Sex and the City

Season 1 Episode 2

Models and Mortals

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 06, 1998 on HBO

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    I thought that Mr. Big not being involved too much in this episode was kind of disapointing. He bumped into Carrie for just a little bit and I thought that his "I think that they are very lucky" was the perfect comeback to the question that Carrie asked him. Skipper and Miranda dont have too much of an on screen connection and I thought the fact that they didnt see each other in this episode was a very positive thing. I dont think that Charlotte has made her mark on this show yet. Carrie and Samantha seem to be the big ones, while Miranda and Charlotte seem to be on the backbone for the time being. I think Carrie and Mr. Big have a big on screen connection and hopefully they will see more of each other then just one to two scenes in the future.