Sex and the City

Season 1 Episode 2

Models and Mortals

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 06, 1998 on HBO

Episode Recap

Miranda is invited to a dinner party by a casual acquaintance and she begins to feel confident among his friends and is having a great time, until his friends inform of her of his greatest passion: models. She confronts him about it, and although he is sorry for misleading her, his into models. Topic: The ladies on Models: Miranda asks the basic question, "Do you have to be a supermodel to get a date in New York? If men like Nick are dating models, what chance do ordinary women have?" The women describe their fear of models taking all the men, and their own dislike for personal body parts except Samantha. The topic of Carrie's column is based on men who sleep with models, and she questions her friend, Barkely who is a known modelizer, into the illustrious world of men dating models. He shows her his collection of home pornography of models he has slept with, and Carrie is so shocked that her only response is "Got a light". At a local runway show, Carrie introduces Barkely to Samantha. Samantha asks Carrie if Barkely is gay or straight. Although, Carrie warns Samantha about Barkely's private collection, she believes that she is just as hot as a model, and should be giving the same sexual consideration. They go back to his place and during sex Samantha ask him to switch the tape on but he tells her that he only tapes models but Sam tells him that she doesn't mind. On their first date Miranda kisses Skipper outside of Club Chaos, but neglects to return his calls, even after he had Carrie leave a message on his behalf. They later bump into each other at a local mini-mart, and Skipper asks her why she has not be returning his calls. But when Miranda tells him that he should be dating someone closer to his age, Skipper tells her that she is captivating and luminous, Miranda takes him back to her place for a night of passion. Stanford's only client is a underwear model named Derek, who Stanford is secretly in love with and believes to be gay, even though Derek denies it. Carrie is just about to get into the cab after the party becomes a drag, when Derek asks her if he could come home with her, and although she is stunned for a second, she takes him home with her. They talk about what they want to be when they grow up, and their aspirations, and Carrie wonders, how someone this beautiful could be lonely. He never made a move on Carrie, which surprises her just a little. Next morning, Stanford calls her and asks if she saw where Derek went last night, and she tells him that he spent the night at her place. Stanford is upset and asks Carrie "How could you"? But Carrie tell him that nothing happened and Stanford is happy to have figured out that Derek was gay. Mr. Big is at the after party with a model as his date and tells Carrie that he has read her column, and it's "cute". He asks her what she is writing about this week and where she writes her column, whether she had an office or anything, but she tells him that she is either home or at a small coffee shop. The next day, while she is in the coffee shop, Mr. Big walks in and seats beside her and tells her that he was thinking about her topic on modelizers and that in the end, "A man just wants to be with the one that makes him laugh". Thus making Carrie realize that beauty is fleeting and something genuine is forever.
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