Sex and the City

Season 1 Episode 2

Models and Mortals

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 06, 1998 on HBO

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  • After her date with the Modelizer, Miranda sleeps with Skipper. Samantha chases Barkley a Modelizer who tapes his conquests. Charlotte hates her thighs. Carrie sees Big with a model.

    Poor Miranda! On a date with the 'modalizer' man. Only asked out to dinner because his friends 'made' him bring a 'normal' woman to dinner. The agony! We are beginning to get to know our four ladies much better now. The thing I really like is the way in which Samantha responds to all of the whining in typical Samantha fashion. She doesn't give a monkeys. She has no hang up's about her looks, and she isn't afraid to admit it. The thing that really annoys me in this episode is that the idiot man in question, doesn't even have the decency to deny any of it! He openly admits that he only likes models and only asked Miranda out to shut up his friends. But I think that's the point. We are meant to feel sympathy towards Miranda, and we are supposed to identify with the hang up's these women have. There has been much debate over these issues for years. Talk of airbrushing, and plastic surgery are pretty standard stuff. We all worry that we don't have the perfect body or the perfect face. So we immediately identify with these characters. Miranda and Carrie discuss Nick the idiot, and Miranda concludes that if men like Nick, i.e. self obsessed, not that great looking, guys will only date models then what chance do 'normal' women have? Indeed we have all wondered how we can ever live up to these impossible standards set by the fashion industry. The four girls contemplate, this over Chinese food at Carrie's apartment, which is now 'THE' apartment! Miranda wonders: 'When did men decide that they would only get it up for giraffes with big boobs?" The girls all apart from Samantha, conclude that we live in a society that promotes impossible standards of beauty. Carrie wonders why four rational, beautiful, intelligent women can get so wound up by something so...well...silly. Easy for her to say, she can dish out the advice, but she can't take it herself. As we later discover when she sees Big with a model! In terms of greatness, this episode isn't one of my favourites, there are some funny lines, and the subject matter is relevant but it just seems to lack the sparkle that is there in later episodes. There are some great moments. I love Carrie's face when she sees Barkley's videos of him with all the models. That look is priceless. It's like she's seen a car crash, but can't look away! All she can say is "Have you got a light?" I Love the fashion show! Love the fact that Samantha 'has a go' at Barkley! .....Love BIG! At the party. With a model! Of course....Everything is set up to make Carrie, once again question her own beliefs and her belief in herself. What is also great about this episode is that we see Miranda's great sense of humour. We also see Samantha's wild sex side. When she 'makes' Barkley tape them having sex. The best bit though....Big in the coffee shop...again the best line: "But the thing is this....after a while you just want to be with the one who makes you laugh, you know what I mean? Ok see ya!" If that isn't Carrie's cue to just go for it, I don't know what is! Not the best episode, the subject matter is limited, but nonetheless, a valid subject, as let's face it, who at one time or another has felt that they aren't pretty enough? Especially when seeing the man of your dreams with a beautiful woman. The best thing about it, is that in the end, we all realise that it has nothing to do with beauty on the outside, it's what's inside that counts. An important lesson for us all to learn.
  • Love the way Carrie expresses herself.

    The episode grabbed me once it was said that it talked about modelizers, which an interesting name I might add. It's a subject that I always wondered about, like every other women in the world, why do men loves going out with models ?! I loved the way the ep. approached the issue. However, I thought it was so stereotyping towards the models, showing them as selfish, starving, air-headed, superficial objects. And the fact that they concluded that if a guy is sexy, gentle, sweet and smart, then he must be gay These two issues were left open or maybe that was actually what they were trying to prove. Well... that's the creator's opinion.
  • Season 1, Episode 2.

    Modelizers. This episode is so good. It is very entertaining. Miranda attends a dinner party with a man who only dates models, as she reconnects with Skipper. It is cute that Skipper cares enough to try so hard, but Miranda is kind of mean, but in a funny way. Carrie's article is about modelizers, which is a very unique and creative topic. She is still very conveniently bumping into Mr. Big everywhere she goes. She meets a modelizer, who records his sexual conquests with models. Carrie introduces him to Samantha, and Samantha ends up sleeping with him. When asking Carrie about Barkley's (the modelizer's) sexuality, the "Martinis straight up or with a twist?" line was priceless. It was funny when he told Samantha he only records models, but ends up recording her anyway. Carrie spends the night with Derek, who Stanford seems to have a small crush on, but nothing romantic happens.
  • Modelizers.

    Introduced the concept of a modelizer to most of America. I actually like this episode if not for the scene with all four ladies eating Chinese food together and complaining about their bodies. Not that I like listening to other women complaining about their bodies, esp. not women as thin and pretty as the ones on this show, but I always like watching our foursome bond over a meal that's all regular and not fancified at some club somewhere. It makes them much more real to the average person. The show really starts to show it's Seinfeldness when Samantha hooks up with Carrie's friend who is a modelizer. Apparently Manhattan is so small that people are continuously running into either people they know, someone who a friend knows, or someone who slept with someone they know.
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    I thought that Mr. Big not being involved too much in this episode was kind of disapointing. He bumped into Carrie for just a little bit and I thought that his "I think that they are very lucky" was the perfect comeback to the question that Carrie asked him. Skipper and Miranda dont have too much of an on screen connection and I thought the fact that they didnt see each other in this episode was a very positive thing. I dont think that Charlotte has made her mark on this show yet. Carrie and Samantha seem to be the big ones, while Miranda and Charlotte seem to be on the backbone for the time being. I think Carrie and Mr. Big have a big on screen connection and hopefully they will see more of each other then just one to two scenes in the future.
  • The women discuss men's obsession with models.

    I felt that this was a very good epsiode, and I really enjoyed it. Kim Catrall did a very good job in this episode, and I feel like she kind of stole the show in this episode. Although, I have to admit that I really enjoyed the character Samantha in practically every episode of Sex And The City. Everything she did on the show was themost memorable to me. She was definitely my most favorite character on the show, and I feel like she stole practically every episode of the show. I found the storyline for the episode to be very interesting, and the show definitely showed some improvement in this episode. I like how they portrayed Samantha as a very strong and confidant women in this episode. All in all, this was a pretty good episode.