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Sex and the City

Season 4 Episode 8

My Motherboard, My Self

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 15, 2001 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Carrie freaks out when her computer crashes because her whole life was on the computer. Everybody starts telling her that she should have backed up her work. Aidan buys her a new computer and a zip drive and she gets angry at him for invading her space. He gets angry at her for not letting him be a part of her life more and he gives her back her key.
Miranda's mother dies.
Samantha buys a guide on the street featuring 1001 sexual positions and tries them with her wrestling coach boyfriend. For some reason she can't get off and fears that she lost the ability to have an orgasm so she masturbates all day to try and get it back.
Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte go to Miranda's mother's funeral to give Miranda their support and Carrie is surprised to see Aidan there.moreless

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  • Prime example of why I watch this show

    People tend to be surprised when I tell them I enjoy Sex and the City, thinking it's just materialistic and shallow. But as materialistic and crass as it can be, it certainly is not shallow. While I enjoy the open, honest discussions on sexuality, I often don't get very invested in the relationship drama to the degree others do. This episode showed what really draws me to this show - the friendship between these four women while they deal with life. They deeply and genuinely care for one another, they're not just drinking buddies talking about sex all the time. The scene where Miranda gets a new bra is a highlight, funny and touching at the same time. I also enjoyed the humor in Carrie's computer crashing and her subsequently wondering how she was supposed to automatically know to back up all her files. This is the show at its best - relatable, funny, and heartbreaking.moreless
  • One of the defining episodes of the series and defining episodes of the characters

    Being a straight male, I didn't expect to enjoy this show. Afterwatching the firstseason, I was hooked immediately. This is a show foreveryone; for women cause they bash on men; and a show for men because they can learn traitsand emotions/feelings that women go through interms of relationships,sex,menand friends. This episode was a prime example. I was pleasedto see steve show up to supportmiranda at her mother'sfuneral. Carrie learnsto let Aidan be a bigger part of her life. Samanthaloses her orgasms but as always,she gets her grove back. Very defining as it shows allthe womenin this show learnto open up.moreless
  • Great Episode

    I never really thought a heterosexual guy would come to like a series such as "Sex and the City". Besides Kim Catrell's constant nudity, what did I care about a woman's point of view about sex? The first season, I though, was not that good. I became somewhat interested in the characters, but the stories were not very good, in my opinion. That all changed in the second season. Not only did I invest myself into the characters, but I thought the storylines and dialogue were great. It progressed very well throughout the second and third season. By the fourth, I began to think this might be one of the best series of all time. That theory only thickened when I saw this episode. It describes the entire series fantastically. Samantha is the horny one who sometimes is a little self-involved. Charlotte is the prissy, type-A, upper East Side type who has to have everything go perfect. Miranda is the strong, independent woman who needs no one, let alone a man, to define herself. And Carrie, the glue that holds everyone together. This episode had me laughing and crying. It was great. One of the best written TV episodes of all time.moreless
Becky Ann Baker

Becky Ann Baker


Guest Star

Mary Pat Gleason

Mary Pat Gleason


Guest Star

Aasif Mandvi

Aasif Mandvi


Guest Star

John Corbett

John Corbett

Aidan Shaw

Recurring Role

David Eigenberg

David Eigenberg

Steve Brady

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Carrie first calls Miranda at the hospital she has smudged mascara [presumably from crying and wiping] we then have a quick shot to Carrie, then back to Miranda and the mascara is gone. Yet after a few more switch shots it re-appears...

    • When Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte are at the diner discussing Miranda's mothers death, Charlotte moves over to Carrie's side. Carrie is crying and Charlotte offers her a handkerchief, which Carrie accepts. The next shot is across the table to Samantha, then back to Charlotte and Carrie who has a diner napkin in her hand wiping her tears. Charlotte is still holding her Handkerchief.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Samantha: I lost my orgasm.
      Carrie: In the cab?
      Charlotte: What do you mean, lost?
      Samantha: I mean, I spent the last two hours fucking with no finale.
      Carrie: It happens. Sometimes you just can't get there.
      Samantha: I can always get there.
      Charlotte: Evey time you have sex?
      Carrie: She's exaggerating! Please say you're exaggerating.
      Samantha: Well, I'll admit I have had to polish myself off once or twice, but yes! When I RSVP to a party I make it my business to come!
      Carrie: See, I've been a no-show on more than one occasion.
      Charlotte: Sex can still be great without an orgasm.
      Samantha: That is such a crock of shit.
      Carrie: She has a point.
      Samantha: What is wrong with me?
      Carrie: Listen, you've got plenty of orgasms under your belt. You're gonna be fine! Now retrace your steps. Were you on top?
      Samantha: How is that relevant?
      Charlotte: You mean you can have them on the bottom?
      Samantha: Top, bottom, upside down...
      Carrie: OK, now you're just showing off!

    • Charlotte: They were supposed to say, "I'm sorry for your loss," not "You're dead, let's disco..."

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music:
      "Copacabana" by Barry Manilow, as Aidan is cooking in Carrie's kitchen.
      "Groovy Guy on a B-Full" by Bob Christianson, as the women come from various corners of Manhattan to meet for lunch.
      "The Funk Game" by Zino & Tommy, as Carrie and Aidan take her laptop to Tek Serve to get it fixed.
      "Under Paris Skies/La La Collette" by Joe Carr, as Charlotte admires her new light fixtures and Samantha wrestles her new guy.
      "Emma's Friend" by Rob Mounsey, as Carrie calls Aidan and asks him to forgive her.