acting. She decides to use her clout and pr skills and invite everybody famous she possibly can think of to smith\'s play where he does a nude scene.
    She really cares about this guy, he isn\'t just another notch on her belt. I think samantha sees a little of herself in this guy. I think she had work very hard to get where she is. I think he\'s kinda like the kid she never had.
    Carrie tries to get Berger to go, but he won\'t go unless she gets on his motorcycle. Carries say no, she is in an evening gown and just spent hours getting ready and he really doen\'t drive very well on it. Maybe tommorrow she says. He throws a tantrum and then she throws a tantrum and she ends up going alone.( her and berger are errily alike, those relationships almost never work, esp if you have all the same flaws) carrie is only one of her friends who doen\'t have a date. She tells everyone berger has a cold. She then tells us, omigosh, i\'ve become the women who has the \" perfect man\" who couldn\'t come cuz he was sick.She looks she like she is going to throw up in her mouth.
    Smith\'s play is a hit. He get a standing ovation and now everybody know who he is.
    Sam is sitting like a proud mom or something. I like this episode, it shows a little more of sam as a person.