Sex and the City

Season 1 Episode 2

Models and Mortals

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 06, 1998 on HBO

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  • Modelizers.

    Introduced the concept of a modelizer to most of America. I actually like this episode if not for the scene with all four ladies eating Chinese food together and complaining about their bodies. Not that I like listening to other women complaining about their bodies, esp. not women as thin and pretty as the ones on this show, but I always like watching our foursome bond over a meal that's all regular and not fancified at some club somewhere. It makes them much more real to the average person. The show really starts to show it's Seinfeldness when Samantha hooks up with Carrie's friend who is a modelizer. Apparently Manhattan is so small that people are continuously running into either people they know, someone who a friend knows, or someone who slept with someone they know.
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